Selenium Training in Chennai

Do the self-analysis before joining the Selenium course

Let us provide some interesting points about the job of the Selenium tester to check about the interest level of the learners. The Selenium tester will automate the interactions of the user through a web application. The functionalities and the interactions are analyzed through the web application. For the identification of the element HTML tags, DOM, CSS selectors, X-path, and experiment are used. For the interaction of the element, API calls are used. This course is suitable for the technical and non-technical professionals as it has less programming part. It teaches the required part in the Java program and it is easy to learn the technical aspect with the process knowledge in Selenium automation course with FITA. FITA provides the best Selenium Training in Chennai and it is conducted by the expert trainers in a practical way.

Some of the applications which can be automated using Selenium

Google and Facebook are the part of the day to day life and let us see how the functions are automated with the Selenium. Apart from the web applications Selenium tool has been used to automate a wide range of activities. Selenium Course in Chennai with FITA provides real-time projects for the better understanding and also the full course is led with practical assignments which explain the different concepts of the Selenium.

  • The day to day usage of the Google search can be automated with the Selenium. The keywords are prepared with an array list and it can be passed with the random function to Google. The index with the array list about the keywords to search in Google is prepared with the coding and then is automated with the Selenium. Selenium Training in Chennai with FITA will help the students to automate the Google search with coding support through Selenium.
  • Selenium can be used in the facebook to create an automated login, post information or advertisements, log out from facebook, and find the list of friends from Facebook, and say hello to all the friends in the facebook.
  • In the Amazon, the Selenium can be used to create a conjunction between the browsers. The different browsers like phantom JS Driver, Html driver, and fire fox driver. Selenium Course in Chennai is the best course to know about the vast usage of the Selenium tool.

Responsibilities of a Selenium tester

  • Selenium tester will talk to the client about the requirement and then use the AUT test for analyzing the application.
  • The locators in the Selenium and web driver are used to create the test case for the requirement. Selenium Training in Chennai with the pioneer institute like FITA will enhance the knowledge and create the responsible testers for the job industry.
  • Java program is used over the test case to enhance the usage of the test case broadly.
  • Debug the test case and then catch the errors.
  • Execute and run the test case for analyzing the bug.
  • Prepare the report with Test NG or J unit and track the process.
  • Deliver the product to the end client with the specifications.

Join the best training institute to know about the importance of automation and gain comprehensive knowledge in testing. Selenium is the tool which widely used as it is open source and suitable for the multiple browsers in the computers. After learning Selenium the students get huge opportunities and the future for the Selenium testers are bright as there are advanced level courses for the testers are emerging now like DevOps from cloud computing and mobile testing etc.