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FITA Academy offers the best English Speaking Course in Bangalore to help participants achieve fluency and proficiency in the language. Our skilled trainers provide instructor-led live classes that focus on developing essential skills such as listening, reading, and writing to enhance your speaking abilities. The advanced training program at FITA Academy concentrates on vocabulary and grammar, which are vital for mastering English. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that integrates contemporary techniques, assessments, and exercises to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the language. The Spoken English Classes in Bangalore emphasise the refinement of pronunciation, articulation, voice modulation, and intonation. Join FITA Academy to enhance your communication skills and achieve your dream career.

Spoken English Classes Bangalore

Spoken English Classes Bangalore

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Course Highlights & Why Spoken English Classes in Bangalore at FITA Academy?

Students will be given extensive training on how to appropriately use English grammar in speaking.
Our Spoken English Course in Bangalore encourages students to give presentations and will receive constructive feedback from the teachers.
Students will be able to procure and increase competence in all aspects of literacy, i.e., writing, speaking, reading and listening.
We provide rigorous practical training that will help to build public speaking, critical reading and writing skills.
Our courses provide platforms for students to participate in critical conversations, debates, and group discussions to enhance their speaking skills.
Upon completing Spoken English Courses in Bangalore, participants will be able to exchange ideas, feelings and essential information in the English language with strong fluency.
The materials for the course aim to help students manage their social communication.
The classes include audio-visual exercises and assessments to enhance speaking and vocabulary.
Our Spoken English Classes in Bangalore are flexible and offer weekday and weekend programs.
Students can choose between regular and fast-track classes based on their schedules. Both online and offline courses are available for students who prefer to learn from home.
FITA Academy's network of over 1,500+ organisations provides placement support for its students.
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Upcoming Batches

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27-04-2024 Weekend Saturday (Saturday - Sunday)
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04-05-2024 Weekend Saturday (Saturday - Sunday)

Classroom Course

  • Get trained by Industry Experts via Classroom Course at any of the FITA Academy branches near you
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Instructor-Led Live Online Course

  • Take-up Instructor-led Live Online Course. Get the Recorded Videos of each session.
  • Travelling is a Constraint? Jump Start your Career by taking the Spoken English Course Online!

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Spoken English Classes Bangalore

Trainer Profile

  • Our expert trainers at FITA Academy have over 8+ years of experience in linguistic training and communication. 
  • FITA Academy's mentors integrate live projects and practical assessments to build learners' confidence and accelerate learning outcomes. 
  • They use various teaching materials and tools to improve students' interpersonal, written and communication skills. 
  • Mentors of Spoken English In Bangalorefocus on improving each learner's conceptual and conversational clarity. 
  • Our trainers are experienced and knowledgeable speakers who share up-to-date information and trends to help students become captivating speakers. 
  • To create engaging and open sessions that enhance communication abilities, each batch has less than 7 students. 
  • Our trainers offer comprehensive Spoken English Classes in Bangalore to help students become proficient English speakers.
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Features of Spoken English Classes in Bangalore at FITA Academy

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

At FITA Academy, You will Learn from the Experts from industry who are Passionate in sharing their Knowledge with Learners. Get Personally Mentored by the Experts.

LIVE Project

Get an Opportunity to work in Real-time Projects that will give you a Deep Experience. Showcase your Project Experience & Increase your chance of getting Hired!


Get Certified by FITA Academy. Also, get Equipped to Clear Global Certifications. 72% FITA Academy Students appear for Global Certifications and 100% of them Clear it.

Affordable Fees

At FITA Academy, Course Fee is not only Affordable, but you have the option to pay it in Installments. Quality Training at an Affordable Price is our Motto.


At FITA Academy, you get Ultimate Flexibility. Classroom or Online Training? Early morning or Late evenings? Weekdays or Weekends? Regular Pace or Fast Track? - Pick whatever suits you the Best.

Placement Support

Tie-up & MOU with more than 1,500+ Small & Medium Companies to Support you with Opportunities to Kick-Start & Step-up your Career.

English Speaking Certification Course in Bangalore

About English Speaking Certification Course in Bangalore at FITA Academy

Spoken English Certificate Classes Bangalore

English Speaking Certification Course in Bangalore

Learning English can assist in pursuing and securing more career opportunities. As proficiency in speaking and writing in English is considered very important by employers in every field, the FITA Academy has come up with an English Speaking Course in Bangalore at FITA Academy. Our comprehensive course is specially designed for individuals who want to enhance all their spoken English, thereby getting an opportunity to add value to their CV. 

Going through persistent and thorough training, the institute will offer certification to the students. The certificate will highlight the performance of the students in the activities conducted by the faculty and scores obtained in evaluative examinations. Obtaining this certification will show that you have received highly specialised training in the English language and are eligible to get preference during job interviews.

Organisations from around the world acknowledge and accept the FITA Academy certificate as proof of English language ability. This certificate is evidence of the skills and knowledge you have acquired during the training period. It implies that you accomplished all of your tests and requirements in order to become an excellent speaker.

Regularly held English language proficiency tests at the international level include IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC. They are meant to evaluate a person's level of skill in the four areas of writing, reading, speaking, and listening in the English language. If you want to study or work in another country, you must take at least one of these examinations. At FITA Academy, we provide three levels of certificate courses for thebest Spoken English Classes in Bangalore.

  • Spoken English - Beginner level
  • Spoken English - Intermediate level
  • Spoken English - Advanced level

The completion of this course will allow the scholars to brace their skills and strengthen their instinctual abilities. The attainment of certification will enable the pupils to intensify their professional profile amongst the various industries and will increase their chances of appearing in numerous new job interviews where the accreditation will give a declaration of their fine abilities. Including this accreditation will support your expert profile, ensuring the extension of your career opportunities.

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Spoken English Classes In Bangalore

Job Opportunities After Completing Spoken English Classes in Bangalore

Regardless of one's occupation, effective communication is one of the fundamental talents one should have. A person in possession of English language proficiency can easily excel in the professional world. Being able to interact in the English language will provide you with an edge in job interviews. Every field in the market, starting from sales to marketing, teaching to tourism, demands decent English language skills. 

People interested in or employed in fields including information technology, automation, healthcare, management, finance, law, accounting, tourism, human resources, and hospitality can benefit from having this talent. It is most appropriate for those working in foreign affairs, politics, or diplomatic duties. With the growing trend of the English language among the contemporary generation throughout the world, it has become important for advertising industries to promote and advertise their brands in English. Many companies conduct digital marketing in the English language only.

Spoken English Classes In Bangalore

Hence learning spoken English can increase your career opportunities in the field of marketing. Another field our students can apply to is writing jobs, where the sector of editing to literacy journalism calls for individuals who have proficiency in writing skills. For getting good employment opportunities in newspapers and magazine companies, having a good grip on reading and writing is mandatory.

After procuring the certification of English Speaking Course in Bangalore at FITA Academy, the career path to teaching will also be exposed to the students as the teaching sector requires strong communication and English speaking skills. A huge scope is also there in the field of media. Possessing high-level English language skills may land you in the field of anchoring and news hosting, where the individual might get salary packages of Rs. 6,00,000 per annum to Rs. 7,00,000 per annum. Apart from specified job opportunities, our scholars can even aim for employment positions like newspaper editor, writer, public relations, copywriter, social service and librarian.

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Student Testimonials

Manjula S
Spoken English Classes In Bangalore

I had an excellent learning experience at the Best Spoken English Institute in Bangalore at FITA Academy. My speaking skills and vocabulary improved, and my trainers helped me gain confidence and improve my performance. I like the teaching methodologies, the friendly learning environment and the convenient timings of classes provided by FITA Academy.

Spoken English Classes In Bangalore

As a member of the HR team at my company, I previously favoured my native language but later recognized the importance of spoken English. After completing the Spoken English certification course at FITA Academy, I have gained proficiency in the language and can now effortlessly understand lengthy discussions.

Prithvi J
English Speaking Course In Bangalore

I enrolled at FITA Academy to improve my fluency in the language, as I had struggled with it in the past. The interactive lessons were engaging, and I felt comfortable approaching the trainers with any concerns. The trainer utilised simple and practical daily life examples and organised fun games and activities. I enjoyed learning so much and would highly recommend FITA Academy.

English Speaking Course In Bangalore
English Speaking Course In Bangalore

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English Speaking Course In Bangalore

Spoken English Classes in Bangalore Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • "Spoken English" is the language we use to talk and communicate with others. It involves using spoken words, phrases, and sentences to express ideas and emotions. Compared to written English, Spoken English should use simpler words and phrases and less complex grammar. This makes it easier to understand and use, as it is more direct, concrete, and straightforward. Good knowledge of English grammar is crucial in creating well-formed sentences and can improve written and oral English communication skills.

    • Become proficient at emphasising sentences and words in your speech.
    • Improve your articulation, intonation, and pronunciation.
    • For improved vocal clarity and modulation, learn to manage your accent.
    • Perform tasks involving speaking, writing, listening, and reading in English.
    • Utilise your talents in practical, real-world assignments.
    • Learn to add humour, sarcasm, and emotions to your speech to convey the appropriate sentiment.
    • Use reading assignments and dictionary exercises to expand your vocabulary.
    • Learn more about how to improve your speaking abilities by including metaphors and figurative language.
    • Through trainer evaluations and peer feedback, develop your potential.
    • To produce effective talks, learn to prevent grammatical faults.
    • Talk about the advantages and employment opportunities associated with the English language.
  • Any fresher, graduate and working professional belonging to any educational background who wants to widen their knowledge of vocabulary and modify speaking skills can opt for the spoken english course at FITA Academy.

  • Studying and practising are essential for developing one's Spoken English, which is important for personal and professional growth. Participants in the course will gain valuable knowledge and skills, such as a wide-ranging vocabulary, fluency, clear enunciation, appropriate intonation and accent, and effective communication abilities. Upon completing the course, students will be capable of speaking English with ease and confidence. 

    FITA Academy provides the Best Spoken English Classes in Bangalore that has been carefully planned activities and assessments, keeping in focus the main objective of furnishing the students with linguistics and communication skills along with in-depth knowledge of the English language, empowering them to outshine in every field of the professional sphere.

  • English Speaking Course in Bangalore provides three levels of certifications.

    • Spoken English - Beginner level
    • Spoken English - Intermediate level
    • Spoken English - Advanced level

    Earning any of these certificates will help you become proficient in the language and make it easily accessible to you. These certificates are widely recognized by organisations worldwide as proof of your English language skills.

  • FITA Academy offers a flexible schedule tailored to the requirements of students. In case you cannot attend in-person classes, you can take live online lessons from the comfort of your home. Additionally, we offer fast-track classes if you are short on time. We are the top English coaching centre in Bangalore, providing a customisable schedule that allows students to attend classes according to their convenience.

  • Yes, FITA Academy offers a flexible schedule for their Spoken English Classes in Bangalore to ensure equal education quality for all types of learners. Students can choose to attend either weekend or weekday classes based on their convenience.

  • FITA Academy provides the liberty of making amendments to the class schedule within the course, suiting the convenience and learning pace of the students. For the help of our pupils who missed out on the classes, we provide an assistance team to resolve all of their queries. The students can drop their queries pertaining to the missed classes. The team will arrange the required number of classes at the earliest.

  • The yearly remuneration of a fresher in the field of spoken english training relies upon the organisation's norms, the nature of the job and the work experience. For a fresher, the yearly salary packages may range from Rs 5,60,800 every annum to Rs. 6,50,000 each annum.

  • Yes. Our English Coaching Classes in Bangalore have partnered with 1500+ small and major organisations to assist students in finding their ideal jobs and establishing their professional careers.

  • FITA Academy has its own established website where students can put across their queries pertaining to the course or classes, and the queries will be resolved as soon as possible.

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Additional Information

English is a universal language due to which it has become a necessity to learn English language in the today’s world. Considering the significance and wide prevalence of English language, the FITA Academy has introduced the course of spoken English language which will assist the scholars in speaking English confidently on a range of everyday topics. The course will provide content at a pre intermediate and intermediate level of English enhancing the speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills of the trainees. The course incorporates distinct modules covering significant and trending aspects of English language. The first module of the course is the introduction to English language and its significance in contemporary society. The scholars will study about English as a language of international communication, enhancing career opportunities, improves business communication and develops personality. The second module of the course is on stress and sound. This module focusses to impart the understanding of stress, its usage in the sentence and appropriate way of using the dictionary.

The crux of this module is to elevate the skills of reading, comprehending, and vocabulary by organising numerous activities including formal – informal conversations, presentations, dialogue formation and group discussions. The third module of the course pays focus on communication and accent neutralisation. The rigorous training and persistent practice of the skills will make our trainees proficient in speaking and listening effectively, comprehension and composition. Under accent neutralisation, our trainees will get a guide to diction analysis, appropriate pronunciation, gaining expertise in vowel and consonants, and understanding into an syllable stress. The interactive and instructive classes which will act as a guide for the students are a significant initiative to strengthen the fluency and expressiveness of the students.

English is largely accepted as the primary language of the Internet. The most widely spoken language on a worldwide scale is English. Thus, being able to communicate effectively in English will surely increase your salary in any line of work. It also influences the hiring practices used by various companies. Fluency in English also makes it easier to travel, make friends, and do business with individuals from all over the world. If you want to effectively communicate your ideas or make an impression in a social context, you must be able to do so in spoken English. People also have the propensity to respect those who express their opinions clearly.

English is used for communication in the majority of professions around the world, and it has become a global language in the subject of economics. It enhances our personality development and increases our productivity at work. Gaining good communication and language skills can assist the individual in securing better job opportunities. It is also the language utilised in research, news, and higher education.

Main Components of English


Grammar is necessary for students to create appropriate sentences when communicating in written and oral forms. It is a systematic approach to evaluating a person's language ability by using a set of principles that generate all well-formed phrases in a language. To participate in conversations, learners must know how to construct appropriate sentences and distinguish between correct and incorrect grammar. Understanding grammar can assist individuals in speaking and writing a language proficiently.


Pronunciation relates to the customary or formal way of saying words, and it's the method used by individuals to speak clearly. It pertains to the phonological process, which comprises the elements and rules that constitute grammar and determine how sounds are organised and changed within a language. If students pronounce their words with the proper intonation, they can express themselves more effectively. Despite having a limited vocabulary and knowledge of grammar, accurate pronunciation and intonation enable students to communicate successfully.


Vocabulary refers to the suitable choice of words used in communication. Insufficient vocabulary hinders effective expression both in speech and writing. Limited vocabulary is an obstacle to language acquisition for learners. While grammar enables some expression, vocabulary is necessary for comprehensive communication. In second language usage, a wide vocabulary is essential as the acquired structure and function are not enough for understanding and utilising conversational English. Therefore, vocabulary has a crucial role in facilitating effective communication.


Comprehension refers to the capacity to understand and produce speech patterns that have been learned. Since assessing one's knowledge of a non-native language is not straightforward, it must be inferred through verbal and nonverbal cues, using tools or intuition. When individuals grasp the purpose of a learning exercise, even if it involves technical and advanced techniques, they demonstrate comprehension. It is clear that comprehension is related to the speaker's understanding of what they are conveying to the listeners to avoid misunderstandings. The secondary objective is for the listeners to comprehend the speaker's message rapidly.


Fluency is the ability to communicate smoothly and naturally without hesitation. Many language students aspire to speak fluently. When evaluating a student's fluency during the teaching and learning process, the instructor may allow the student to speak without interruption. The goal is to assist students in speaking more clearly and with greater ease. The instructor refrains from correcting the student immediately, as it may disrupt the flow of conversation. Fluency is exhibited by communicating at a moderate pace with minimal fillers or pauses. This implies that the speaker does not need to spend a lot of time searching for the linguistic details necessary to convey the message.

Principles of English language

Phonetics and Phonology

Phonetics refers to the study of the production, transmission, and reception of speech sounds, while phonology is the study of the way sounds function within a particular language. In English, there are 26 letters that represent 44 different sounds, making the language complex for non-native speakers to learn. However, this also gives the language a rich and varied sound.


Morphology, the second grammatical principle in English, is concerned with word formation. Morphemes are the smallest meaning-bearing units of language, indicating tense and situation, and are used to create compound words, prefixes, and suffixes.


Syntax is a fundamental aspect of language, which refers to the arrangement of words and phrases to form meaningful and grammatically correct sentences. It governs how words are ordered and grouped together to create phrases and sentences. Proper understanding and application of syntax are crucial for effective communication in both written and oral forms of language. 


Semantics is the study of meaning in language. In English, words have multiple meanings, and these meanings are influenced by context, culture, and personal experience. Semantics is also closely related to pragmatics, which is the study of how language is used in context.


Discourse is how language is used in communication, and it is closely related to pragmatics. Discourse includes aspects such as turn-taking, topic management, and coherence. In English, discourse is influenced by factors such as the purpose of the communication, the social context, and the relationship between the speaker and the listener.

What is the need for spoken English?

Spoken English is essential for effective communication with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It enables individuals to express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions clearly and confidently, thereby improving their interpersonal relationships and professional opportunities. Ultimately, a good command of Spoken English is a valuable asset in the global job market and is necessary for success in many academic, professional, and social settings.

Our expert trainers can help individuals develop fluency, accuracy, and confidence in speaking the language, as well as improve their vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. It can also provide opportunities for learners to practise speaking in real-life situations and gain valuable feedback.

Tips to Perfect your English

  • Keep practising – The key to speaking English fluently is practice. Try to find opportunities to practise speaking English, such as having conversations with native speakers, participating in English language classes, or speaking with friends or colleagues who are also learning the language.
  • Watch English language movies and TV shows – This is a great way to immerse yourself in the language and improve your listening and speaking skills. Pay attention to how native speakers use the language, and try to imitate their pronunciation, intonation and rhythm.
  • Read English language books and news articles – Reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary and grammar. Start with simple books and articles and work your way up to more complex materials.
  • Use English-language resources – Many English-language resources are available online and offline, including dictionaries, grammar books, and language learning software. Take advantage of these resources to help improve your language skills.
  • Speak with confidence – When speaking English, try to speak with confidence. This will help you to feel more comfortable and to avoid making mistakes.
  • Focus on pronunciation – Pronunciation is an important aspect of speaking English well. Try to imitate the pronunciation of native speakers and pay attention to the sounds of the language.
  • Use gestures and body language – Gestures and body language can help to express your ideas and make your speech more engaging.
  • Focus on speaking clearly – When speaking English, it is important to speak clearly and at a moderate pace. This will help to ensure that your audience can understand what you are saying.
  • Practice speaking in different situations – Try to practise speaking English in different situations, such as giving a presentation, speaking on the phone, or participating in a discussion. This will help you to develop your language skills and to become more confident in speaking English.
  • Listen to English language podcasts and audiobooks – This is another great way to immerse yourself in the language and improve your listening and speaking skills.

Our Spoken English Classes in Bangalore provide beginner to intermediate level of English, enhancing the speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills of the trainees. The course incorporates distinct modules covering significant and trending aspects of the English language. The first module of the course is the introduction to the English language and its significance in contemporary society. The students will study English as a language of international communication, enhancing career opportunities, improving business communication and developing personalities. The second module of the course is stress and sound. This module focuses on imparting an understanding of stress, its usage in the sentence and the appropriate way of using the dictionary.

The core goal of this module is to elevate the skills of reading, comprehending, and vocabulary by organising numerous activities, including formal–informal conversations, presentations, dialogue formation and group discussions. The third module of the course pays to focus on communication and accent neutralisation. The rigorous training and persistent practice of the skills will make our trainees proficient in speaking and listening effectively, comprehension and composition. Under accent neutralisation, our trainees will get a guide to diction analysis, appropriate pronunciation, gaining expertise in vowels and consonants, and understanding of syllable stress. The interactive and instructive classes, which will act as a guide for the students, are a significant initiative to strengthen the fluency and expressiveness of the students.

Certification Levels offered for Spoken English at FITA Academy

Beginner level

At this level, we teach students the essentials of English, such as common vocabulary, words with difficult pronunciation, noun forms, verb tenses, adjective categories, conjunctions, and prepositions, in order to help them create a strong foundation. We also practise vocabulary, reading comprehension, speaking, and listening skills at this point.

Intermediate level

At this level, we encourage students to apply their newly acquired knowledge on a regular basis while taking spoken English sessions. Grammar pieces include various parts of speech, such as relative pronouns, verbs, auxiliary verbs, infinite gerunds, various adverb and adjective kinds, clauses, prepositions, adjectives, and active and passive voice. By offering audio and visual training, FITA Academy assists students in the development of effective communication skills.

Advanced level

At this level, students receive professional career training. Professional training in telephone conversations, email correspondence, peer language, dealings with clients and dealers, and peer relations. In addition, we provide a brief recap session for students at the beginner and intermediate levels.

Benefits of English Speaking Classes In Bangalore at FITA Academy

A growing number of people in Bangalore prefer to learn English through spoken English classes. An English Speaking Course In Bangalore is a great way for you to brush up on your language skills. The benefits of learning from our English-spoken classes:

  • Boost your career potential with an International Language Certificate - Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course, and you'll be eligible to apply directly for a job interview or job promotion.
  • Get employed by companies that understand your needs - Companies based in India have to recruit all their staff in English, so being able to communicate effectively will allow you to get ahead in your career and make more money.
  • Earn better rates than non-native speakers - You can earn up to 30% extra on many jobs.
  • Speak like a native English speaker - In today's globalised world, it becomes increasingly important to speak fluent English as the language of communication and understanding. If you want to develop yourself professionally, there are no other options except learning English at the Top 10 Spoken English Classes In Bangalore since you'll need to know how to communicate with people from different countries and backgrounds.
  • No barrier for employment - It is not necessary to go through the process of getting an entry-level job in order to learn the English language. All you should do is take our classes which will help you to get acquainted with the fundamental rules of grammar and vocabulary required for writing essays, reports, emails, and letters.
  • Build confidence in meeting new people - Confidence plays a major role when you are trying to interact with any group of foreign individuals, including business partners, colleagues, and friends.
  • Gain higher marks in exams - The ability to use language correctly improves your academic record significantly. Your study material will contain accurate information about the language and its structure. Moreover, you'll feel more confident while speaking in class as well as during exam preparation.
  • Improve your command over written expression - As a student of this English Speaking Course In Bangalore, you will become familiar with the core words and phrases that enable you to write essays, articles, and academic papers. This knowledge will prove quite useful in future when you're preparing for tests such as the IELTS/TOEFL examination.
  • Develop your communication skills - We believe that the best way to improve one's communication skills is by practising them regularly in real-life situations. For instance, if you often talk on the phone, then try to handle customer service calls. Similarly, talking to strangers either in person or online is also a great opportunity to practise conversational English.
  • Save time and money - Taking a degree from abroad may seem expensive, but the investment would pay off in the long run. Learning a second language reduces stress levels, boosts self-esteem and helps you gain work experience.
  • Stay healthy - Language study will help you maintain good mental health. There exists evidence suggesting that languages are among the most effective therapies for depression - because they require the constant exercise of the mind, thus keeping it fit and active.
  • Learn about another culture - Apart from having a lucrative salary package, working at an international company means living in a diverse environment where everybody speaks multiple languages and comes from varied cultures.
  • Become a citizen of the world - When people hear about you, they automatically think about what country you belong to and sometimes even what language you speak. Thus, knowing two or three languages opens doors to more opportunities than just knowing a single language.
  • Expand your social circle - You will be living in a different city and studying together with people who come from all over the globe. Therefore, the chances are high that you will meet some interesting people who can become lifelong friends.
  • Know what you want to achieve - The more clear-cut your vision is, the easier you will find it to get there.
  • Be creative - When we are thinking about something that makes us happy, we tend to look much more positive towards it. This means that if you are clear about what you want, it is easy to take the steps necessary to get there.
  • Feel independent - If you have always longed to speak in front of large audiences, now is the time to plan. After course completion, you'll be able to stand up confidently and deliver a speech in any given situation.
  • Know yourself better - The more you learn about yourself, the more clearly you will understand what motivates and inspires you.
  • Make a difference - You will be able to speak more confidently and with more fluency. Even if you’re not in the business world, your communication skills will improve immensely. Your social life will blossom with more people wanting to speak to you.

If you are looking forward to developing your communication skills in order to step ahead professionally, this is the ideal place to do so. These courses also help those individuals who want to impress others during networking events and conferences.

OurEnglish Speaking Course In Bangalore provides students with the necessary tools required to enhance their conversational ability in the global business environment. It trains its students using the latest techniques and methodology, which are proven to work effectively and efficiently.

It covers topics such as grammar, conversation, listening and vocabulary. The curriculum comprises reading, writing, speaking and listening practice, along with exercises on pronunciation, intonation, body language and stress management.

If you're trying for exams like IELTS or TOEFL, then this course is perfect for you because every one of these exams tests some part of spoken English. Also, it is important that you get a good score on written tests too because it helps to crack the IELTS.

This is the ideal program for those students whose ultimate goal is to perform well in academic assignments and presentations. Students should expect to gain an overall grasp of the English language, including both spoken and written forms, especially from the point of view of an individual learner. They will also gain a greater appreciation of the structure of the language and be able to produce texts in a variety of styles and literary genres.

Our Spoken English Classes in Bangalore aim at enhancing the communicative competence of the student in the general area of spoken and written English as applied to different situations. This course focuses on the ability to communicate in a business setting and use appropriate delivery and expression methods. The training-based curriculum will put an emphasis on improving the students' pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, stress, and pitch. Additionally, our students will have access to resources, including libraries, multimedia equipment, and other tools for effective learning.

The TOEFL is a test that assesses your English language skills needed in order to study abroad. Our teaching team consists of highly qualified professionals and experienced teachers. We ensure that every student receives the highest quality education possible.

English Speaking Course In Bangalore at FITA Academy offer many benefits to students. These classes allow students to improve their speaking, listening, and writing skills, which can lead to success in any career. Finally, the classes are affordable and accessible, making them an ideal option for anyone looking to improve their English skills.

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