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The Machine Learning With Python Online Course at FITA Academy is a comprehensive course which dives into the basics as well as advanced level concepts of machine learning with the help of an approachable and renowned programming language called python. The courses will review main components,ie, the purpose of machine learning, model evaluation, unsupervised learning and supervised learning. The students will be able to practice real life examples and projects of machine learning and its application. The course will incorporate the various techniques used in machine learning and python libraries for machine learning. Moreover, the students will be given task oriented training along with knowledge of deep learning and artificial learning. The Best Online Course For Machine Learning With Python at FITA Academy will ensure to provide advanced level content and skills to students to transform them into efficient developers and engineers.

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Course Highlights & Why Machine Learning With Python Online Course at FITA Academy?

Machine Learning With Python Online Course will provide knowledge of machine learning and loading datasets.
The students will be able to build models and model persistence with python programming language.
Rigorous practice will be given one feature extraction from data sets.
Detailed knowledge will be provided by the faculty of FITA Academy on concepts of regression, classification and clustering.
Series of demonstrations will be provided on the process of model selection and evaluation.
Best Online Course For Machine Learning With Python serves as an introduction to machine learning with Python.
The course will focus to provide knowledge on producing a data product, an actionable model which can be used in bigger programs.
Students will get hands-on experiences on building machine learning pipelines and implementation of machine learning.
Students will learn to acquire programming skills and object oriented skills in core python.
Students will develop the skill of designing graphical user interfaces in python.
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Trainer Profile

  • The professional and experienced experts of FITA Academy institute have procured work insight of over 10 years in their respective field.
  • The experts of FITA Academy have led different live projects which will be utilized during the theoretical and practical classes of Machine Learning with Python.
  • Our coaches have worked with different associations at both public and worldwide level like Microsoft, Infotech, Infosys, HCL, TCS.
  • Alongside specialized information, the trainees will be given classes of personality development.
  • Our well-informed experts of FITA Academy have work experience of conducting more than 1000 classes to over 1000+ trainees of distinct age groups.
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Features of Machine Learning With Python Online Course at FITA Academy

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Best Python Machine Learning Certification Online Course

About Best Python Machine Learning Certification Online Course at FITA Academy

Best Python Machine Learning Certification Online Course

The field of Artificial intelligence is colossally pervasive in the midst of our technical organization. Being the part of artificial intelligence which centers around information and calculations it empowers negligible intervention of the people which makes the work significantly more straightforward. AI can end up being an extraordinary career path if the candidate carries an interest in the field of mechanization, data, calculations. As the extent of AI develops, the demand of people holding capability in it additionally develops. Considering the significance and demand of the machine Learning developers, the FITA Academy has arranged a thorough course called Machine Learning With Python Online Course. The course is made keeping in view the current and progressed level information concurring with the IT affiliations which will give a wide degree of exposure in the field of Machine Learning. The theoretical and practical classes will be given to the students with the help of industry based practical assessments and case studies to guarantee that learners are getting the overall skills and knowledge on Machine Learning. The capable and expert specialists of FITA Academy lead the classes thinking about the set guidelines, genuinely created methodologies and advance level devices focussing on giving progressed level data and a wide series of demonstrations to change them into efficient engineers and trained professionals, creators or developers.

Adding the obtained authentication to your recently accomplished educational qualifications will steadily upgrade your professional credibility in the market of programming affiliations. Going through the Machine Learning with Python Training and getting skills in the moving and progressed level abilities like building models and model persistence with python programming language and feature extraction from data sets. The learner will become ready for the various job positions like machine learning engineer, data scientist, software developer, Human centered machine learning designer and many more. The solid master relationship of FITA Academy with a wide level of organizations and associations across the world will guarantee that each trainee finds a 100% job position and help with making a strong master career path. The affiliations including both business and non business affiliations which have solid bond with FITA Academy are Redington India ltd, TCS, Mindtree, Wipro, HCL, Infotech, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, and particularly various affiliations. The yearly remuneration of a singular will depend upon the variables like the work experience a contender holds, abilities and data on scene. For instance, a software developer with three years of work experience will be able to get a yearly compensation of Rs.5,50,000 for each annum. Then again, a Human centered machine learning designer with work insight of over six years in a famous IT industry will be qualified to get a yearly compensation of Rs. 8,80,000 for each annum.

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Job Opportunities After Completing Machine Learning With Python Online Course

As artificial intelligence is immensely prevalent amidst our technical industries. Being the branch of artificial intelligence which focuses on data and algorithms it enables minimal intervention of the humans which makes the work a lot easier. Machine learning can turn out to be a great career path if the individual carries interest in the field of automation, data, algorithms. As the scope of machine learning grows, the demand of individuals holding proficiency in it also grows.

Thereby Providing the students a wide array of career opportunities in this field. Some of the renowned job positions in the sector of machine learning are - machine learning engineer which requires the skills of programming, data modeling, system design and machine learning algorithms. Another high end job position in this field is data scientist which carries an understanding of common programming languages, database management, machine learning and deep learning. The job position which can be attained by our students after the completion of Best Online Course For Machine Learning With Python at FITA Academy.

The other job positions which are popular in the field of machine learning are Human centered machine learning designer who holds the responsibility of UX design skills, machine learning, systems design, a solid understanding of data, communication skills and research skills.

Another job position which is renowned in this field is software developer. A software developer holds the responsibility of statistics and probability, computer science, data structures, computer architecture, and communication skills. The well-informed authorities and experienced mentors of FITA Academy have made a solid and strong master relationship with a wide degree of public and international companies across the world which will help with information and skills relating to the field of machine learning. The affiliations including both business and non business which have strong master relationship with FITA Academy are - Tech Mahindra, Infotech, TCS, Mindtree, Wipro, HCL, Infosys, Redington India ltd and express appearance affiliations like Hindustan unilever, Foxymoron, Pinstorm refreshes pvt ltd and some more.

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Student Testimonials

Garima Singh

Everything is taught from basics which makes the course extremely easy and accessible. Learning the fundamental skills and knowledge has imparted confidence and knowledge in this field. Gaining expertise in this field has opened up immense job opportunities for me in the market. I would highly recommend learning any technical course from FITA Academy.

Aarohi Batra

The faculty is amazing and the course is well structured. The assignments curated by the staff are of advanced level and up to date. It properly displays the practical working of machine learning in real world situations. Overall the course is great and the instructors are awesome. I suggest FITA Academy for all the freshers who want to get proficient in Machine Learning.

Nilisha Yadav

Currently I am working as a software developer at Infosys and I completed this job position with the help of job assistance and guidance from the staff of FITA Academy. This is a must-attend course for beginners who want to have a deep knowledge in Machine Learning

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Machine Learning With Python Online Course Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

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Additional Information

Python is one of the best choices for gaining expertise in the field of machine learning. The code of python is understandable by people and efficiently performs complex machine learning tasks. Various multinational industries of sectors like finance, healthcare, aerospace, entertainment and insurance prefer to adopt the technology of Machine Learning with Python as it carries the advantages of simple syntax, high readability, usability across operating system Considering the importance and value of Machine Learning in the market of software industries, the FITA Academy has designed a comprehensive course called Machine Learning Python Online Course. The course will incorporate various models focusing on important concepts, techniques and tools of machine learning with python. The first model of the course will talk about an overview of python the use of IDLE To create programs explanation of basic coding skills series of demonstrations on management of Tata tanks variables working with numeric data string data as well as pattern functions moreover the students will be given knowledge on Boolean expressions, selection structure, illustrative programs and iteration structure.

The second module of the course will focus on the use, functions and modules of recursion, fundamental skills for managing and handling lists, along with working with dates, time, tuples, dictionaries and illustrative programs. Moving on to the third module, the faculty of FITA Academy, the faculty will facilitate the students with the knowledge of file I/O, text files, usage of CSV files, handling binary files, management of a single exception, handling of various exceptions along with illustrative programmes. The last module of the course will be practical based which will focus on providing immense practice of object oriented programming, introduction to classes and objects, object composition, inheritance and attaining an understanding of override object methods.

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