Qualcomm Salary for Freshers

Qualcomm Salary for Freshers
Qualcomm Salary for Freshers

Qualcomm is an American multinational corporation headquartered in California. The corporation is well-known for its wireless satellite communication technologies used in all countries. Since its beginning, the company has provided several career opportunities for freshers with a competitive Qualcomm Salary for Freshers.

In this blog, we are interested in providing comprehensive information on various vacant positions, application procedures, application selection process, interview stages, freshers' benefits, and salary packages. So that the candidate will be able to participate in the Qualcomm recruitment drive, the next section will talk about the applicability and selection process.

Applicable Candidates for Qualcomm Jobs

Qualcomm is primarily focused on wireless communication technologies; candidates who are enthusiastic about wireless communication and satellite communication systems are encouraged to seek various job positions. Applicants interested in semiconductors, laptops, watches, Wi-Fi adapters, cellphones, and software are also encouraged to apply. Make you an exceptional candidate against competitors through learning Python Training in Chennai. This training covers Python Sets and Dictionaries, Tuples, Ranges in Python, and various Python Functions. 

Application Procedure for Qualcomm Positions

Freshers seeking various work options at Qualcomm with a reasonable Qualcomm fresher pay could go to their official career page to see what positions are available.

  • Go to the website and sign up for an account.
  • Fill in all of the required information, then upload the required and other necessary documents.
  • Examine all of the details before applying.
  • To consider your application, earn an additional credit by pursuing Selenium Training in Chennai. This course covers an introduction to automation testing, selenium, OOPS concept, core java, and setting up the selenium. In addition, this course has the probability of increasing your basic Qualcomm Fresher Salary.

Interview Selection Process

After applying, the recruitment procedure has three stages (online mode and off-campus interview selection).

  • Round 1 - This is a first-round technical interview, where candidates are assessed with quantitative, reasoning, and aptitude skills. 
  • Round 2 - This is the written round (off-campus candidates may have more than 1 round of technical interviews). A Majority of the questions are asked from general aptitude, mathematical reasoning, and software systems.
  • Round 3 - Human Resources Round. The shortlisted candidates are interviewed directly by the HR manager in this round.

There are three sections in the written interview round. This section covers 20-multiple choice questions with 30 minutes for completion. Here, the candidates need to pick the correct answer carefully because each wrong answer carries 0.25 negative marks. 

In addition, here, we have provided the fundamental topics interview assessment overview.

  • The test portion covers Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Seating Arrangement, and Other Quantitative Aptitude Topics.
  • The programming area covers syntax, algorithms, OOP principles, MS-DOS, and output problems based on pseudo-code, C and C/C++.
  • During the technical interview phase, one must be proficient in the software fundamentals.
  • Any earlier projects and internships are given more preference.
  • There may also be some theoretical questions about operating systems, structural padding, networking, etc.
  • Data structures, arrays, and strings are expected from computer science students. 
  • During the interview round, there may also be a logical reasoning inquiry and an analytical question.

Qualification Criteria for Qualcomm Jobs

Freshers interested in various employment jobs at Qualcomm must possess the following job qualification standards. 

  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, science, technology, computer science, electronics, communications, or information technology is essential for primary qualification.
  • Students who have completed their bachelor's or master's degree in computer science (CS) or information technology (IT) can apply.
  • The applicant must have a (CGPA) cumulative grade point average of 60% in their degrees and academic schools.
  • The applicant should not have any backlogs in their present or former academic semesters.

You can advance your educational career by obtaining a Java certification and enrolling in Java training in Bangalore. This course will enrich you with numerous concepts such as Core Java, EJB, J2EE, Javascript, HTML5, Hibernate, JQuery, and Frameworks.

Additional Skills Considered for Qualcomm Fresher Jobs

Qualcomm is looking for young and aspiring professionals. Candidates with problem-solving ability, mathematical thinking skills, analytic and decisive organizing skills, communication skills, and basic computing or programming capabilities are considered for Qualcomm Job roles. Similarly, students who are intellective, diligent, hard-working, innovative, and adaptable to the company's flexible work hours are more likely to get selected.

Are you a candidate with a lack of additional capabilities and aspiring to gain more demanding skills? Then, join Artificial Intelligence in Chennai. This course enriches you with the best course knowledge and relevant experience in artificial intelligence. Also, this certification may hike your average Qualcomm Salary For Freshers.

Qualcomm Salary Structure

The Qualcomm Package for Freshers varies from non-experienced to experienced professionals. However, we have estimated an average package for freshers in the below chart.

Qualcomm Salary Structure

If you are looking for a job role with an increased annual salary, join and make yourself unique among all workers through the Data Science Course in Chennai. This is a leading course and has wider scopes in all emerging IT sectors.

Essential Skills, Roles, and Responsibilities

Junior Engineer

Junior Engineer is the primary role in Qualcomm. Freshers who want to join as a junior engineer with a feasible Qualcomm Salary For Freshers can apply for this position. In order to get selected for this position, the candidate is recommended to acquire skills such as Fundamentals in Java, Python, Selenium, and other primary scripting languages. As a Junior Engineer, they are accountable for the following key responsibilities, which are 

  • Collaborate with Software Engineers to Build Newer software and Updated Applications.
  • Build, Modify, and implement new software programs.
  • Collaborate with Global Clients to develop better software solutions.
  • Participate in soft-skill training programs.

Do you want to join as Junior Engineers? Want your application considered for further selection process? Then complete a certification in software testing through Software Testing Course in Bangalore. In this course, under the guidance of experts you will have acquired important testing skills such as system testing, test scheduling, performance testing, test measurements, and error analysis.

Software Engineer

Software engineers are responsible for creating and implementing new software programs. They also change existing software applications to meet clients' requirements. Software testing, software tools, software development life-cycle, and delivering timely projects are some of the exceptional skills required for freshers seeking a permanent position with an affordable Qualcomm Salary for freshers. As a software engineers they are concerned with the following essential tasks and responsibilities

  • Create and Distribute Software Programs and Applications.
  • Test and Validate newly introduced software through proper p[rocedures.
  • Document all the initiatives and steps involved in the software development and implementation process. 
  • Analyze Software Data for introducing newer systems or application updates.
  • Modify the current existing application based on the client's needs.

Software Developer 

Software developers and engineers are associated with similar kinds of job tasks and responsibilities. Fresh candidates looking forward to joining the Qualcomm position must obtain desired skills such as software development lifecycle, computation codes, advanced programming skills, full-stack development, and software engineering. These skills are significant for an affordable Qualcomm Fresher Salary. As a software developer, they are associated with key roles and responsibilities, which are 

  • Fix Bugs, and adapt to new software and hardware programs.
  • Update and Modify all the software features.
  • Test, Validate, and Monitor Software programs.
  • Manage and Document the software development progress.
  • Consult and Collaborate with Clients for advanced software projects.
  • Maintain and Design Software Systems.
  • Review and Resolve consumer complaints and clients' tickets.

Staff Engineer

Staff Engineers are responsible for building, designing, testing, and validating the system services for optimal performance. Freshers who want to join as a staff engineer with an acceptable initial Qualcomm Fresher Salary are suggested to acquire fundamental skills such as system optimization, structural designs, and excellent project management. A Staff Engineer is responsible for the following critical tasks 

  • Examine and Implement new procedures for sector development.
  • Assess the effectiveness of current developed technologies, types of equipment, and instruments.
  • Collaborate and Work with the team for prototype development. 
  • Design and Develop efficient handling procedures through software.
  • Estimate Project Costs, Schedules, and Deadlines.
  • Perform Quality Control processes and Resolve structural designs.
  • Evaluate and Compile the analytical performance of systems.
  • Compile the system data and progress reports.
  • Follow industry standards and safety procedures.

Associate Engineer

Associate engineers work closely with senior engineers on a variety of projects. The project areas include chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and manufacturing engineering. Besides, they are involved in the design, development, testing, and validation process of the company's product. Freshers seeking to join as an associate or assistant engineer are recommended to acquire fundamental skills such as computer-aided design, troubleshooting, problem-solving, analytical, and excellent communication skills. An associate engineer is concerned with a variety of critical responsibilities, such as 

  • Supervise all the designs worked on various software projects.
  • Document the projects and their progress statuses.
  • Draw, Sketch, and Document the software development maps and archive them.
  • Validate and Evaluate system designs and software products.
  • Assist juniors and other teams with effective team management.
  • Estimate and Report the project costs, funding, grants, and financial reports.
  • Report and Document the system and software performances. 
  • Suggest ideas for the enhancement of current applications.
  • Maintain software databases and suggest approaches to modify them.

In order to become an exceptional associate engineer with automation and processing skills, we suggest joining RPA Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy will teach you additional skills to automate your design strategy and integration with CAD suites.

IT Engineer

IT Engineers play a crucial role in the maintenance of computer and installation processes. IT aspirants willing to join an engineering role with affordable Qualcomm Salary For Freshers must acquire computer hardware and maintenance skills, operating systems, enterprise, java and other programming languages, a local-area network, and wireless network technologies. As an IT Engineer, they are associated with key responsibilities such as 

  • Collaborate and Consult with IT Managers about the System requirements.
  • Design and Install computer hardware and related configurations.
  • Integrate hardware and software in one place for effective performance. 
  • Detect and Resolve software and network-related issues and concerns.
  • Provide high-level security solutions to the company's product.
  • Provide education and training support for installed gear and software products.

To improve your skills in troubleshooting network servers by joining CCNA Training in Chennai. This course will cover networking topics such as network fundamentals, LAN and WAN switching technologies, routing technologies, security and infrastructure services, and server management. 

Employment Benefits for Freshers at Qualcomm

Qualcomm provides numerous employment benefits and fresher perks in their company. 

  • Employees are provided with complimentary transportation services for comfortable movement between home & workspace and vice versa.
  • At an initial level, freshers are provided with an apprenticeship, intern, or implant training program before assigning significant roles.
  • The company also affords free snacks and health drinks for refreshments through the cafeteria.
  • It also provides work-from-home opportunities for the employees who desire to work from their comfort zones.
  • It also covers medical, health, accidental life insurance, and policies for financial compensation.
  • In order to keep its employees engaged and active, it organizes vocational tours and team outings.
  • Qualcomm also provides financial assistance to employees' children and their family members.
  • It also affords international relocation opportunities to both freshers and experts. 

International relocation has multiple stages of the application process, which holds the IELTS Scorecard; therefore, to fast-process your visa application process and get a successful visa for becoming an international immigrant, we recommend joining IELTS Coaching in Chennai. Here the language experts will teach you the unique ways to crack and secure a high percentile score.

Job Satisfaction Rate

Based on the Qualcomm alumni and employees' reviews, we have approximated an average job satisfaction rate. For estimating this percentile, we consider factors such as  Career growth, Salary & Benefits, Job Security, Work Satisfaction, and Work-Life Balance. The average job satisfaction rate in terms of percentage is shown below.

Job Satisfaction Rate

This blog has explained all the necessary information required to start a featured IT career with Qualcomm. This blog covered Qualcomm's job postings, application procedures, availability of multiple job roles and their responsibilities, employment perks, global opportunities, and freshers' benefits. This company has a significant worldwide reputation and remains a recognized IT firm across India. We suggest freshers have an advanced career with Qualcomm as the company tends to hire freshers for the current fiscal year. Further, Qualcomm alumni have great demand in the current IT job market. So, without missing any job opportunities, we suggest checking and exploring their career page for numerous open positions.  

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