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Looking for a professional institute to learn the RPA Course? RPA Training in Chennai at FITA is the right institute to learn the course professionally.

Course Highlights & Benefits of learning RPA Training in Chennai at FITA

RPA Course in Chennai at FITA is designed by the industrial experts.
FITA provides the students with an academic curriculum that meets the market requirements.
FITA provides comprehensive training to the students and explains the concepts clearly.
Tutors at FITA have a decade of experience in this field and they are well expertise in the subject matter.
A recap session of previous classes is provided to the students regularly.
Classes at FITA are interactive and the students can feel free to clarify their doubts.
FITA provides 100% professional training to the students to equip themselves in a professional environment.
Students can avail the option of Weekday, Weekend & Fast track RPA classes in Chennai at FITA .
Convenient Option of various Locations in Chennai – Choose the RPA Training in Velachery or RPA course in Anna Nagar, T Nagar, OMR.
Robotic Process Automation is a technology that allows the computer program to replicate the manual processes in an automated, repeated and reliable manner. Just like humans, Robots can open emails, attachments, logging into applications, link databases, collect data, filling forms, and perform calculations. RPA performs the actions faster than compared to a human. RPA software is best suited for mundane activities, also it can be used in automating several labor-intensive tasks, and RPA reduces the time in activities like problem-solving, exceptional handling, troubleshooting, payment processing, invoice management, reporting, and reconciliation. Because of its efficient performance, most of the IT industries and also other organization has begun to deploy this software in their business. Join RPA Course in Chennai at FITA and learn the course professionally under the guidance of trained experts.

Prerequisites for learning RPA Course

There are no specific requirements to learn the course but if you have prior knowledge in any of the programming languages like Python, Java, or .Net it would be of added advantage to learn the RPA course. RPA Training in Chennai at FITA provides the necessary training to the students and also provides a holistic understanding of the subject. 

RPA Course Highlights at FITA

FITA offers RPA training in various RPA Automation tools like Blue Prism, UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Work Fusion, and Openspan.
Basics of robotic process automation 
Learning to design RPA bots
Industries that use RPA applications.
Performing Web Automation
An overview of current RPA tools and its usability. 

Career Prospects of RPA 

The scope of RPA is relatively high compared to other professions. Also, it is anticipated that RPA is going to be the future of IT automation. Based on the report submitted by Payscale.com, it is estimated that RPA will generate more than 2 lakh jobs in India by 2021 and on the report submitted by Grand View Research it is estimated that the global market of RPA will reach USD 8.75 billion by 2024.Given below is the list of industries where the RPA software can be used.

Financial Service
BPO offices
Human Resource
Customer Care
Health Care
Supply Chain Management.

The various job profiles and the average package that are offered for an RPA Developer in an organization on completing the RPA course are as follows.

Process Designer - A Process Designer salary ranges from Rs 6 lakhs to 12 per annum.

Production Manager- The salary may range between Rs 7 lakhs to 18 lakhs per annum.

Automation Architect - The automation architect salary may range between Rs 10 lakh to 15 lakh per annum

RPA Training in Chennai at FITA provides the students with the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. Also, they train the students efficiently in learning the software and make the students equip themselves in a professional environment. 

Role of RPA in various business activities

The RPA will play a major role in the jobs of Data entry by replacing it with RPA tools and techniques.
Repetitive tasks such as Data Assembling, Payroll processing, and Report aggregation can be performed easily using the RPA tool.
Most of the Computer-aided process that uses the set of protocols for their operations can be performed easily by using RPA.
RPA can also automate the process of User Setup and Configuration procedure in the IT sector.
RPA can be used in the Healthcare industry as well, on implementing the RPA in this industry it is easy to generate and maintain the records of the patient easily. 

In the upcoming days, RPA will be used in various industries and domains because of its efficiency and maintenance of cost. One can kick-start their professional career by enrolling themselves in the RPA Course in Chennai at FITA and learn the course professionally with industry-relevant skills under the guidance of the experienced tutors. 

Getting to know about RPA Tools

Blue Prism: Blue Prism tool can work on any platform without any application and it supports the multi-environment deployment model. Also, this tool provides security for network and software credentials. 

It has robust features like load balancing, encryption of data, and audit. This tool helps in improving the feature of dashboards and also the session information can be directed to the external monitoring systems with this tool. Blue Prism software enables business operation function in a cost-effective manner and agile in nature. If you are interested to learn the Blue Prism tool you can join the Blue Prism Training in Chennai at FITA.

UI Path: The UI path is an extensible Robotic Process Automation tool that is used for automating any desktop or web app. It allows global enterprises to design and deploy a robotic workforce to their organization. The UI path provides support primarily for Citrix and it is user-friendly. The UI path can automate faster and also it provides an open platform. UI Path can be hosted in the virtual terminals or in the cloud environments. Also, this tool can handle any process with large numbers, irrespective of the complexity in the process. If you want to master the UI path tool you can take the UI path Training in Chennai at FITA and learn it professionally. 

Automation Anywhere: Automation Anywhere is one of the popular RPA tools that is used widely and it is a user-friendly tool. The Automation Anywhere provides all the core capabilities to the users. Automation Anywhere provides on-premise and cloud services to users. The Automation Anywhere supports SMART Automation Technology and rapidly automates complex tasks. Automation Anywhere tool helps to distribute the tasks to multiple computers seamlessly. Also, it offers the scriptless automation. One can widen their knowledge in Automation Anywhere tool in the Automation AnywhereTraining in Chennai at FITA under the guidance of experienced tutors. 

Work Fusion: It is the SaaS cloud computing platform that uses the crowdsource for workers to teach algorithms and to automate a wide variety of work in the financial services, retail industries, and eCommerce. This tool allows the users to automate tasks just by a click on the button and it also allows you to deploy bots as per your requirement. The Work Fusion also allows you to operate simultaneously for multiple enterprise-scale operations. 

Pega: It is an automation tool that supports all the scenarios in the Business Process Management. Pega can be used on the desktop servers and also it provides cloud-based solutions or services to its users. Pega can function in operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. This tool is more suitable for the medium and large scale business. 

Open Span: Open Span is one of the RPA tools that assist the business owners to organize the automation process and navigate the labor to quickly improve the user performance. It supports automating the manual repetitive tasks and provides the user with a single interface to interact with various applications and assists the users by displaying the tips for workflow. 

Join RPA Training in Chennai at FITA and learn the application of RPA Tools and its usage in business under the guidance of experienced tutors. FITA trains the students efficiently and provides a holistic understanding of the RPA concepts.


Listed below are the various tasks that RPA bots can perform.

  • Connecting to the system in APIs
  • Reading and writing various databases.
  • Scraping data from the web and social media.
  • Following rules such as “if/then” rules
  • Making calculations
  • Extracting the data from documents
  • Inputting the data to forms
  • Reformatting and Extracting data into dashboards or reports
  • Merging data from various sources
  • Copying and pasting the data

Listed below are the list of process that can be automated using RPA tool.

  • Customer, Vendor, and Employee record maintenance
  • Report Aggregation
  • Payroll Processing
  • CRM updates
  • Customer due intelligence
  • Competitive pricing and monitoring
  • Order Processing
  • Supply Chain Management.

Learn the RPA Course in Chennai at FITA and enhance your career opportunities under the guidance of industry experts.

The lifecycle of RPA is as follows

  • Analysis
  • Development of bots
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Given below are the list of popular RPA tools

  • Blue Prism,
  • Automation Anywhere,
  • UI Path
  • Pega
  • ContextorPega
  • Workfusion
  • Verint
  • Blackline
  • OpenSpan
  • Datamatics
  • Kofax
  • Edgeverve
  • Help system

RPA Training in Chennai at FITA provides the students with a wide academic curriculum and tutors at FITA have a decade of experience in this field and they train students professionally in learning the application of the RPA tool.

Listed below are the key benefits of implementing the RPA Software in business.

  • It is a non-intrusive software.
  • RPA provides accuracy and secures data.
  • It increases productivity and it maintains consistency in its performance. 
  • RPA is a reliable software and it produces faster results.
  • It is an economical software to be used. 
  • RPA helps in the reconciliation of multiple systems easily.

Enroll yourself in RPA Course in Chennai at FITA and widen your career opportunities by learning the course professionally under the guidance of trained experts. Tutors at FITA have a decade of experience in this field and they provide in-depth knowledge to the students.

RPA has grown robustly in recent times and its presence in the Indian IT sector is also increasing.  India is a labor-intensive country, and the impact of the RPA application is going to be huge in the Indian industries.  Slowly, the organization has started to adopt the RPA software in their business to increase efficiency. Also, in the coming days, we can see the implementation of RPA techniques in the Government sector as well.  One can have wider career opportunities if they know RPA application and its usage in the coming days as RPA is going to occupy a prominent place in the technical and business aspects as well. RPA Training in Chennai at FITA  enhances the career opportunities of the students by providing the market-relevant training to the students under the guidance of experienced tutors.

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