Web designing course in Chennai

web designing course in ChennaiThere are many components which make a website attractive and appealing.  A website involves information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colours, contrasts, fonts and icon design.  These components together form a perfect website. Professionally designing a good layout is very important so that the visitors visiting our website get a good user experience.

Other than the visual part web designing also includes the technical side of the website. For building a complete website there needs server side scripting like php and to enhance the website visually you need visual side scripting such as html and css. User experience in enhanced using JavaScript.

Why study web designing courses in Chennai?

  • As there is boom in the software industry there is huge demand for professional web designers who are conceptually very strong and can work efficiently.
  • There is very good opening for job and once you finish web designing training in Chennai then you will surely get placed.
  • Apart from doing a job there is also a good demand for freelancers.
  • The salary offered by these web designing companies is quite attractive and by getting into this industry there is good opportunity for career growth.
  • MNC like TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, Tech Mahindra would hire efficient web designers.

Syllabus for web designing course in Chennai?

  • HTML and CSS

Understanding the fundamentals and basics of HTML

Tips for choosing the right type of editor.

Apprehending the elements and attributes.


Understanding the basics and fundamentals of HTML5

Advantages of using HTML5 over Xhtml

Using the HTML5 elements.

Apprehending the semantics in HTML5.

Inserting media using HTML5


Basic concepts of Javascripts

Introduction to control structures

Loops in Javascript

Operators in Javascript

Handling the functions

Objects and function in javascript

Javascript DOM

Events and event handling with Javascript

  • Jquery

Introduction to Jquery

Selectors in Jquery


Events in Jquery



  • PHP

Basics and fundamentals of PHP

Introduction to data types

Apprehending advanced PHP functions

Classes and objects

Apprehending advanced OOPS in PHP

Cookies and session management

Working with forms and system file

Error handling

Secured PHP programming

Cake PHP


Model view controller (MVC)


Basics and fundamentals of MYSQL

Understanding file systems and databases.

Understanding relational database models

Introduction to SQL

Entity relationship modelling

Database tables

Understanding database designs

Apprehending the transaction management

Introduction to database in e-commerce

Introduction to data warehousing

Introduction to data base administration

  • Bootstrap
  • Basics and fundamentals of photoshop

Why choose Fita for web designing training in Chennai?

  • We train the students on real-time basis i.e. 100% practical oriented training sessions.
  • Trainers are expert professional who are in the web designing field for more than 5 years.
  • Limited batch size which would allow us to give personal attention to each and every student.
  • An ISO 9001:2008 certified training institute.
  • 100% placement assistance.
  • Tie-up with over 400 companies including MNC and start-ups.
  • Lab facility where students can practice.
  • Air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Wi-Fi enabled training institute.
  • Flexible timings.

Fita academy is rated as the best web designing training institute in Chennai.  Join the best web designing course in Chennai to make a glowing career in the IT industry.