Data Scientist Salary for Freshers

Data Scientist Salary for Freshers
Data Scientist Salary for Freshers

Among various fields in the IT sector, data science is the most demanding career, and it has become a fundamental component of various organizations. Moreover, data science is increasing exponentially and is required by every organization, from small to large.

According to the survey, it is stated that: in India, more than 96,000 jobs are opening for data scientists. The open job opening for data science has not yet been filled out due to the lack of skilled professionals. The requirements for this job opportunity in IT sectors are expected to grow by 28%.

If you are interested in a beginning career as a data scientist, then this is the right time to begin. It is not because of the demand or scarcity of skilled data scientists; it is because of the promising every booming career.

If you want to become a data scientist, you can join a Data Science Course in Chennai and learn the Understanding Data Science, the Data Science Life Cycle, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Now, in this blog, we shall discuss data scientist salary in India for freshers, the guideline for becoming a data scientist, and why data science is a demanding career in India.

Why Data Dcience is a Demanding Career in India

In India, more than 56,000 + job openings are unfilled in IT. It is stated that India is the second-largest country in hiring employees in the data science field. Moreover, though we have unpredictable demand for data scientists or analysts, the skills of professionals are highly competitive. Skilled professionals are uncompromised if you want to head a career in a big company or small organization.

If you have the skill sets and are ready to update yourself according to the trend will help you sustain in the position. As data sets are voluminous, converting them into actionable insights is equally crucial.

However, many companies expect skilled professionals and data scientists salary in India for freshers ranging from 3.5 to 4 lakhs per year.

Data Scientist Salary in India

Data Scientist Salary in India

We are confident that this must-have has inspired you to pursue a career as a Data Scientist! Let us look at what a Data Scientist is and the data scientist salary in India.

Who is a Data Scientist?

Data scientists are responsible for analyzing and gathering structured and unstructured voluminous data. A data scientist's job entails a range of computer science, statistics, and maths. They interpret data analysis, processing, and modelling outcomes to generate actionable plans for businesses and other organizations.

Data scientists are analytic professionals who detect trends and handle data using technology and quantitative reasoning. They uncover solutions to business challenges by combining domain expertise, analytical thinking, and scepticism of existing assumptions.

Skills required to become a data scientist

  • As a data scientist, you must have an in-depth understanding of algorithms, Machine learning, mathematics, and statistics.
  • Candidates must know the programming language- R, Python, SQL, SAS, and Hive.
  • Gain database knowledge and Data Wrangling
  • Develop Data visualization skills
  • Master the concepts of Machine Learning
  • Statistical analysis and deep learning skills
  • Data Manipulation and Analytical skills
  • Acquire knowledge of Big Data tools
  • Communication skills and team management skills.

Data Science Job Roles

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineers
  • Database Administrator
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Architect
  • Statistician
  • Business Analyst

These many jobs are available to perceive a career in data science.

Data Scientist roles and responsibilities

  • As a data scientist, you will be responsible for gathering structured and unstructured data to convert them into actionable insight.
  • Evaluate and find solutions for the potential growth of organizations.
  • Using machine learning and deep learning, analyze the data to draw the hidden pattern.
  • Build models to handle business concerns
  • Data visualization to company stakeholders.

Key Reasons to Become a Data Scientist

Highly in-demand

Data science is a demanding job in various fields. After the United States, India is the second-largest provider of data scientist positions. The strong demand for data scientists in India is one of the key reasons for their high wages.

Not only is there a significant demand for data scientists, but there are also many different types of positions accessible.

Evolving Environments

Data science is developing and shaping the future workplace with the advantage of artificial intelligence and robotics. Robotic and manual labor are increasing exponentially in the automation industry. As people shift to more critical thinking and problem-solving roles, data science technologies have enabled machines to be trained to perform repetitive tasks.

If you want to have a profound understanding of artificial intelligence, you can join an Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai and have a profound understanding of The Data Science Life Cycle, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Helping the World

The healthcare industry has been transformed by predictive analytics and machine learning. Due to data science, we can find the diseases, and data science helps diagnose cancers, organ malformations, and other diseases.

Now, we shall look at the location-based and skills-based average salary of data scientists in India.

Location-based data scientist salary in India for freshers

Salary of Data Scientist in India

Skills-based data scientist salary in India

Data Scientist Salary for Freshers

Top skills required to become a data scientist

If you intend to become a data scientist, besides your educational qualifications, having these skills would help you head your career in data science.

Skill 1: Database Knowledge

Database knowledge helps you analyze and store data utilizing tools- Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft, SQL and Teradata.

Skill 2: Learn Statistics and Mathematical Analysis

Statistics is the branch of science that helps develop methods for gathering, evaluating, analyzing, and interpreting statistical results. Probability is a metric for determining the possibility of an event occurring.

Differentiation, implementation, measurement, infinite series, and analytical functions, are dealt with in mathematical analysis.

Skill 3: Master Programming Language

To become a data scientist, you should learn a programming language like Python, R, and SAS. Knowledge of these programming languages will help you while performing data analysis. If you want to have an in-depth understanding of python, you can join Python Training in Bangalore and learn the core concepts of python, python tools and libraries, etc.

For statistical computing, R is the free software environment. It is also utilized for supporting machine learning algorithms for data evaluation such as gathering, associating and regression.

Python is a demanding programming language in data science. Due to its flexibility and scalable libraries such as NumPy and SciPy are utilized in data science. To have a comprehensive understanding of python, you can join Python Training in Chennai at FITA Academy and learn the Unique features of Python, Python Basic Data Types, and Lists in Python.

Statistical Analysis System SAS can mine, modify, control and retrieve data from sources and manage statistical data analysis.

Skill 4: Learn Data Wrangling

Data wrangling is the process ofcleaning, altering, and structuring data. R, Python, Flume, and Scoop are popular data wrangling technologies.

Skill 5: Master the Concepts of Machine Learning

Provide systems with the ability to learn and improve independently without having to be expressly designed. Linear regression, Logistic regression, Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machine, K Means Clustering, k-nearest neighbours, random forest algorithm, and Tree algorithms are a few examples of machine learning algorithms.

Skill 6: Knowledge of Big Data Tools

Apache Spark, Hadoop, Talend, and Tableau are all used to deal with vast and complex data that standard data processing technologies cannot handle.

Skill 7: Data Visualization Skills

Data visualization combines different data sets and visualizes the findings using charts, graphs, and maps.

Now, you would have to understand the data scientist salary in India, the skills required to become a data scientist, and the reponsibility of the data scientist and data scientist fresher salary in India. So, if you want to start your career in this scientific field, you can join Data Science Courses in Bangalore and learn the overview of Implementation of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and tools for Machine Learning Implementation.

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