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If you are looking for evidence of your skills in German language that can be acknowledged throughout the world, then opt for German Online Course at FITA Academy. The German Language Course Online provides the opportunity of learning from the safety and comfort of your home. Learning this course will enable you to experience the culture, tradition, language, and leisure of Germany. Walking through the course will offer you the training of conversation and culture, (LSRW) listening, speaking, reading, writing training and intercultural training. Moreover, the course provides a self paced learning where the students can learn the course according to their convenience and time availability. Along with that, the students will be offered qualified instructors, well equipped classes and best study materials for better understanding of the German language.

German Language Classes Near Me

German Language Classes Near Me

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Course Highlights & Why German Online Course at FITA Academy?

The German Online Course will provide a cultural, historical and linguistic background of the German language.
The German Language Course Online will help the students to manifest their skill of identifying key information from a spoken instruction,announcement or a piece of information.
The series of interactive activities will enhance the speaking and listening skills of students.
The consistent writing practice will help the students to research and write on self selected topics.
Students will learn to apply linguistics concepts of German language in their written and spoken communication.
The German Online Classes at FITA Academy aims to provide a holistic knowledge of German language.
The curriculum will focus on the integrated development of four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The faculty will develop proficiency in grammar, syntax, idiomatic expressions and vocabulary of the trainees.
With persistent oral practice, the students will be able to develop oral fluency in German language.
The course will aim to enhance analytical skills in reading and understanding of texts.
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German Language Classes Near Me

Trainer Profile

  • Our experienced and well driven instructors will provide an engaging learning process to the students.
  • Our German language teachers hold international level proficiency and solid experience of 10 years in teaching German language.
  • The experts of German language possess high bands in international German language certification of TestDaf and telc. 
  • Our mentors use a unique and engaging style of teaching methods which makes learning a foreign language easy and interesting.
  • Our faculty of German language have trained corporate professionals and students of numerous universities.
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Features of German Online Course at FITA Academy

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At FITA Academy, Course Fee is not only Affordable, but you have the option to pay it in Installments. Quality Training at an Affordable Price is our Motto.


At FITA Academy, you get Ultimate Flexibility. Classroom or Online Training? Early morning or Late evenings? Weekdays or Weekends? Regular Pace or Fast Track? - Pick whatever suits you the Best.

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German Language Certification Course Online

About German Language Certification Course Online at FITA Academy

German Online Certificate Classes

German Language Certification Course Online

Having a good command in German language has become an important factor for academic success or professional success. To provide one’s competency in German language, for academic or professional need the evidence of German language certification is necessary. The German Language Course Online at FITA Academy has precisely planned the educational program where students will be furnished with listening, speaking,reading and writing skills necessary to gain proficiency in German language. On successfully completing the certification, the students will be allowed an accreditation for their learnt skills and knowledge in the language.

The accreditation delivered will stand out as evidence of the vast set of skills, that is, listening, reading, writing, speaking, and communication skills procured during the study of the course. Moreover, having a certification in German Online Classes will prepare you to sit for numerous international examinations of German language like DSH, TestDaf, GDS, and TELC. Undergoing this course will drastically improve the language skills and will boost the confidence of the students. Having a certification in German language not only increases job opportunities but also leads to remuneration growth. An engineer with German language certification and two years of work experience will receive a salary package of Rs.7,70,000 per annum to Rs. 8,70,000 per annum as compared to an engineer without a certification in any foreign language.

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German Language Course Online

Job Opportunities After Completing German Online Course

After learning and achieving the German Online Course certification, the students will be eligible to avail plenty of benefits, scopes and career opportunities in distinct fields. Because of the swift development of communication, the scope of specialised jobs has widened which includes the necessity of foreign languages like German. Having a knowledge of foreign language renders a competitive edge career and improves the possibility of getting a competitive global job in foreign market.

Considering the growing relationship between Germany and India has created a myriad job opportunities for Candidates with certification in German language. One of such job options of German language trainer or teacher. Numerous institutes and colleges are seeking to employ professional German language trainers due to the immense surge of German language amongst youth. Moreover, if you possess a flair for teaching, you can strive to become a German language teacher in school, college or in an Academy. A major population of Germans come to India for the purpose of tourism and business, this creates an opportunity for the candidates to become a translator or an interpreter.

German Language Course Online

Also, some organisations, companies and MNCs of Indian government require translators for converting a certain language into the target language. Having proficiency in interpretation and translation skills will escalate the worth of your curriculum vitae. Along with the above mentioned job opportunities, the students can try for the job positions in the field of engineering, hospitality, aero flight sector, media industry, journalism, public relations, research analyst, advertising manager, and in the sector of information technology.

Student Testimonials

Jagath Naidu
German Language Course Online

The German language course online has helped me to improve my listening skills, comprehension skills , spelling and vocabulary in German language. The interactive classes conducted by the teachers made learning German fun and easy.

Karthik Sharma
German Online Classes

The practical activities conducted by the experts have encouraged me a lot to speak and interact in German language. Moreover, constant feedback and appreciation by the faculty has boosted my confidence in this language.

Lohith Pillay
German Online Classes

This course has given an overview of German language starting from the cultural background to the literacy disciplines of listening, speaking, reading and writing. I highly recommend learning this course for a better career exposure.

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German Online Classes

German Online Course Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • German Language is the official language of both Austria and Germany and has become the most commonly spoken language in the world. Germany is Europe’s dominant economy which makes it an essential language to learn. Learning German Language Course Online at FITA Academy will furnish you with the language essentials making you an advanced level proficient German language speaker.

  • German Language is learnt for the purpose of enhancement of career opportunities or for further studies in Germany. Hence, this certification is made for a student, graduate, working professionals of any stream,ie, arts/ commerce/science, or anyone who wants to gain a good command in German language can opt for the German Online Course at FITA Academy.

  • Considering German Language as a dominating and most spoken language after English, its significance prevailed in every industry. FITA Academy will furnish our students with such significant skills and knowledge like the advanced vocabulary, fluency, accuracy, intonation, tone and communication skills. By the end of the course students will be able to showcase confidence in communicating in English language.

  • The classes will be conducted on a weekly as well as daily basis and also we customise the training schedule as per the students requirements. The faculty offers both online and offline learner centered sessions with flexible timings.

  • Knowledge of German language has become a vital requirement in getting recruitment in big MNCs. Firms of every media,education, tourism and IT sectors are favouring candidates with forgein language certification. The innumerable job opportunities our students can get with the help of this certification are - lecture, teacher, engineer, translator or interpreter.

  • The training of German language will be given by the experienced and internationally recognised experts of FITA Academy. They are hired by the Academy through a strict recruitment process where their experience, international certification and proficiency in language is checked. Moreover ,they go through multiple interviews and examinations before getting hired as FITA’s professional instructors.

  • Yes, FITA Academy organises the sessions on weekdays as well as on weekends thereby giving the students an option to study as per their convenience. The Academy provides the liberty of customising the schedule according to the time availability and convenience of the students.

  • One can experience a major difference in salary package with certification in German and without it. An engineer holding this certificate along with previously acquired educational qualifications will receive a great amount of salary package, ie, 7,80,000 per annum as compared to an individual with just an engineering degree.

  • FITA Academy makes sure that their students attend every lecture of the course. Hence, they have organised an assistance team for the students which will look into the issue of missed classes and will arrange the required number of classes at the earliest.

  • The Academy makes sure that no doubt of the students remains unresolved. Hence, the FITA Academy has come up with a helpline number on the provided website where students can put across their queries pertaining to the course or classes which will be resolved as soon as possible.

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Additional Information

FITA Academy lays a great focus on high understanding and proper learning of the German language to help students excel in their examinations, get exposure to an array of career opportunities or learn for knowledge enhancement. The FITA Academy offers distinctive modules designed to render a foundational approach to learn German. The faculty has designed the course with the major objective learning, practicing and interacting by proper use of German language. The curriculum framework of this course is designed focusing on the practical part of the German language. The grammar section of the course will introduce the students to the differences in the construction of sentences. A faculty will deliver the content with the help of presentations, along with exercises, activities and revision of the grammatical structures. This helps the students to build and enhance the base of every language learning. The course will proceed with the practice of listening where the students will be encouraged to listen and repeat the piece of text, sentences or words being read to the students.

Moreover, they will be stimulated to speak and record their voices in German language to develop listening skills. A special emphasis will be laid on familiarising students with the correct accent in German language. With consistent practice, the pupils will learn to comprehend the basic telephonic conversations, personal and professional conversation, official announcements, request and command. Every session of the course will entail a listening activity with the help of audio video aid. After the unit of enhancing listening skills, the students will be moved on to the learning of speaking skills. Under this module, the scholars will be introduced to the distinct aspects of phonetics. A great focus will be laid on the importance and practice of pronunciation. Along with that, the faculty will endeavour to familiarise the learners with the technique of intonation and accent development. The learners will be able to formulate questions, learn to initiate basic conversations at both personal and professional level, offer help, request or command. The reading and writing section of the course will take the students to the final phase of German language learning. The students will be introduced to small texts with the help of numerous visual aids assisting them to comprehend the context of the piece of information provided. The faculty of FITA Academy will introduce the various reading comprehension texts like small advertisements, emails, paragraphs, newspaper reports, notices and short messages.