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Course Highlights & CCNA Course in Chennai at FITA?

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A recap session is provided to the students regularly.
FITA provides the students with an interactive training session and they can feel free to clarify their doubts with the tutors.
FITA provides 100% professional training to the students and they train the students to equip themselves in a professional environment.
Convenient Option of various Locations in Chennai – Choose the CCNA Training in Velachery or CCNA course in Anna Nagar, Tambaram, Porur, T Nagar, OMR.

CCNA is an emerging certification course among computer network engineers. The acronym of CCNA stands for CISCO Certified Network Associate. This certification is valid for all the types of Engineers who want to pursue their career in the networking field. The certification level includes the following:

Network Administrator
Network Support Engineers
Network Specialists.

Upon completing the course, a certificate will be provided on successful completion. The certificate states that the certificate holder has the relevant knowledge to understand, configure, operate, and troubleshoot the bugs or issues in the router or network. 

Benefits of gaining CCNA Certification:

It enhances the knowledge in the field of computer networks and other network related issue. It makes you familiar with a wide range of topics and they are listed below.

OSI and TCP/IP model
Switches and routers
Network utilities (ping, tracert, arp)
IP addressing
Routing protocols (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF)

This certificate is recognized globally and trusted by most of the companies. An individual who has the CCNA certificate gets more priority compared to others in any organization. Join CCNA Training in Chennai at FITA and kick start your professional career under the guidance of experienced tutors.

Prerequisites for learning CCNA:

There are no prerequisites for learning CCNA. Anyone who aspires to begin their career in the Networking Industry can opt for a CCNA course and enhance their career opportunities. In case you are already working in the Networking Industry and you want to elevate yourself to the next level in your profession you can choose CCNA Training at FITA for the necessary guidance. FITA helps you in clearing the CCNA tests and provides the required knowledge to excel in your profession. 

Career prospects of CCNA

The scope of increasing your career opportunity is wider in the networking field when you have a CISCO certificate. CISCO offers 10 CCNA certification with different skill sets. Given below is the list of ten CCNA certification and their scope.

CCNA Routing and Switching
CCNA Cloud
CCNA Collaboration
CCNA Cyber Ops
CCNA Data Center
CCNA Industrial
CCNA Security
CCNA Service Provider
CCNA Wireless

CCNA Routing and Switching: 

This course primarily deals with switches, routers, and servers. The CCNA Routing and Switching employee approves the skills of an entry-level networking professional and their duties will be assigned mostly in the help desk, support functions, and performing system admin function. Given below is the list of job profiles offered in the organization.

Network Analyst
Network Administrator
System Administrator.


Cisco Certified Design Associates is the primary-level certification for the support technicians and design engineers who are involved in the designing function of the CISCO networks. Here the importance is laid on the CCDA methodologies like to design and secure new networks to the existing one. Below are the listed job profiles offered on completing the course.

Network Design Engineer
Solutions Design Engineer
Infrastructure Engineer.

CCNA Cloud:

Since most of the companies are predominantly adopting cloud strategies, and networks for efficient performance. One must have skills and knowledge in both the private and public clouds. The CCNA Cloud certification relates to the CISCO-based private and hybrid cloud environments which are based on their cloud infrastructure technologies and like Cisco InterCloud, Unified Fabric, Unified Compute, and Unified Storage. The various job positions offered on completing this course are listed below.

Network Administrator
Cloud Engineer
Cloud Architect.

CCNA Collaboration: 

This course covers the CISCO's elementary collaboration solutions through voice-over and video conferencing offerings (VoIP). They are unique solutions and it is not necessary to work with a CISCO LAN or WAN. You will have a clear understanding of IP networking and the fundamentals of video conferencing as well on completing this course. Listed below are the various job titles offered on completing the CCNA Collaboration course.

Collaboration Engineer
VoIP Engineer
Telecom Engineer
Unified Communications Engineer.

CCNA Cyber Ops:

At present, we come across numerous reports stating that a security breach has occurred in the IT sector. To protect an organization from these potential threats they need cybersecurity professionals. Cybersecurity is a complex field, so various organizations are employing cybersecurity professionals to protect their data, detect the breaches immediately and resolve it quickly. On completing this course the various job profiles offered in a company are listed below.

Information Security Analyst
Security Engineer
Network Security Engineer
Cybersecurity Engineer.

CCNA Data Center:

Technologies and Strategies like distributed computing, Software-defined networking, servers, and storage virtualization and cloud computing have driven a tremendous change form the mainframe-centric ancestors data to the modern data. The CCNA certificate data center primarily helps in preparing the systems and networking admin professionals in the data center office. The various job titles that are associated with the CCNA Datacenter are as follows.

Data Center Manager
Data Center Network Engineer
Data Center Technician.

CCNA Industrial:

Most of the IT centers have entered the realms of factories like chemical plants, oil and gas facilities, and laboratories. Here their role in this sector is primarily in the process control and manufacturing tools. These certificates are more valid for the process control specialists, manufacturing engineers, plant administrators, traditional network and systems engineers who work basically with the industrial networks. Given below are the various job titles associated with CCNA Datacenter.

Industrial Network Specialist
Industrial Network Engineer
Industrial Controls System Engineer

CCNA Security:

The CCNA cyber ops certification is focused on securing the complete IT environment but the focus of CCNA Security is primarily on the CISCO network itself. The various job roles that are associated with CCNA are as follows.

Information Security Analyst
Security Engineer
Network Security Engineer
Cybersecurity Engineer

CCNA Service provider:

Cisco has introduced an open architecture that permits service providers to deliver the on-demand cloud-based apps and services to their customers. CISCO infrastructure provides the basic support as needed, it also includes video streaming, mobile access, business-wide area networking, collaboration, and support of the Internet of Things (IoT). CCNA Service provider is the certification that supports these functions mainly. Given below are the various job titles that are offered for this course.

Network Engineer – IP Designer
Backbone Support Engineer
Network Infrastructure Engineer

CCNA Wireless:

This is basically for network admins who have to design and support a CISCO wireless LAN. Though it is an associate-level certificate, the candidates are expected to perform as a networking professional with a practical understanding of CISCO routing and switching. Given below is the list of job titles that are offered in an organization.

Wireless Network Administrator
Field Network Engineer
Mobility Engineer

One can broaden their knowledge in the CCNA course by enrolling themselves in the CCNA Training in Chennai at FITA. The CCNA Training at FITA provides the students with the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. 

Pay Scale 

The packages may differ based on the experience. Given below are the estimate package offered to various job profiles in an organization. 

Network Operation Center(NOC) Engineers - Rs.1,50,000 to Rs.12,00,000/- per annum.
Network administrators - Rs. 2, 20,000 to Rs.9, 00,000/- per annum
Network Engineers - Rs. 2, 50,000 to Rs.10, 00,000/- per annum.
Senior Network Engineers - Rs. 3, 50,000 to Rs.15, 00,000/- per annum.
Technical consultants - Rs. 4, 50,000 to Rs.24, 00,000/- per annum.

Join CCNA Training in Chennai at FITA and get trained professionally under the guidance of professional tutors.


Given below is the list of books to prepare for the CCNA exams.

  • CCNA Preparation Library (640-801)
  • CISCO CCNA Study Guide (640-802)
  • CISCO Certified Network Associate Exam Flash Card Practice Library (640-607)
  • CCNA Exam Certification Guide (640-607)
  • CCNA Practical Studies (640-607)

Though from the above-mentioned books one can have an idea about the course. But to have a holistic understanding of the concepts you need to step into a professional institute. CCNA Training in Chennai at FITA provides students with professional training and they train the concepts from the basics. Tutors at FITA are well-expertized in this field and they train the students efficiently. 

Listed below are the fundamental concepts which are taught in the CCNA Course.

  • Connecting to a WAN
  • Implementing network security
  • Network types
  • Network media
  • Routing and switching fundamentals
  • TCP/IP and OSI models
  • IP addressing
  • WAN technologies
  • Operating and configuring IOS devices
  • Extending switched networks with VLANs
  • Determining IP routes
  • Managing IP traffic with access lists
  • Establishing point-to-point connections
  • Establishing Frame Relay connections

CCNA Training at FITA provides the students with a wide academic curriculum. Tutors at FITA have a decade of experience in this field and they proficiently train the students to equip themselves in a professional environment.

Most of the MNC and Medium-scale companies hire Network Engineers. Given below are the list companies that hire Network Engineers on completing the CCNA course.

  • Infosys
  • Cognizant
  • Sim Solutions
  • Team Designs
  • OMA Emirates
  • Microtech Digi Systems Private Limited
  • Amphitrite Technologies Private Limited
  • Agility Logistics GIL Shared Service Center.
  • Able to configure and administer the software applications
  • Capable of managing the servers, switches, routers, and PCs.
  • The Network Engineer should be able to install, configure, and administer computer technologies.
  • The Engineer should be able to configure and install the DHCP Client-Server.
  • The Network Engineer should be able to install the work station for the IP/ PX based LAN. 
  • The Network Engineer should monitor BMC patrol using the monitor services.
  • Able to understand the functions of the Linux environment. 
  • The Network Engineer must provide access to internet services and manage web marshal. 
  • Able to check the network functions frequently to avoid crashes or bugs of the network.
  • The Network Engineer should prevent the networks and systems from viruses.
  • The Network Engineer should maintain the environment of the MS exchange. 

CCNA Course in Chennai at FITA provides the necessary training to the students to equip themselves in a professional environment. Tutors at FITA have a decade of experience in this field and they train the students efficiently in networking. 

The Network Engineering career is one of the booming careers at present. It is expected that more than 6% of the employment will be increased from 2016-2026 in the Network Engineering field. Most of the organization are seeking Network Engineers to fix the issues related to Networks and maintenance of multiple systems. Companies are looking for employees who would maintain the networks of the computer, designs the system, managing and implementing the projects, and should stay updated with the recent changes. It is preferable to learn the course professionally and get certified. CCNA Training in Chennai at FITA provides students with the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. Tutors at FITA train the students professionally and enhance their career opportunities.

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