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The software testing course in Bangalore at FITA Academy has a meticulously organized educational program which focuses to provide the vital essentials processes and principles of software testing. The practical training part of the course will prepare our students to effectively make test cases and successfully implement them by utilizing automated testing tools. The top notch experts of FITA Academy will acquaint the scholars with the essential objective of testing and give an outline of various test types like logical test case, test fixture, concrete test, test scripts, test oracle, and issues. The software testing institute in Bangalore at FITA Academy will aim to render our scholars with advanced knowledge and contemporary practices of programming testing with the assistance of our proficient specialists holding tremendous expertise in an expansive range of enterprises.

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Course Highlights & Why Software Testing Course in Bangalore at FITA Academy?

The software testing institute in Bangalore at FITA Academy imparts various test processes and continuous quality improvement.
The students will study about different types of errors and fault models.
The faculty will introduce numerous methods of testing generations from requirements.
Trainees will learn about behaviour modelling using UML, finite state machines.
Students will learn about test generation from the finite state model.
The students will learn about Input state modelling using combinatorial design.
The integrated course will impart the knowledge of combinatorial test generations.
The training practices will make students proficient in Test adequacy assessment using, control flow, data flow, and program mutations.
Students will learn to use various test tools.
The faculty will impart the training of the implementation of software testing techniques in commercial environment.
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Trainer Profile

  • The top notch experts of FITA Academy possess experience of more than 10 years in the field of software testing.
  • The professional instructors have experience in conducting numerous industry based case studies and live projects.
  • The subject matter experts have specialization in distinct aspects of software testing and aim to use their experience for holistic development of the students. 
  • Our mentors have delivered over 2000 sessions and workshops to over 50,000+ students including students, graduates and working professionals.
  • Our instructors aim to deliver the knowledge and training covering every aspect of the software testing.
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Software Testing Certification Institute in Bangalore

About Software Testing Certification Institute in Bangalore at FITA Academy

Software Testing Certification Institute in Bangalore

Software testing institute in Bangalore at FITA Academy exhibits an essential understanding level of standards and practices related to the software testing. Completing the course successfully, the learner will be yielded with accreditation from FITA Academy. The declaration will be seen as an assertion of the industry oriented knowledge and series of demonstrations acquired over the course of software testing program. The accreditation provided will give the students an expert acknowledgment of their knowledge and skills. The software testing training in Bangalore at FITA Academy holds a huge worth as software testing has empowered an imperative significance of itself. Furthermore, the inclusion of this certificate to your recently procured educational qualifications will enormously uphold the extension of your profession opportunities. The software testing course in Bangalore at FITA Academy holds a tremendous amount of value for its thorough and practical based training with the advanced technology, updated concepts and effective methods. 

Besides, upon effective completion of this course, the learner will be able to create and execute techniques to test the software applications with requirement of supervision. The course will build up the potential and improve the instinctive abilities of our scholars. Acquiring the accreditation of a software testing course will hike up your value in the market and you can appear in various job interviews where the certificate will give validation of your fine abilities. The remuneration in this field relies on the factor of the type of field, the job position , and the work responsibilities . A software engineer holding knowledge on specialized skills along with two years of work experience is qualified to get a remuneration of Rs.5,58,800 each annum to Rs. 6,65,000 every annum. Moreover, an expert software testing analyst possessing proficiency in specialized knowledge and work experience of six years can expect to get a remuneration of Rs.7,46,000 each annum to Rs.8,56,000 each annum.

If you looking for a certification course to add to your resume? Do you want to learn the ins and outs of software testing? FITA Academy has the perfect course for you – Software Testing Course in Bangalore. This course is designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful software tester. The course covers all aspects of software testing, from theory to practice. In addition, the course is offered in a practical, hands-on format.

Software testing is a critical phase of software development and ensures software quality. Our Software Testing Training will help students become certified testers. The program starts with an introductory course that covers the basics of software testing, followed by three modules- Functional Testing, System Testing, and Regression Testing- each with multiple sub-modules. This ensures that students are well-equipped to face the challenges of software testing.

Benefits of Software Testing Certification Course in Bangalore at FITA Academy

  • Certified Tester: Students who complete this Software Testing training in Bangalore get recognized as certified test engineers after passing the exam conducted by our partner companies. They can now work on any project related to software testing, be it web, mobile, or desktop applications.
  • Job Placement: Students get job opportunities in reputed IT firms, MNCs, and other organizations throughout India because of the demand created by their certification.
  • Competitive Salary Package: Test Engineers are paid significantly more than others in similar positions. You can even earn up gradually depending upon your experience.
  • Better Skill Set: If you have been working as a developer but want to switch careers or start a new career, then you must take this Software Testing Course in Bangalore. It gives you a great opportunity to work independently as an individual providing better performance and results through your innovative ideas.
  • Career Advancement: Once certified, you are considered highly skilled and qualified, and you are allowed to move up to managerial-level positions.
  • Expertise in Latest Technologies: With every new release of technology, there comes a need for experts in those areas, so getting certified brings you this advantage.
  • High Demand Industry: Since most companies find it difficult to recruit enough resources, they use outsourcing services where expert manpower is hired from various cities and countries. So, if you have expertise in testing, it’s high time you can opt for this profession and get ready to grab the job of your life.
  • Long Term Growth Opportunities: As testing becomes increasingly important in the industry, many corporations hire testing professionals. Thus, one can expect long-term growth opportunities for people who wish to excel.
  • Flexible Timing: One can choose to pursue this course during the morning or evening batches. No matter what timing suits you the best, we ensure that you have access to the required material for the class. 
  • Guaranteed Results: After completing our comprehensive Software Testing Training in Bangalore, you will be able to secure a job with one of the top organizations in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now!

We look forward to having you join us in our journey to provide top-class education to learners or aspirers. Contact us today to know more about our courses and admission details!

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Job Opportunities After Completing Software Testing Course in Bangalore

Obtaining a certification of software testing course in Bangalore at FITA Academy can open up various paths to the ideal career, job position and to a wide scope of conspicuous industries. Profession in software testing involves making a fault free product by aligning it with the predefined functional necessities, keeping in thought the logical efficiency coverage following a sequential line of verification and validation measure. Pursuing this profession requires the knowledge of some technical as well as non technical abilities.

Software testing institute in Bangalore at FITA Academy will strive to instill each of the necessary skills in our students entailing analytical abilities which will educate our students to understand an intricate framework, fragmenting into little pieces and compose test cases.

Alongside that, soft skills like verbal and written communication abilities will likewise be improved where scholars will be instructed to compose test conditions, cases, methodologies and report.

The career path of a software tester in this field starts from associate tester to test execution analyst, senior analyst, specialized testing lead, and at the highest stage - test manager. With renowned job roles, comes great duties. The responsibilities the industries will be expecting from their employees will involve monitoring of applications and software systems, managing stress testing, performance testing, scalability along with functional testing.

Additionally, you will be required to run manual and robotized tests, executing resource planning, audit of documentation and numerous different responsibilities to abide by. A wide scope of IT enterprises and different organisations like Wipro, Unify, Cisco, Google, Reliance Jio, Amazon, PayPal, IBM, have opened various employment opportunities and are looking for talented software testers for their organization.

Software test engineers develop and maintain the software testing plans and procedures, conduct tests, evaluate test results, and recommend corrective action to management. They also lead or participate in team meetings to discuss testing progress and issues.

Software testing is an essential part of the software development process and is a critical function in ensuring the quality of the finished product. There are many different job roles and responsibilities in software testing, but the following are some of the job roles and responsibilities after Completing your Software Testing Course in Bangalore at FITA Academy are:

Quality Analysts Trainee:

Quality analysts-trainees who have completed from our Software Testing Institute in Bangalore can now look forward to a bright career in the software testing industry. Quality analysts are responsible for ensuring the quality of software products and services, through the analysis and validation of test cases. They also help develop and manage test plans and procedures, as well as advise clients on the use of software testing tools. Here are some roles and responsibilities of Quality Analysts Trainee:

  • Quality Analysts Trainees Should be good in English and should possess relevant software development experience. They also have to prepare test scripts using scripting language such as Java, Javascript, VBScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.
  • Trainees are expected to understand different types of defects in software products (defects), including major, minor, critical, and non-critical ones.
  • They should be able to identify and describe each defect in detail, along with its causes.
  • They should be able to analyze quality issues in the product.
  • They should be capable of designing, implementing, and evaluating quality improvement projects.
  • They will have the ability to report findings on defects detected by other team members.
  • Trainees must be willing to perform testing activities related to the functional requirements of an application under test.
  • They will work with project managers, testers, developers, and other team members.
  • Their main responsibility is the gathering and reporting the results of their testing efforts.
  • They will be responsible for maintaining the quality standards of the software being produced.

Quality Analysts are the backbone of software testing. They are responsible for detecting defects and ensuring that the product meets the quality standards set by the company. In order to become a quality analyst, you need to complete a software testing course in Bangalore. The course will teach you how to identify defects, analyze software requirements, and perform test planning and execution. After completing this course, you will be able to confidently assess the quality of a product and recommend fixes or changes to improve it.

QA Engineers:

QA engineers are those professionals who work in the software testing field. They help companies to identify and fix errors in their software before it is released to the public. The software testing course in Bangalore will teach you how to test software for bugs and glitches, as well as how to prevent them from happening in the first place. Here are some roles and responsibilities of QA Engineers:

  • QA engineers define the requirements for the functionality of a product.
  • They gather information from the customers, stakeholders, and other organization members to understand the needs, wants, and expectations regarding the product being developed.
  • QA engineers help set up the goals and objectives for the tests performed.
  • The testers use different testing methods such as usability testing, performance testing, validation, load testing, regression testing, acceptance testing, and security testing to check if the product meets all these qualifications.
  • They ensure the program adheres to any standards required for safety or other purposes.
  • They find bugs in the program to identify defects before release.
  • QA engineers ensure that the application is thoroughly tested by performing a comprehensive functional test. They write automated scripts and report any issues they discover during testing.
  • They have to evaluate the quality assurance results and make recommendations on what has been done wrong and what can be improved.
  • QA engineers make suggestions on how to change the design for better testing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Testing includes both manual and automatic activities. The QA engineer should identify the procedures used to execute the tests to prevent errors in execution.

QA Engineers are essential for the successful completion of software development projects. The role of a QA Engineer is to ensure that the software meets all expectations, both during development and after release. They must be able to identify and fix defects as they occur, ensuring that the software meets customer requirements and is of high quality. We are the best Software Testing Institute in Bangalore for providing expert-level training that will help you in getting this job.

Automation Testers:

Automation testers are people who test automation tools and software. In order to become an automation tester, you need to complete a Software Testing Training in Bangalore. The course covers the basics of software testing, including how to test automation tools and software. Here are some roles and responsibilities of Automation Testers:

  • The automation tester checks the features/functionalities of the application being delivered. They verify functionalities of applications through automation tools like UFT, Selenium, Watir, etc.
  • Testers create automation frameworks and build automation suites to automate the testing process.
  • Test automation framework ensures smooth flow of business functions by automating repetitive tasks.
  • It helps reduce costs and time spent doing repetitive tasks.
  • Test automation suite increases productivity and reduces errors.
  • If it’s not possible to do things manually, automate them.
  • Test automation allows a developer to skip writing code when coding a new feature adding more flexibility in creating a user interface.
  • Testing takes place in several phases: planning (before implementation), designing, developing, testing, deploying, monitoring, and maintenance.
  • The QA team also performs regression testing, which compares the existing application with its previous version.
  • They look into the overall quality of development products. This may involve comparing multiple versions of the same product based on features, functionality, ease of installation, and compatibility between various platforms or operating systems.

Automation testers work with test automation tools to automate the testing process. They are responsible for identifying and correcting defects in the source code. The best way to learn how to become a successful software tester is by enrolling in software testing training.

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Student Testimonials

Daksh Malhotra

I really enjoyed learning the software testing course in Bangalore at FITA Academy and the quality content helped me a lot in gaining better knowledge and useful technical skills. FITA Academy is indeed one of the best software testing online certification programs.

Chitaksh Singh

The instructors of FITA Academy are wonderful and clearly explain even the critical concepts of software testing. I highly recommend this course to my acquaintances.

Aryaman Sharma

The explanations, assignments and case studies provided by the experts of FITA Academy is highly useful and instructive. They provided placement assistance which is a quality feature of FITA Academy.

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Software Testing Course in Bangalore Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • Software testing is a procedure to check if the actual software product matches with the prepaid requirements and is defect free. The software testing course in Bangalore at FITA Academy will teach the execution of software components using automated tools to explicitly assess one of more properties of interest.

  • Any graduate, student, or working professional belonging to any academic background with basic knowledge of programming languages can opt for the course of Software testing in FITA Academy.

  • Software testing Certification in Bangalore at FITA Academy incorporates comprehensive knowledge and practical training of concepts like requirement of testing, testing principles, scopes of testing, when should testing occur, what is defects, quality assurance, testing constraints, roles of software tester, overview on SDLC, different life cycle models, testing techniques level and types of testing and agile testing.

  • FITA Academy holds a 100% placement record. Every year our students are placed in eminent firms like Google, Mozilla, LinkedIn, IBM, Microsoft and Facebook at numerous positions like QA analyst, senior QA analyst, QA team coordinator,technical testing lead, test execution analyst, associate tester, test manager and senior test manager.

  • The sessions are conducted by the experts keeping in view the current requirement and learning pace of the students. The institute provides the option of both online and offline learner centered classes. The students are provided the liberty of opting for either of the modes as per their time availability and schedule.

  • Yes, as the sessions conducted by the faculty are learner centered, the pupils are provided with the liberty of making any amendments in the class schedule within the course matching up with their requirements and convenience.

  • FITA Academy trainers are well qualified and professional experts holding years of working experience in a broad scale of industries. They undergo a rigorous hiring procedure conducted by the FITA Academy. The institute demands a minimum of 10 years experience in an eminent industry is mandatory along with required educational qualifications. Candidates go through an exam, followed by a session of interviews and final screening before getting permanently hired as a FITA Academy trainer.

  • Yes, FITA Academy aims to impart quality and equal education to every type of learner in our institute. Hence, FITA Academy The student center approach of sessions endeavours to work according to the convenience of our students. Hence, FITA Academy provides both online and offline classes even on weekends so that trainees can learn on their personal pace according to their convenient timings.

  • With the growing requirement of authentic software applications amongst the industries, the salary packages are also increasing with a noteworthy percentage. Remittance of a fresher in possession of software testing certification, ranges from Rs.5,50,600 to Rs. 6,60,300 per annum. With procurement of extensive experience and enhanced proficiency in skills, the remittance can extend upto Rs. 9,00,000 per annum.

  • FITA Academy will never let our students miss any class. Our institute provides a team which will assist and support all of our trainees. Students can contact our team with their queries for rescheduling of a missed class. The team will arrange the required number of classes at the earliest.

  • FITA Academy has an established website where the trainees can find our helpline number or even place a request for a callback. The team of our customer service representatives will revert back to you as soon as possible.

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Additional Information

The software testing institute in Bangalore at FITA Academy follows a sequential teaching of significant software testing methods and concepts in order to acclimatize them with the method of gauging a software product item for quality. Scholars will be acquainted with the major reason for software testing which is to improve the validity of the item and limit the faults and errors. The professional experts of FITA Academy will furnish our students with the skills and methods which they need to flourish in the perplexing landscape of software testing. Alongside that, the students will have comprehensive information on the features and architecture of the software development model. 

Also, the theoretical parts of the course will involve the learning of various methodologies and categories of testing. With thorough useful training in software testing, the scholars will achieve mastery in effectively designing, developing and also executing the test plan. Alongside that, the faculty will give the information on building procedures to track testing processes in the bug tracking systems and by the end of the course will be able to make a document of the test report in the testing enclosure record. The course is divided into various modules where the first module will include the study of software development lifecycle depicting the development plan and maintenance of a software project. The stages consolidate requirements , analysis design , plan, coding, testing, and delivery stages. Besides, various models of SDLC will likewise be imparted including waterfall model, V model, Agile, Prototype and spiral model.