DevOps Training in Chennai


In our institute trainers are well-knowledged about all the industrial updates and know the prioritization of the topics as well. FITA provides full job assistance during and after the course completion that joins DevOps Training in Chennai for their betterment. We have an opportunity for our students to work their own real-time project.

Usage of DevOps in the business world

DevOps is the new technology and work culture which is used in the top companies to improve productivity. The vast usage and the versatility of the technology created saturation point to the DevOps technology. The usage of DevOps technology has benefited the major companies in the enhancement of their products. Let us see the evolution of DevOps technology in the commercial world with some examples. Devops Training in Chennai with FITA will improve the job opportunities to the learners.


In the year 2010 Amazon started using DevOps with the scaling of capacity to up and down in the single increments. The new technology helped for the continuous deployment with an internal system called Apollo. The number of deployment in the new production environment is 1079 with 11.6 seconds. This improves the frequency and speed of the application.  Amazon had challenges when using the physical server and when it is moved to the AWS cloud to improve the purchases from the Amazon website. The agile methodology increased the revenue of the Amazon. Devops Certification in Chennai after the course at FITA is valued with high standards as there is a good reputation for FITA.


Netflix is the business model which started the company as DVD Company and then converted as streaming video for the movies through online. The app is used with websites and mobile applications. The images are uploaded through the online deployments and if there is a failure in the upload of the image then it is rerouted to improve the traffic and catch the end user. Devops Course in Chennai is the best course to improve the knowledge about different products like Netflix.


The fast deployment is highly needed to keep the performance high, a website with uptime and other goals. This company uses data science for 60 times every day for the application. Join the DevOps Training in Chennai to know about the usage of DevOps in using the Etsy and this improves the business efficiency.


Wal-Mart is an American company with retailers of the big box. It uses the incorporated “OneOps” the cloud-based technology for the automation of the deployment. “Hapi” is the open source tool for the node.js framework for allowing the developers to focus on writing the application logic with reusability.  It is used in the private cloud with more than 1,00,000open stack cores.


Nordstrom follows the waterfall model for the delivery. The mobile app of the Nordstrom is the groundbreaker for DevOps technology. Devops Course in Chennai is the best course to know about the usage of DevOps in different companies.

Who are eligible for learning the DevOps?

  • Knowledge about different areas like middleware, OS, DB, tech-stack, Tomcat/WebLogic, Apache/Nginx, and Linux or windows are mandatory to understand the different processes in DevOps.
  • The knowledge about the process of the deployment is essential to understand the tools used in the DevOps.
  • The activities of the Ops like backups, restarts, and maintenance are essential to understand the process of DevOps.
  • The knowledge about the Jenkins, Maven, Ant, shell, Python, Java, Ruby, Docker knowledge, Puppet knowledge, and chef knowledge are essential for a DevOps engineer.
  • The DevOps engineer should have a piece of detailed knowledge about the build process and the automation process. Devops Training in Chennai is the best course to learn about the process to build and automation.
  • The knowledge about configuration management is essential to learn the DevOps.
  • DevOps is the technology which aid for the development and the operations. So, prior knowledge into the scripting or operations is essential. Devops Certification in Chennai will highlight the skills in the bio-data and improve the opportunities to the learners.

DevOps is the technology which trains the candidates with continuous development, continuous testing, continuous integration, configuration management, and monitors the software with the Nagios for the insights. FITA provides comprehensive training which is imperative for developing the skills of the DevOps engineer.

What are processes for which the different tools are used in the DevOps?

The tools in the DevOps are used for the container concept, continuous integration, source control, deployment automation, orchestration, infrastructure automation, and cloud management. Devops Course in Chennai will give interpretation to the tools and processes in the DevOps.

Benefits of learning DevOps

  • The technical benefits of learning DevOps are continuous delivery, finding the resolution to solve the problems and complexity to manage. Devops Training in Chennai will enhance the technical skills of the learners.
  • The work culture enhancement is initiated with the production teams, engagement for the employee, and professional opportunities for the employment.
  • The benefits in the business transactions due to DevOps are fast delivery, stable environment for the operations, enhanced collaboration and communication, and innovate the time. Devops Certification in Chennai will improve the opportunity to understand the different types of businesses to the learners.
  • The general benefits are its aid for the enhancement of the speed, improve the process, lower the costs, better collaborate in between the teams, and continuous feedback.
  • DevOps improves the infrastructure of the application and enhance the trustworthiness of the application.
  • The deployment and the build become faster due to the delivery and integration with continuity.
  • DevOps reduces the failure of development.
  • DevOps modifies the development life cycle and reduces the development life cycle.
  • Enhance the performance of the application.
  • DevOps save the cost and money of the business.
  • The different stages in the DevOps technology
  • Plan and code, build, test, deploy and operate, and the monitor is the different stages of the DevOps.

Career growth

DevOps architect, software tester, integration specialist, security engineer, release manager, and integration specialist are the different job role of DevOps professionals. The education qualification for the DevOps professional should be the graduation with science, 5 plus years of a scripting language with Perl or ruby. The candidate should have experience in developing the CI or CD process for the Saas enterprise. GIT, Jenkins, Gerrit, Gradle, and mavens are different tools for DevOps on-prem applications. Join the DevOps Course in Chennai to join the big companies as DevOps professional.