Mindtree Salary for Freshers

Mindtree Salary for Freshers
Mindtree Salary for Freshers


As a fresher, everybody plans to get an ideal career path and are eager to join a renowned IT organisation. Moreover, they desire to work in a huge Indian MNC. Have you ever considered how much your compensation could have been, assuming you were working as a fresher in a major IT firm? Every organisation has different payment rules for a similar profile. MindTree is one such company that facilitates a handsome salary package to its freshers with no such experience.

About Mindtree

Mindtree is an Indian multinational consulting company that has its headquarters in the city of Bangalore, India. The company was founded in 1999, and the strength of staff is around 23,814. Moreover, Mindtree has earned a revenue of 7,839 crores in 2020, which makes this company stand out from the competitive market of the industries. The company is famous for dealing with areas of mobile applications, digital transformation and cloud computing. The company is renowned for providing benefits, advantages, perks and a handsome salary package to their candidates. The candidates must have appropriate qualifications, skills, and knowledge. The salary package of an individual varies as per their designation and qualifications.

Mindtree salary for freshers as per the job position

Application programmer

Application programmers in MindTree call for various responsibilities. It includes creating software applications by writing code that is error-free, scalable, and maintainable. Moreover, the application programmer tests and evaluates the software applications. They work on enhancing the applications in order to make them user-friendly. The other task that an application programmer has to perform are-

  • interacting with the customers and working over their requirements
  • preparing software applications and training the manuals.

A fresher working as an application programmer in MindTree will be eligible to get a splendid MindTree salary structure. The MindTree salary for freshers in the field of Application programming will be around 3,50,000 Rs to 3,60,000 Rs.

Python Training in Chennai is the best way to start your career as a software developer. The average salary for a Mindtree fresher is Rs. 3.6 lakhs per annum.

System Engineer

Working as a system engineer, MindTree incorporates the job responsibilities. Some of them are-

  • Managing and monitoring the installed systems and infrastructure.
  • Installing, configuring, testing as well as maintaining operating systems and system management tools.

The individual playing the role of system engineer ensures the availability of a high level of systems and infrastructure. Moreover, a system engineer engages in the designs and development of information and operational support systems. A fresher working as an system engineer in MindTree will be eligible to get a splendid MindTree salary structure. The MindTree salary for freshers in the field of System engineer will be  around 3,03,000 Rs to 3,10,000 Rs.

Technical Support Engineer

An individual working as a technical support engineer in the company of MindTree will hold the responsibility of

  • Rjavaesearch in diagnosing the troubleshooting, and resolving customer's problems in a proper and timely manner. The individual will be responsible for working with various system software as well as hardware.
  • Follow a procedure for enhancing the unresolved issues. Furthermore, technical support engineers take ownership of customer issues. Report and work on them. A fresher working as a technical support engineer in MindTree will be eligible to get a MindTree salary structure. The MindTree salary for freshers in the field of Technical support engineer will be around 3,45,000 Rs to 3,56,000 Rs.

Mindtree offers a salary of Rs 3.5 LPA for freshers who have completed AWS Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy. Those who are interested in pursuing a career with Mindtree should be willing to work on different technologies and be open to learning new things.

Network Engineer

The job of network engineer also plays a significant role in the company. Procuring this position calls for the responsibility of monitoring network engineering performance. They work for configuring and installing many network devices.

The network engineers perform network maintenance and upgrades, which includes hotfixes, security configuration, service packs, and patches. A fresher working as a Network engineer in MindTree will be eligible to get a MindTree salary structure. The MindTree salary for freshers in Network engineer will be around 2,70,000 Rs to 3,27,000 Rs.

FITA Academy offers an Ethical Hacking course in Bangalore to freshers. The course is designed to provide the students with the skills required to identify and mitigate cyber threats.

Web Developer

Moving on to the next job position, one of the best jobs for freshers is a web developer. A web developer works in the tasks of designing and building attractive and effective websites. They are responsible for developing the technical aspects of the site. This includes the amount of traffic the site can handle and the site's speed. Moreover, the web developers may also develop important site content which demands some technical features. The web developer uses script trending languages, management and content creation, digital media, and some software applications. A fresher working as a web developer in MindTree will be eligible to get a splendid MindTree salary structure. The MindTree salary for freshers in Web development will be around 3,34,000 Rs to 3,42,000 Rs. If you are looking for an advanced level web development course, you are in the right place. You can enrol in the Digital Marketing Course in Chennai at FITA Academy. This institute will equip you with advanced skills and knowledge of web development in no time.

System Architect

An individual working as a system architect analyses various crucial responsibilities. They recommend the appropriate combination of IT components to obtain a certain business functional or departmental goal. They also analyse components to procure these goals.

Moreover, a system architect understands every part of its system. This incorporates software, hardware and user interactions. They also tell project teams about the execution of the recommended solutions. A fresher working as a system architect in MindTree will be eligible to get a splendid MindTree salary structure. The MindTree salary for freshers in System architect will be around 3,65,000 Rs to 3,78,000 Rs.

FITA Academy offers a range of courses for software testing, including Selenium Training in Chennai. The course is designed to provide students with the essential skills required to become a successful software testers.

Software Engineer

A Software engineer is obligated to plan, create and keep up with computer software, along with the planning of programs in an association or an organisation. This uses their specialised abilities and creativity to carry out the standards of programming. They do so to help the organisations with new arrangements of the trending issues. Moreover, the software engineers develop layouts documentation and flowchart to locate necessities and solutions to any upcoming issue. Additionally, the software engineers are well equipped with writing attractive designed and testable code. Holding such responsibilities of working as a Software engineer in the organisation of MindTree, Will be qualified to get an incredible MindTree salary package. The MindTree salary for freshers in the field of Software engineer will be Rs.4,32,000. Individuals who aspire to create a fruitful career path in software engineering can pursue the Software Testing Training in Chennai at FITA Academy.

Java Programmer

An individual working as a Java programmer holds a crucial position in the company. They abide by the responsibility of creating, executing and maintaining Java software applications. Such applications are mostly of heavy volume and low latency. Moreover, Java programmers contribute in all phases of the development life-cycle and rights well-designed testable and effective code. The company also calls for many preparing and producing releases of software components, along with transforming the client's requirements into stipulations. Holding such responsibilities of working as a java programmer in the organisation of MindTree will be qualified to get an incredible MindTree salary package. The MindTree salary for freshers in Java programmer will be Rs.3,10,000. If you are looking for an advanced level java programming course, you can enroll in the Java Online Course at FITA Academy. This institute will equip you with advanced level skills and knowledge of the Java programming language in no time.

Mindtree fresher salary offers about Rs 2.4 LPA to freshers who have completed their Java Training in Chennai from the FITA Academy. The package may vary depending on the experience and skills of the candidate.

Mindtree Recruitment process for freshers 2022

Mindtree hires aspiring candidates by conducting a multilevel hiring process. This process incorporates written tests, technical interviews, HR interviews and skill tests. Candidates who clear all the rounds will get the opportunity to work for the company of mind tree.

Eligibility criteria for freshers

  • Candidates who have completed their BTech/M.Tech/B.E/ M.C.A/Diploma, B.Sc are eligible to apply for a job position in MindTree.
  • The aspiring candidates must Who is this at least 65% in 10th and 12th grade along with zero backlogs.

Interview rounds

  • Candidates applying for a job position as a fresher in MindTree must own comprehensive knowledge of the skills needed for a certain job position in the company.
  • The aspiring individual should be able to communicate effectively and present interpersonal and organisational skills.
  • The candidate must have the capability to address Google in assertion talks.
  • The candidate must possess energy while working on social organisational and legitimate aptitudes.

Recruitment rounds for freshers in MindTree

Every year MindTree conducts the recruitment process in various locations across India. Locations like Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida. The company MindTree is an excellent choice for fresher candidates to work for the desired job position. This will help them to grab a handsome MindTree salary structure. Candidates who aspire to work in the company of MindTree will go through the recruitment process incorporating various examinations and skill tests. The selection round of the hiring process are mentioned below-

  • Coding test
  • Aptitude test
  • Technical screening and interview
  • HR Interview

Candidates who clear the above tests will be eligible for further rounds. That is for aptitude and technical screening, and HR interviews.

Other jobs and their fresher Mindtree salary structure 

The salary of candidates working in the company of MindTree varies from an average of 2,65,000 to 1,45,200 annually. People who are looking for explicit information about the yearly salary package of freshers working in MindTree can check the given section. The other career opportunities alongside the annual salary package the freshers can opt-in the organisation of MindTree are-

Job Position

Annual Salary

Office Assistant


Business Process Analyst


Test Analyst


Systems Analyst


IT Analyst




Business Analyst


Business Associate


Data Entry Clerk


Operation Administrator


Software Engineer


MindTree fresher salary 2022 according to the city

MindTree is a renowned company famous in India and across the world. It makes sure that its employees are getting a handsome salary package for their skills and knowledge being executed for the matter of the organization. In India, various cities offer different yearly salary packages to the working professionals in their companies. Some of the top cities and the annual payment they offer in the MindTree are-

MindTree in Chennai

  • Associate software engineer - 3,25,500
  • International voice process - 2,43,200
  • Customer support associate - 1,64,600
  • Technical associate - 3,42,300
  • Software testing engineer - 3,48,500
  • Software engineer - 3,32,500
  • IT Service Desk - 2,75,200
  • software developer - 3,53,000

MindTree in Bangalore

  • IT Service Desk - 2,75,200
  • Associate software engineer - 2,98,500
  • Customer support associate - 1,75,600
  • Technical associate - 3,98,300
  • Software testing engineer 3, 87,500
  • Software engineer 3,89,500
  • International voice process - 3,64,200
  • Software developer - 3,30,000

MindTree in Hyderabad

  • Associate software engineer - 3,80,500
  • International voice process - 3,64,200
  • Customer support associate - 1,75,600
  • Technical associate - 3,20,300
  • Software testing engineer - 3, 50,500
  • Software engineer - 3,20,500
  • IT Service Desk - 2,75,200
  • software developer - 2,50,000

MindTree in Pune

  • Associate software engineer - 3,90,500
  • IT Service Desk - 2,75,200
  • Software engineer - 3,98,500
  • Technical associate - 4,79,400
  • Software testing engineer - 4,32,300
  • Customer support associate - 1,75,600
  • Technical architect - 3,32,800
  • Software developer - 4,45,600

MindTree in Kolkata

  • Associate software engineer - 4,54,500
  • Customer support associate - 1,75,600
  • Software engineer - 3,67,800
  • IT Service Desk - 2,75,200
  • Software testing engineer - 3,30,400
  • Technical associate - 4,65,300
  • Technical architect - 3,90,600
  • Software developer - 3,45,600


MindTree is a famous global organization that gives attractive salary packages to its freshers in India. The Mindtree package for freshers 2022 varies depending on their job title and responsibilities. Along with an attractive yearly Salary package proposed to the freshers working in the association of MindTree, the company moreover gives a bucket of immense advantages or benefits that can act as a cherry on the top for the employees. Some of the benefits that are proposed to freshers working in MindTree are -

Health insurance, paid leaves, maternity leaves, paternity leaves, internal relocation, free food, education assistance, accessible transport, private clinical assurance, soft skill training, and flexible working hours for any person who aims to make their career path in the organization MindTree. It is proposed to glance at MindTree Pay Scale and various Facilities first. Besides paying significant salary packages, the MindTree organization has an extensive salary structure that permits all of its staff to lead a top-notch life. It gives excellent remuneration to its staff. In India, the Mindtree salary structure 2022 is different for each position and department.

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