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What is the difference between data science, big data and the data analyst?

The different roles related to the data management and analysis is data scientist, big data specialist, and data analyst. Data scientist earns the highest salary than the big data specialist and the data analyst. The role of the data scientist deal with accuracy where as the other two roles are for the data management with insight in to the data. Data scientist cleanses the data and prepares the data for the analysis. Big data specialist will handle the big volume of data and this is used to get insight about the data. Data analytics deal with the data and it involves the application of the algorithms or repetitive process to gain insight in to the data. FITA provides the best Data Science Training in Chennai and provides the detailed interpretation to understand the data science.

Examples for the data science

Applications like the search engines in the internet use the algorithms for the delivery of the result to the viewers. This is a type of the data science applications. Digital marketing is the hot and top technology which is booming in India for the online products and the digital products. This technology uses the data science for reaching the customer to increase the traffic and gain the high CTR. The user experience and the search for the relevant product is optimized with the recommended systems. This system is on rise and highly demanded by many companies to promote the product to improve the customer experience and the sales of the products. Data Science Course in Chennai is the best course to learn with example of application for the real time projects in the data science.

Examples for the big data application

Big data is used largely in the finance, banks, wealth management companies, insurance companies, venture funds, and institutional investment banks. The big volume of structured data is handled with the help of the big data applications. The example of the applications used for the analytics are customer analytics, fraud analytics, compliance analysis, and operational analytics. The customer data and the machine data are combined in the telecommunications industry to satisfy the customers with diversified needs. The ability to understand the web log, transactional data, credit card data, the program of the loyalty data, and the social media the big data technologies are essential. Data Science Course in Chennai is the best course to understand the usage of the different types of application.

Examples for the data analytics

Health care, gaming, energy management and travel are the different applications of the data analysis. The volume of patients in numbers, the treatment used in the hospital are more in numbers and to handle these tasks the data analysis technology is very useful. The social media analysis, web log analysis will help for analyzing the taste and the preference of the customers for the travel industry. Gaming companies gain the insight for the likes and dislikes of the user through the data analytics for the improvement of the product. FITA provides the best Data Science Training in Chennai and hone the skills inside the students with the required examples and case studies.

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