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Looking for a professional institute to learn the Python programming language. Python Training in Chennai at FITA is one of the best professional institutes to learn Python.

Python is the open-source programming language that is preferred by most of the developers. Python has embarked its significance in the field of Rapid Application Development due to its dynamic typing and binding options. Python is the most simple language and it can be learned by anyone. Python also has a unique syntax which primarily focuses on readability and usability. Most of the Developers find Python scripts easy to read and translate; that results in cost reduction of the program maintenance and development as it permits the team to function collaboratively without any barriers of language or experience.

Besides Python supports the use of modules and packages, it means the program can be designed in a modular format and the scripts can be reused across multiple projects. The key factor of the Python language is that it has the Standard Library and the interpreter is available in free of charges in both the source and binary form to the users. Python Training in Chennai at FITA provides a holistic understanding of the language and its application in an amicable environment.

Course Highlights & Benefits in learning Python Course in Chennai at FITA?

FITA provides the students with a curriculum that meets the market requirements.
The Python Course in Chennai at FITA is designed by the industrial experts.
FITA provides realistic training to the students and explains the concepts clearly.
Tutors at FITA have a decade of experience in this field and they are well expertise in the subject matter.
Classes at FITA are interactive and the students can feel free to clarify their doubts
FITA provides 100% professional training to the students to equip themselves in a professional environment.
Convenient Option of various Locations in Chennai – Choose the Python Training in Velachery or Python course in Anna Nagar, T Nagar, OMR.

Career Prospects and Criteria for learning Python.

Python stands out of all the programming languages in the program developing community. The career opportunities for Python Developers are growing tremendously across the globe. Most of the companies at present are seeking developers with knowledge in Python. The various job profiles offered in a company are as follows.

Software Engineer
Python Developer
Research Analyst
Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Software Developer

 Also, one can work as a Freelancer Developer if one is highly skilled and have hands-on experience in this field. 

There are no such criteria required to learn Python as it is an open-source language that can be learned by anyone. Programming aspirants can kick start their professional careers by learning the Python Course in Chennai at FITA. FITA train the students efficiently in equipping oneself in a professional environment. Also, they provide the students with the right blend of theoretical and practical sessions in Python Programming Language. 

Reputed Companies that hire Python Developers

Python is deemed to be the most popular language among the Program Developers. Python is the most preferred language in the companies as well. Since Python is the high-level object-oriented programming language across the world, almost a wide range of applications and system development are built using the Python scripts. Given below are the reputed companies that hire Python Developers.

Higher Moment Capital
Peloton Interactive.

Salary and Package offered for the Python Developers

Based on the report submitted by the the average package offered to the freshers on completing the Python course is Rs. 3,65,000 per annum and the packages and perks also vary based on the experience you have gained. Enroll yourself in Python Course in Chennai at FITA and learn the course professionally under the guidance of experienced tutors. FITA provides the students with all the necessary training and enriches their knowledge in coding and scripting programs.

Roles of Python in Organizations

Python is the most commonly used programming languages in the small and big scale businesses. Also, most of the Government organization rely on Python to maintain their websites. Listed below are the famous organization that uses Python scripts and the purpose is mentioned. 

Yahoo maps
Walt Disney Feature Animation
Red Hat
Alpha Gene, Inc
SGI, Inc

NASA: NASA uses Workflow Automation System, that application is built using the Python scripts. Also, they use Python for different open-source projects like Astronomy Picture of the Day(APOD), PyMDP Toolbox, Py Transit, and Everest

Google: Google uses Python codes for most of the internal system functions and generating reports for API like log analysis and search algorithms. Youtube, the subsidiary company of Google also uses Python for accessing the canonical data. 

Yahoo Maps: All the mapping lookup services and the addresses in the mapping portal app developed by Yahoo were written using the Python scripts. 

Walt Disney Feature Animation:  They use the Python codes and scripts for most of its animated tasks and animated related production. 

Red Hat: Red Hat is an MNC software company origin in the United States. They use the installer Anaconda that is written using Python for installing the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora operating systems.

Alpha Gene, Inc: It is a Biotechnology company situated in the United States which primarily deals with gene and protein discovery. They use Python for bioinformatics and tracking systems. 

Nokia: The most popular vendor for mobile phones across the globe and they use Python for software platforms like PyS60(Python for S60), S60(Symbian), PyMaemo(Python for Maemo), and Maemo(Linux).

SGI, Inc: Silicon Graphics International is a US-based hardware and software company. They use Python for their Linux installer which is derived from the Red Hat’s Anaconda installer.

Python-based Websites

Given below are the popular websites that are developed using Python.


Learn Python Course in Chennai at FITA and enhance your career opportunities under the guidance of experienced tutors. 

Future technologies that rely on Python

Generally, everyone knows that Python programming language is used extensively for the Web Application, Web Development, Developing Games, and System Administration. Besides Python is used in various technologies as well, the technologies that depend on Python are as follows. 

Artificial Intelligence(AI)
Big Data

Artificial Intelligence: Python language is used predominantly in Artificial Intelligence while compared to other programming languages. Numerous Python frameworks, tools, and libraries are used in developing the direct Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce human efforts with the increased accuracy and to develop efficiency . Given below is the list of Python libraries and tools that are used in various Artificial Intelligence branches. 

Machine Learning- PyML, scikit-learn, PyBrain, MDP Toolkit, GraphLab Create, and MIPy.
General AI- AIMA,pyDatalog, EasyAI, and SimpleAI
Natural Language and Text Processing- NLTK Quepy, and gensim
Neural Networks- PyAnn, Neurolab, Pyrenn, and ffnet

Big Data: The future of Python programming language can be predicted in the way it has helped the big data technology to grow. Python has supported by analyzing a large number of data records across the computer clusters through high-performance toolkits and libraries. Given below is the list of Python toolkits and libraries used in Big Data analysis.

GraphLab Create

Networking: Networking is also one of the fields in which Python has a wider scope in the coming days. Python programming language is used in this field to read, write, configure routers and switches and perform the other networking automation tasks securely and cost-effectively. Given below is the list of Python libraries and tools that are built using network engineering and automation. 

Junos PyEZ
Paramiko SSH


There are seven major reasons to write a software application in Python.

  • Readable and Maintainable code.
  • Compatible with the major platforms and systems. 
  • Multiple Programming Paradigms.
  • Various Open Source Frameworks and Tools.
  • Python provides a Robust Standard Library.
  • It simplifies complex software development.
  • It adopts test-driven development. 

The Python codes and scripts are mostly used in the following aspects. 

Web Programming Development

GUI Application Development

Desktop Application Development

Python is a widely used scripting language among Ethical hackers.

Python is used for Data Analysis

Python aids Software Testing and development.

Python is an important scripting language for Inkscape, Blender, GIMP, and OpenOffice.

Python Training in Chennai at FITA provides the students with the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge of the concepts. Also, they train the students efficiently in applying the Python codes and scripts 

Python has three different levels to be learned and those levels are listed below.

  • Elementary Python
  • Advanced Python
  • Professional Python

Elementary Python: In the initial level you will be thought about the basics of the Python language like keyword, syntax, if-else, loops, data types, classes, and functions. 

Advanced Python: Here they will teach about multi-threading, socket programming, synchronization techniques, database, and MySQL/MongoDB programming, etc. 

Professional Python: In the final stage they will teach you about the concepts of Data Analytics also Python libraries and tools. These are the primary concepts covered in the Python Course. Python Course in Chennai at FITA provides a wide academic curriculum which is designed by the industrial experts. Tutors at FITA have a decade of experience in this field.

Invariantly, people suggest the below ways to learn Python by oneself. 

  • Code daily and try to write it out every day.
  • Later, try writing complex programs or codes regularly.
  • Always be a bug bounty hunter so that you can fix the errors.
  •  Be around people who are also learning the Python program from the initial stage.
  • Master the codes by teaching the codes or concepts to others. There is a common saying that the best way to learn something is to teach it to others. 
  • Try to contribute more to the open-source programs. 
  • Engage in the activities of pairing programs.

By following the above-mentioned procedures one can understand the basic concepts of Python. But to equip yourself professionally and have a holistic understanding of the concepts you need the guidance of a professional institute. Python Training in Chennai at FITA helps the students with professional training. Tutors at FITA explain the basics clearly and provide you a complete understanding of the concepts.

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