CCNA Course in Chennai

Technical skills required from the network professional with CCNA background

  • The concerns with the hardware like UPS, printer, driver, and SMPS are handled by the network professionals. FITA is the best place to learn the CCNA Course in Chennai and the career guidance will help the beginners to start their career in the networking domain.
  • Manage the server, switches, PCs, and routers. Configure and manage the servers, routers, PCs, and switches.
  • Distributive network connection, the process of the network and the centralized connection are handled by the network professionals.
  • Install the network technologies, configure the network technologies, and administrate the computer network technologies.
  • Install the work station for the IP/ PX based LAN. Configure the workstations with the IP/PX LAN.
  • Install and configure the DHCP client-server.
  • Install the open view for the HP-open network management.
  • Monitor the BMC patrol using the monitor servers.
  • The backup support, recovery, and reporting regarding the networking are handled by the networking professionals. CCNA Training in Chennai with FITA will enhance the skills and guide towards a blissful future.
  • Disaster recovery for the network is periodically checked by the network professional.
  • Eradication of the virus and protect the systems against the virus.
  • Maintain the environment for the MS exchange.
  • Configure the outlook express and troubleshoot the issues with the Microsoft Outlook.
  • Provide access to the internet and manage web marshal.
  • Implement the recommendations and maintain the security of the systems with the updating insecurity.
  • Maintain the cluster and SAN
  • Configure and administrate the software application.
  • Understand the functions of the Linux environment.
  • Understand the HTML, CSS and web technologies. CCNA Course in Chennai with FITA will train the candidates with basics of the web technologies as an introduction class if the learner is not aware of the web technologies.
  • The network engineer will prepare the statement for the technology every month and also attach the documents which are needed for the status of the technology in the business.
  • Implement the infrastructure for the customer and design the infrastructure. CCNA Training in Chennai with FITA will transform the learners as professionals to manage the mundane task in the big corporate companies.

What is the different certification in CCNA?

CCNA is the computer network certificate for the networking professionals and there are five types of certifications offered for the different knowledge levels of the learners. CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, and CCDE are the different range of certificates. The associate level or the primary level, professional level and the expert level are the categories to measure the certificates in the CCNA. The paths for these certifications are divided into architect, design, collaboration, cloud, routing, and switching, cybersecurity operations, IOT, data center, security, wireless and service provider are the different certifications in the CCNA. When learning the primary level courses the learner will learn about the devices used in the recent days. CCNA Course in Chennai with FITA will help for acquiring the certification as per the knowledge of the learners.

The professional level courses will train the learners about the troubleshooting ideas and the challenging tasks in the network management. The advanced level certifications will prepare the students to understand the latest protocols of the network and guide them for managing the modern networks in the computer. Join FITA which is the best CCNA Training in Chennai to make the dreams of the learners come true. FITA help for the certification and placement with constant support through the CCNA course. The trainers and the handout material is very helpful for future reference until the student gain in-depth knowledge into the networking technologies.