Selenium Framework

Selenium Framework
Selenium Framework

Selenium is an open-source and automated testing framework used to test web applications across all browsers and platforms. Selenium comes with a default test domain-specific language called Selenese. But we can also use other programming languages like java, c#, python in selenium to write test scripts. This was highly possible due to its ability to blend with programming languages.

Selenium consists of four components which constitute the selenium set of suites.

  1. Selenium IDE(Integrated Development Environment)
  2. Selenium RC(REmote Control)
  3. Selenium Webdriver
  4. 4. Selenium Grid

1. Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is one of the selenium suites developed by Shinya Kasatani of Japan. Selenium IDE allows the developers to write test cases by a simple “record and playback” logic. The test cases are written by the developers just by recording their interactions with the website and the playback option to rerun their cases. It also means this suite doesn’t require any manual work of using a programming language for site automation and testing the website. 

2. Selenium RC

Selenium RC also known as Selenium 1, is a server written in Java, which allows the use of other programming languages like C#, PHP, Python to write application tests. JavaScript is also considered important in RC because the commands from the knowledge of JavaScript is necessary in RC. 

3. Selenium Web-driver

Selenium Web-driver is one of the important suites of selenium because it is the one which first supported cross-browser testing. Selenium Web-driver allows you to choose the programming language we know to automate web-application and browser support. Selenium Web-driver directly communicates with the browser and controls it and hence use of any language is supported to write application tests.

4. Selenium Grid 

Selenium Grid was mainly developed to shorten the execution time.This was made possible by the parallel distribution of tests across different browsers and OS. Selenium Grid is mainly used with Selenium RC. Grid is flexible and can be integrated with other suite components for simultaneous execution.

Why use selenium?

  • The major advantage of using selenium is, it is an open-source testing framework. As we already know, open-source suggests it is absolutely free-of-cost and there is plenty of information on the web to guide us to use it.
  • Selenium is the most trustable framework by the IT industry to test their web-applications, since it can incorporate other programming languages in it.
  • Selenium gives the freedom to use other languages which are convenient to use by both the developers and testers.
  • Selenium can work on any given OS. With the use of Selenium Web driver, we write test cases for one OS and execute it on another.
  • Selenium supports cross-browser testing. Selenium web-driver is compatible with all the major browsers from Chrome to Opera and Edge. So cross-browser testing of a website can be executed with selenium.

These are the major advantages of using selenium framework but it has aso other advantages to offer such as, easy to implement, big community web support, do cross-device testing, supports other frameworks and languages, etc.

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