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The Java Online Course at FITA Academy is designed to help the students master the skill of web applications development for a number of computing platforms. This comprehensive course will render a strong foundation in java which is the prominent programming language in the field of software development. The Java Online Training will provide the students the knowledge of core java 8 along with operators, arrays, loops, methods and constructors. Moreover, a series of hands-on demonstrations on JDBC and JUnit framework will be given to the pupils.

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Course Highlights & Why Java Online Course at FITA Academy?

The Java Online Training will enlist the uselessness of java for the design of numerous web applications.
The trainees will be given practical sessions on implementing object oriented designs with java.
The course will aim to help the students to identify components of java language and it’s working in the applications.
Students will learn to successfully design and program stand alone java applications.
Trainers will render a rigorous practice of designing a graphical user interface with java swing.
The Java Online Training aims to impart the training of extending java classes with inheritance and dynamic building.
Our students will be proficient in using exception handling in java applications.
The theoretical section will provide the extensive knowledge of java generics and the procedure to use java collection API.
An extensive practice of reading and writing in java will be given to the students.
The Java Online Course focuses on the objective of making our scholars proficient in designing applications with threads in java.
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Trainer Profile

  • All of our trainers are industry professionals with more than 10 years of work experience with high caliber. 
  • Our expert level java trainers have extensive knowledge of java programming along with robust presentation and technical skills.
  • The trainers have engaging personalities and are able to effectively communicate critical technical information in an easy language to enable comprehension by students. 
  • Our subject matter experts use a hands-on training approach to make the content easier to learn. 
  • Our professional mentors make sure to render the needs and requirements of students during placements.
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Java Certification Online Training

About Java Certification Online Training at FITA Academy

Java Certification Online Training

Certification in java is the key to growth in career for the freshers in the field of IT. Getting a certification in a java online program is the best source to manifest your talent in the world of IT. Becoming a java certified will bring higher income, better job prospects and a great opportunity for promotion in their field. Procurement of certification in Java Online Training will add a long term value in your curriculum vitae and also in your career. Numerous government organisations who propose government projects value candidates who possess java certification. By getting java certification, the individual enhances his chances of getting good employment opportunities in a range of renowned companies. Moreover, professionals with a certification in java get a better salary package as compared to individuals who do not have certification in java programming. Adding the certification of java in your resume will enhance your position in the market thereby helping in increasing your networking circle.

In the contemporary IT market, professionals with java certification are exposed to more career opportunities. Once you procure the required industrial skills, you will be considered by prominent IT industrial professionals all around the world. The Java Online Training in FITA Academy will take you to the peak place of your career stage by equipping you with current knowledge and advanced techniques. The salary package in the field of java varies as per the job role acquired, the years of experience procured in this field and the standard of the company. A junior developer with certification in Java and work experience of two years can expect to get a salary package of Rs. 5,45,000 per annum. On the contrary, a senior java developer with work experience of five years can expect to get a salary package of Rs. 7,55,000 per annum.

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Job Opportunities After Completing Java Online Course

From android applications to web servers tools, java is present everywhere and has become a strong base of internet development. Building a career in java is both a lucrative as well as a wise decision. Undergoing java certification will help students to inculcate the necessary skills of basic syntax of core java, object oriented programming, an explicit understanding of working of java along with other industry based skills.

The contemporary market carries a range of career options for the candidates holding certification in java. One of the trending and profitable job positions in this field is junior developer. This is the entry level job where the work responsibilities will entail writing, analysing, testing and debugging code.

Moreover , an individual at this position also focuses on creating new skills to get proficient in their field. After gaining a few years of work experience, the individual can switch to the job role of senior developer.

He is given the responsibilities of managing a complete project by writing some code and reporting to the executive officers as well as managers of the organisation. Furthermore, they are responsible for mentoring the junior developers of the company.

He is given the responsibilities of managing a complete project by writing some code and reporting to the executive officers as well as managers of the organisation. Furthermore, they are responsible for mentoring the junior developers of the company. Apart from the job of developers, our trainees can even strive to become a java architect. A java architect abides by the duty of designing as well as creating a strong layout of the application. They also classify the distinct logic layers which assist in the division of tasks among the team members working on a single project. Other than the above mentioned job positions, many larger companies seek to employ candidates for the following job positions- java web developer, java android developer, java EE developer, and freelancing.

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Student Testimonials

Biju Anand

My knowledge and proficiency in the Java programming language has significantly grown since I completed my Java Online Training. The faculty of the course provided me necessary knowledge and training to become a successful java web developer.

Chandresh Patel

The Java Online Course is well designed with necessary assignments, quizzes, and persistent examinations. I appreciate the professional conduct of the faculty of FITA Academy.

Bhavyesh Reddy

I Completed the Java Online Training. The content delivery and practical sessions are top notch. Learning different concepts and models was engaging. I highly recommend learning this course at FITA Academy.

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Java Online Course Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • Java is a class based and object oriented programming language which is used by the developers to create strong web and mobile applications. Learning the Java Online Training will provide a better professional career by getting proficient in java features, GUI, exception handling and many more.

  • The Java Online Course can be opted by any individual, be it a fresher, a working professional in a company or a person with an educational degree in IT. Having a good knowledge of computer systems, programming languages like C++ can ease up the learning of java programming language.

  • The classes in FITA Academy are conducted according to the convenience and learning pace of the students. The faculty offers both online and offline learner centered sessions on weekdays and on weekends.

  • The java online program will equip our trainees with strategies and concepts like introduction to java programming, object oriented programming, Java applet basics, java class library, packages and interfaces and other concepts to become a proficient java programmer. Moreover, the course will provide you with hand projects to earn a certificate in java.

  • FITA Academy holds a 100% placement support and makes sure its students are given proper placement. After the successful completion of this course, our students will be eligible to apply for their desired job like junior developer, senior developer, architect, java web developer, java android developer, and java EE developer

  • Yes, FITA Academy provides the liberty of making amendments in the class schedule within the course suiting the convenience and learning pace of the students.

  • Our FITA Academy trainers will conduct the classes of java. The FITA Academy trainers are certified and experienced expert professionals who go through a rigorous recruitment procedure in order to get hired as a permanent trainer in FITA Academy. The institute demands a minimum 10 years of experience as a java expert in a wide range of institutes along with required educational qualifications. Moreover, the candidates go through a critical exam, multiple interviews and a screening process which fathom their proficiency in the field.

  • The remuneration varies according to the nature of field, workplace, the job role and the job responsibilities. A person holding certification in Java with previously acquired educational qualifications and work experience of two years can expect to get a salary package of Rs.5,55,000. On the contrary, a professional with proficiency in java skills along with work experience of five years can expect to get a salary of 8,55,000 per annum.

  • FITA Academy will never let our students miss any class. For the help of our pupils, the Academy has arranged an assistance team to resolve all of their queries. The students can drop their queries pertaining to the missed classes. The team will arrange the required number of classes at the earliest.

  • FITA Academy has its own established website where trainees can put across their queries pertaining to the course or classes and the queries will be resolved as soon as possible.

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Additional Information

The programming language of java is considered as the most popular and demanding programming language functioning across all the computer and mobile platforms. Considering the huge demand of java programming, it has become one of the top paying jobs in the field of software development. The cutting edge curriculum framework is created under proper guidance of industry experts to create job oriented skills. The Java Online Course entails distinct modules carrying concepts, techniques, tools significant to become a successful java programmer. The first module of the course is java language environment. Under this module, the trainees will get enlightened with the knowledge of java’s features, why it is object oriented, platform independent, robust and secure, dynamic linking, automatic memory management and Multi threaded. The faculty of FITA Academy will familiarise the students with the basic structure of programming and proper training will be given to create a structural code. Hence, the second module focuses on imparting the fundamentals of java. The students under this module will be able to learn about data types, operators, control statements, Arrays, auto boxing, variable arguments, and static import.

The third module of the curriculum framework highlights the study of essentials of object oriented programming. In this module our trainees will learn the fundamental definitions and its implications. Moreover, the students will be exposed to the method of making the code in a more appropriate and structured way along with the understanding of object and class definition, using encapsulation to combine methods and data in a single class and understanding the concept of inheritance and polymorphism. Along with learning, practical implementation of the knowledge is also necessary. Hence, the last module of the course focuses on writing java classes. The experienced trainers of FITA Academy will provide a series of demonstrations on creating a robust code in standard format. The concepts which will be taught to the students will incorporate encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, OPP in java, class fundamentals and constructors.