Python Training in Chennai

Importance of Python

  • Python makes the processing of the data as easy. R programming is also similar to python and it is used for the data set before the process. Join FITA for the Python Training in Chennai to learn the data processing for the different types of data with python.
  • Python is the GIS language and it is used on jobs with C++ knowledge or Java knowledge.
  • Python is used for automation as like frameworks. Python is used to create the desktop applications which are used for the automation by the testers.
  • Python is easy to learn and it is the base for understanding the difficult languages like C++ and Java. Python Course in Chennai is the best course to understand the basics.
  • Python is used for the Android platform. Kivy is the cross-platform for the python framework that aids for the development, design, and tests the friendly application for Android.
  • Python with Django is used for web development.
  • Python is used for the cryptanalysis, GUI applications, and back end development.
  • The type conversions and restrictive syntax are less in the Python Thus it is easy to use the python with less time.
  • Youtube, Google, Netflix, Quora, and Dropbox are the famous application which is used in Python. Python Training in Chennai with FITA will help the learners to join the big companies.
  • The popular tools or libraries of python are Astropy, Pandas, matplotlib, bio-python, and numpy.
  • Python is used in spam detection, fingerprint checking, and predicting the stock market. Selenium along with the python language is helpful in posting in the social media and tracking the spam with machine learning. Python Course in Chennai with FITA is the best course to know about fraud activities and secure the applications from such activities.

The job description of Python professional with respect to different job roles

Software engineer, senior software engineer, senior data scientist, data scientist, and DevOps engineer are the multiple roles of the python programmers.

The job description for the software engineer are analyze the requirement of the user, write the code for the test, write the documentation part for the operations of the team members, communicate with the clients, coordinate with the team members for the work to be done, and develop the programs for the different types of applications. After completing the Python Training in Chennai with FITA the learners join the big companies as software engineers.

Job description for the senior level software engineer deal with developing the architecture with high quality standards, automate the different tasks with the help of the tools or the scripting language, debug the code and review the code, do the testing for the validation and verification, implement the designs, and implement the version control for the quality of coding.

DevOps engineer deal with the bugs of the application, fixes of the application, solve the issues related to the technical aspect, follow the updates, troubleshoot the problems, design the procedures, develop the scripts for the automation, develop the visualization and deliver the technical support with the level2.

The role of data scientist deal with the identification of the source of data, collect the data with the automation techniques, process the data, analyze the trends in the data, discover the formats in the data, design the model for the predictive analysis, design the machine learning algorithms, perform the visualization with the data, and find the solutions to the business challenges through the decision making.  Python Course in Chennai is the best course to understand the role of the data scientist and the demand for the data scientists are increasing in the companies.

The role of the senior data scientist deal with the supervision over the junior level data scientist, build the tools for the analytics, discover the patterns, predict the behavior of the data scientist, use the algorithms with machine learning, use the algorithms with statistics, create ideas for using the data which is processed, and discuss the business decisions with the junior level scientist for the accuracy.