Ethical Hacking Courses In Chennai

Skills which enhance the attitude and transform the learners into an elite hacker

Hackers will hack the system, device, website, and process with the help of the ethical hacking techniques and the promotion of the online presence leads to plus and minus in the business world. The online presence increases sales and also pays way to hackers to the business information. The attitude and motivation for becoming hacker is very essential to become successful in the hacker role. There is a counter-hacking tool for the main tool used for the hacking and therefore to begin the play it is essential to know the competitive thinking. The fundamental skill like the basic knowledge about the computers, creating the documents with the word, navigate option with the internet, the usage of command line available in the window, edit option with the registry, and set the parameter for the networking. Technically the knowledge of the programming skill, networking skill, and the operating system skill are much needed for the ethical hacker. Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai with FITA will help for the advancement of the skills to become an elite hacker.

Knowledge of programming languages like PHP, C, HTML, and javascript will help ethical hackers to understand the path and the tools used for the hacking. The closed systems like the Windows operating system, UNIX operations, the procedure to access the API’s and the ways to use the OS in a systematic manner for the hacking is essential to understand the loopholes in the technology and the usage of the different tools over the systems. The knowledge about the networking like subnet, VPN, WAN, LAN, IPV4, IPV6, OSI model, ARP, DNS, and MAC addressing gives the idea about the different types of operations in the different types of systems. Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai with FITA will improve the desired knowledge for handling the challenging environment.

Different types of web applications hacking

  • Cryptography, reverse engineering, forensics, virtualization, and exploit writing are the different types of hacking techniques used to hack the web application. Join the Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai and know about the different types of hacking techniques for the application to different devices.
  • The knowledge about the cryptography help for understanding the cryptographic algorithms, the implementation process, breaking process and this methodology aid for the conceal activity which is very essential to know about the rivals or the tools used for the hacking.
  • The reverse building is the technique of removing and rebuilding the malware with additional features. The technique of extracting the memory during the run time, the knowledge about the process of data with the software, and the disassembly of the software are some of the areas which are learned through the reverse engineering. It will detect the AV detection and the former IDS with its signature.
  • The main sign of a pro hacker is that he must not be caught and detailed knowledge about the digital forensic is mandatory to evade from detection. Forensic deal with the location details of the information and the secured option to erase the information. Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai with FITA will enhance the knowledge about the forensic application in the digital media for the hacking.
  • It is essential to know about computer memory and debugging. The proficiency in the VMware work station or virtual box gives knowledge about the efficient hacking for the real world applications. The virtual environment is helpful in understanding the concerns with the hacking before applying it in the real world. Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai with FITA will enhance the knowledge about the virtual environment and the real environment with the different tools used for ethical hacking.

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