Microland Salary for Freshers

Microland Salary for Freshers
Microland Salary for Freshers

The most inquisitive and creative thinkers, who will greatly impact the fortunes of multinational organisations, are sought after by almost all IT companies. The Microland Salary for freshers is breathtaking for the newly graduates. Microland, because of its fame hires many freshmen and receives many employment applications each year. The main factors influencing the decisions of candidates to choose the company are the high chances for promotion and the exciting Microland package for freshers.

Bangalore serves as the home base for Microland, the Indian Technology company. Across its offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, the corporation employs more than 4,500 people. Digital networks, digital infrastructure, digital applications, digital workplaces, IoT services, and cybersecurity are among the services offered by the organisation.

Eligibility Criteria to work in Microland

A bachelor's degree is the bare minimum eligibility for the majority of IT jobs. As a fresher, the candidate should be strong in programming languages like Java, Python, C++, Ruby and others. Join the Python Training in Chennai and learn the all-purpose programming language to lay the foundation for your career in the IT industry. Common academic programmes include B.Sc Computer Science, B.Com, BCA or any equivalent degrees. Other than this, the candidate is required to fulfil the following criteria.

  • A minimum of 55% score in the 10th and 12th grades from any board of education.
  • An average grade of 60% in the candidate’s degree is expected and should have graduated from any government-authorized college.
  • The applicants must not have any standing arrears at the time of the interview.
  • Certifications of training in technical skills like AWS, RPA, AngularJS, etc, are an added benefit to get shortlisted.
  • Good problem-solving skills to troubleshoot errors.
  • Strong knowledge of designing, building and testing software, application and websites.
  • Effective time management and decision-making skills to prioritise tasks and adhere to deadlines.
  • Good oral and written communication and interpersonal skills.

Enrol yourself in the AWS Training in Bangalore to upskill your profile with cloud computing skills. Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the most extensively used cloud computing platform in every nook and corner of the world. This means your job opportunities would grow beyond Microland Technologies as you get the certification for this training.

Microland Salary for Freshers based on Various Technical Job Roles

The Microland Technologies salary for freshers changes exponentially as they gain experience in their field. They can also elevate their payscale through hikes with better performances. The salaries of different technical job roles at Microland are represented below in a chart for your easy understanding.

Microland Fresher Salary

Microland Job Roles and Responsibilities

Network Engineer

A network engineer is a technology industry member qualified to design, build, and manage computer networks that enable wireless, voice, data, and video network services used internally.


  • Designing and implementing into the practice of new network strategies and enhancing the effectiveness of present networks.
  • Installing, setting up and maintaining network hardware, such as routers, switches, proxy servers, WAN accelerators, DNS, and DHCP.
  • Acquiring network hardware and overseeing the network installation's subcontractors.
  • Maximising network security and efficiency by configuring firewalls, routing, and switching.
  • Continuous monitoring and troubleshooting to optimise network performance.
  • Setting up planned upgrades and examination of network flaws.
  • Updating network hardware to the most recent firmware revisions and key stakeholders on the network status.

You can join the CCNA Course in Chennai (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and learn more about the different types of wired and wireless networking along with their security systems.

System Engineer

A composite system is constructed, managed and analysed in system engineering. By monitoring each stage of a system's lifespan, it adheres to the principles of organising the entire system. It may be in technological, mechanical, or any other fields.


  • Managing and keeping under control of all the installed systems.
  • Operating systems, system management programmes, and application software are all tested and maintained.
  • Creating sophisticated and effective process systems.
  • Creating requirements-listing catalogues.
  • Take the necessary system security precautions and keep a backup on hand in case of any emergencies.
  • Write unique scripts to improve system performance and try to decrease the need for human involvement.
  • Risk management for the most important problems.
  • Continuously assess the performance of the application, find a fix for any potential issues, and work with the development team to implement the fixes.

System Engineers are expected to have a strong knowledge of Java programming language. Hence, the candidates are advised to take up Java Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy to elevate the Microland package for freshers.

Software Engineer

The area of computer science pertaining to software engineering is responsible for designing, creating, testing, and maintaining software programmes. To create software solutions for end users, software engineers combine their expertise in programming languages with engineering principles.


  • Carry out the entire software development life cycle execution (SDLC).
  • To identify needs and solutions, they create flowcharts, layouts, and documentation.
  • Writing testable, well-designed code.
  • Create specifications and assess the viability of the operation.
  • Create a completely functional software system by integrating software components.
  • Create plans for software verification and quality control techniques.
  • Maintaining and documenting software functionality
  • Upgrade, debug, and troubleshoot current systems.
  • Activate programmes and assess user comments.
  • Adhere to project blueprints and industry norms.
  • Make sure your software has the most recent features or update them.

Any Software Engineer needs to have a good knowledge of the various operating systems like Linux, Unix and windows. Without any late, join the Linux Online Course to build a strong background in the software development field.

Graduate Engineer Trainee

Microland employs graduate engineer trainees to complete all duties given to them and acquire real-world experience through CAD software use, project work, and report writing.


  • Based on the requirements of the client, they oversee the current project.
  • Support and collaborate with senior personnel.
  • Provide prospects for the organisation with direction and plans for progress.
  • Pay attention and abide by the safety and health regulations of the company.
  • Attend meetings and take the necessary action to launch new projects.
  • Create reports based on the company's analytical data.
  • Maintain documents to offer business strategies to your clients and more senior employees.
  • Make strong connections with other professionals and colleagues.
  • Maintain professionalism and high standards for interpersonal behaviour.

A Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) must possess strong programming language knowledge. Get yourself trained from the Python Training in Bangalore offered by the best academy in city.

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer introduces methods, tools, and approaches in order to balance needs across the software development life cycle, from coding and deployment to maintenance and upgrades.


  • Creating and establishing new development tools and infrastructure, as well as communicating to developers on how to automate and enhance development and release processes according to the needs of stakeholders.
  • Integrating co-workers' code to the test, reviewing the results, and analysing the findings to make sure systems are protected from cybersecurity risks.
  • Creating software upgrades and fixing technical issues.
  • Collaborating with software engineers and developers to plan projects and participate in decision-making.
  • They ensure that development adheres to established procedures and functions as planned.

Join the DevOps Training in Chennai and get trained to become the best professional in the company and try to increase your Microland salary for freshers with this certification.

Software Testing Engineer

The goal of quality assurance (QA) or a Software Testing Engineer is to enhance processes and provide customers with high-quality products. Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are sometimes confused because both processes look for errors. However, QC refers to the finished product and Software testing or QA refers to the process of fixing errors that prevent the programme from functioning properly or potentially negatively impacting the finished product's user experience.


  • Discussing about software controls and specs with development managers.
  • Analyzing the software's functioning characteristics while using it as intended.
  • Designing test plans for manual and automated software product tests.
  • Creating, coding, and integrating the test programmes for software review.
  • Executing test programmes to guarantee that testing procedures accurately analyse the software.
  • Optimising the software testing infrastructure for performance.
  • Completing and drafting test-procedure documentation.
  • Final testing is performed, and test reports are made.
  • Presenting test results to management and making software improvement suggestions.

Enrol in the Selenium Training in Chennai and learn the most widely used automation testing tool in the industry. This could be an added advantage to get placed in the company and enjoy the Microland fresher salary.

Microland Salary for Freshers based on various Non-Technical Job Roles

Microland also offers a wide range of job opportunities to non-technical candidates. The company is an absolute platform to find self-growth in any job roles the freshers choose. The Microland package for freshers in the non-technical domain varies depending upon the roles. The pay scale of different non-technical job roles is represented in a bar chart below.

Microland Package for Freshers

Microland Salary based on Skillsets

The Microland salary for new graduates can be increased by earning certifications in the most demanding technical skills of the IT industry. Such certifications help you to unlock the doors of numerous job opportunities worldwide including all the branches of Microland.

S.No. Technical Skills Salary



4.2 to 4.8 LPA



4.0 to 4.5 LPA



3.2 to 4.0 LPA

According to the demand for technical skills in the IT industry, the salary differs in the company. You can also additionally possess more than one technical skill, which will help you to get hikes and promotions sooner than possible. Join Java Training in Chennai to strengthen your knowledge of the most widely used programming language.

Interview Process in Microland Technologies

Candidates willing to join Microland Technologies to enjoy the Microland package for freshers should visit their official website to know about the career opportunities available in the company. As the candidate finds a suitable role and fills in all the necessary details, the recruiting team shortlists the applications that have been submitted to them. Suitable candidates are shortlisted and called back for the verification process.

Once the verification is successfully completed, the interview happens for a total of three rounds. The first round is a technical assessment given to the candidate to check whether they possess the technical skills that are necessary for the job role. With the successful completion of the first round shortlisted candidates move to the next round of interview.

The second round would mostly be a face to face interview with the operational manager. The manager intrigues the candidate’s capacity and ability by asking various questions. Their observations from the candidate is then passed to the HR team of the Microland Technologies company.

The final round is usually called the personal interview with the HR person. Candidates who perform well in all the three rounds of the interview is selected and sent an offer letter. A major key to all the three rounds is excellent communication. Take up the best Communication course in your city to boost your performance during the interview as well as your self-confidence.

Microland Salary for Freshers based on Location

Microland Salary for Freshers

The above picture is the diagrammatic representation of the various Microland package for freshers in both technical and non-technical job roles. With the bar chart, candidates can prefer their desirable location of the Microland company and apply for different roles that suit their qualifications. The difference in the salaries for the same role in two different cities in India is due to the cost of living in the particular city.

Employee Welfare at Microland

Microland Package for Freshers

An approximate calculation of the overall job satisfaction rate for Microland is taken from a general survey. Apart from the exciting Microland salary for freshers, they also aid their employees with enormous benefits. A few major benefits from the employee welfare programme of Microland are given below.

  • Employees are encouraged with high rewards based on their performance and commitment to the company’s goal.
  • They offer the freshers to take advantage of the company’s international relocation and emigration prospectus.
  • Microland helps their employees with unexpected expenses and special orders through a scheme called Flexible Spending Account (FSA).
  • They assist the employee's family with educational support from schooling to the enhancement of their careers.
  • The company covers the employee’s and their family’s medical and life insurance plans.
  • In addition to the medical and life insurance offered by the company, they also offer dental and vision check-ups, automobile insurance, accidental deaths and physical disability.
  • The company gives significant importance to its employees’ families by offering paid maternity and paternity leave policies.
  • They assist their elderly employees by offering them retirement and other financial programmes to lead happier lives.

The Microland salary for freshers can be viewed as a jackpot with all the above employee welfare programmes and benefits. Boost their salary by earning a certification from the Web Development Online Course as it is crucial in IT companies like Microland.

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