Big Data Training In Chennai

What is big data?

Big data is the large amount of data which is generated on a daily basis which cannot be analysed in the traditional way or manually. This data collected is very useful and if analysed professionally it can give you many interesting insights which can be helpful in making business decisions to minimise the losses and increase the profit. As taught in big data training in Chennai. The problems related to big data can be divided into three parts they are,

  • Volume- The volume of the data is very large and there is a tough task to store and manage the data so that it can be used for used for analysis.
  • Velocity- The pace at which the data is being produced is very high, so there should be well versed storage systems and data management system which can be helpful in processing and storing the data.
  • Variety- When the data is collected there is variety of data which is being collected and there are structured and unstructured data. This can be collected from various sources. It is very important to classify and differentiate this type of data so that it becomes to analyse.

When talking about the size of data which is created in a year it is 1.8 zeta bytes, this data is collected globally. This amount is expected to double every year. So there is a huge opportunities for the big data professional to get a well paying job. To get professional you need to undergo big data training Chennai.

Big data is important as its being used by the private corporations and the government organisation to serve better. The real use of big data is when it is analysed, so choosing big data course in Chennai would be helpful and would mould your career in a professional way.

What is data analytics?

The purpose of big data would not be fulfilled if it is not analysed. All the predictions and decisions are based on the big data analytics. Big data analytics means to transform huge amount of raw data into constructive and decidable information. When data analytics is done we can arrive at a business decision.

When you choose hadoop training in Chennai, you will learn that hadoop is a tool which is offered by apache which allows big data analysis using cloud. So hadoop can be considered as a part of cloud computing.

Why should you choose hadoop training in Chennai?

  • The usage of big data is constantly rising among the companies so there is huge supply and demand gap. These MNC are not getting well trained professional who can handle this big data and add value to their business.
  • When you are selected for big data analysis the pay which you get is very attractive as there is currently a huge shortage of professionals.
  • According to a recent study in India Big Data will create about 4.4 million jobs by the year 2017. To get the job you should be a professional.
  • This study also says that in 2016 the onsite hiring for big data experts and big data professionals will be seen on a peak.
  • MNC like TCS, Wipro, IBM, Infosys and ecommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal, Paytm are always in need of professional big data analysts. So surely there is a career growth and this industry is not going to sink in the coming years.

Who can take big data course in Chennai?

  • To learn big data you must have strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Knowledge of programming language like Java.
  • Knowledge of SQL would be a add on
  • Simlarly knowledge of SAS and Excel would be beneficial.

Career prospects after doing big data training in Chennai?

  • Big Data Scientist
  • Big Data analyst
  • Big data manager
  • Big data consultant

Why Choose FIta academy Chennai?

  • Industry experts who have proved themselves in the big data industry will train you.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified training institute.
  • 100% practical oriented training sessions according to the industry trends.
  • 100% placement records.
  • Flexible class timing
  • Instructor led online training as well as instructor led classroom training
  • Smaller batch size
  • Wi-Fi enabled training institute
  • Placement assistance to the students looking for a job.
  • Tie up with over 400 companies pan India.

Levels of Big data course in Chennai.

  • Big data hadoop admin
  • Big data Hadoop Developer
  • Big Data Analytics.

For detailed syllabus please click here.

If you are looking for big data training in Chennai then you should join Fita academy Chennai to get professionally trained and to start your dream career. Hadoop training in Chennai will professionally train you to use the tool so that you can arrive at relevant results.

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