Tally Course In Chennai

What is Tally?

Tally is the software used to record the transactions in the day to day business operations and calculate the profits periodically. After calculating the profit it aid for calculating the tax also for the different types of businesses. Tally 9 is available for free and it is helpful for managing the sales, debts, and different accounts of the businesses. FITA training will train the students for creating the ledger, creating the company name, create the different types of vouchers and record the day to day transactions. FITA provides the best Tally Course in Chennai to help the fresh graduates from the college.

Who are eligible for learning the tally course?

Anyone with a commerce background or finance background can learn the tally course. Candidates with qualifications related to economics and statistics also can learn tally and it is easy for them also to enter into the accountancy jobs after learning tally. The basic level course will teach about the records, stock administration, manufacturing excise, and interest calculation. The bank dealings are handled with the deposit slips, auto bank reconciliation, and statutory compliances. Tally course with FITA is like a beam to join the different job roles like admin executive, accountant, audit assistant, and financial analyst. The counselors at FITA will clearly explain the eligibility and the job opportunities to the Tally Training in Chennai.

Responsibilities of tally professional

The tally professionals will take care of the departments like sales and accounts. The functions with these departments are recorded using the tally software. The tally professionals can work with the public utilities, insurance companies, accounts firms, banks, building societies, educational institutions, and retail companies. Tally Course in Chennai with FITA will train the candidates and make them responsible for their job roles.

  • Check the correctness of the invoice documents.
  • Check the payments which are received from the customers before recording. Do the follow-up calls for the payment collection if needed in some companies. Tally Training in Chennai will train the candidates about the payments with the real-time examples which give clarity in the subject.
  • Prepare the bank reconciliation statement and check the deposits, payments to the banks. The bank transactions are checked in the bank records and in the company records.
  • Check the transactions with the health care divisions. The food and medicines taken by the patients and calculations are done under the insurance are accounted in the tally software.
  • Maintain the payroll for calculating the salary and verify the salary with the calculations.
  • Follow the best methodologies to record the transactions and maintain the accuracy in the calculations.
  • Manage the petty cash book and maintain the miscellaneous transactions.
  • Check the credit standing by maintaining time during the payments. Join the Tally Course in Chennai with FITA and gain a blissful future with placement on the top companies.
  • Prepare the statutory accounts and work with the journals, purchase ledgers, sales, and spreadsheets.
  • Plan the financial operations and do the budgeting for the enhancement of the finance.
  • Assist the auditor during the auditing.
  • Prepare the financial reports of the companies. Tally Training in Chennai with FITA will train the students to record the transactions from the basic level and prepare the final reports with a focus towards perfection.

FITA provides the best training in the Tally Course in Chennai to apprehend the different transactions related to Finance. Understanding the logic behind the different functions is necessary to get accurate figures and move the operations of the company very smoothly. The guidelines and the logic behind these guidelines are well explained by the expert trainers at FITA to create the best professionals from the factory of FITA.

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