Accenture Salary for Freshers

Accenture Salary for Freshers
Accenture Salary for Freshers

Accenture is a technology based outsourcing company holding a leading position among top 500 companies across the world. Since its successful establishment, the company has been opening wider pathways and career opportunities with excellent Accenture Fresher Salary.

This blog will provide you with all the necessary information required for applying to various job roles at Accenture. Let’s discuss the job vacancies, procedures to apply, various job roles and responsibilities, employment benefits, and salary packages.

Applicable Candidates for Accenture Fresher Job Roles

Candidates who are passionate about digital marketing technologies, analytics, mobility, and various information technology services are greatly appreciated to apply. Besides, applicants who want to accelerate their featured IT career with Accenture are advised to walk-through their official career page. Further, in order to make you exceptional against competitors, complete a Digital Marketing Course in Chennai. This course will give additional merit as the company is mainly focused in Digital Marketing. 

Application Procedure for Freshers Jobs at Accenture

Freshers seeking to various job roles at Accenture can apply their application through two different modes, 

  • Online Mode - Through this mode, the candidate needs to register their application at Accenture’s official site. Initially, they need to fill the particulars followed by submission of application. 
  • Offline Mode - Accenture also drives its placement cell to BPO’s and placement center within colleges or universities, where the candidate can go for a walk-in interview. Before appearing for an interview, the applicant needs to register and complete an online application. 

Upon successful evaluation and candidate’s short-listing, qualified candidates get communication mails from the human-resource representative. This process is followed by allocation of dates and venue for face-to-face interview.

Qualification Criteria for Accenture Fresher Jobs

Fresh applicants who are willing to join Accenture must possess the following qualification criteria to get onboarded with Accenture fresher salary. The qualifications are as follows

  • The applicant must have completed bachelor degree or master degree from any discipline (computer science and information technology are preferred)
  • The degree must include bachelor of engineering (B.E), bachelor of technology (B.Tech), bachelor or master of computer application (MCA), and bachelor of science.
  • The candidate must have secured 65% of aggregate marks or 6.5 CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average).
  • The candidate should not have any kind of academic backlogs in the present or past academic semesters. 

Boost your academic qualification criteria through completing a Data Science Course in Chennai. Because, the business data can help you to identify actual customers for effective marketing services.

Application Selection Procedure

Candidates after shortlisting undergo three stages of the interview process. They are as follows 

  • Technical Written Test - This is the first phase of the interview process where the candidates are assessed with quantitative reasoning, aptitude and logical questions.
  • Technical Interview Round - In this round, the freshers are interviewed with technical questions. Here the skills such as ability for instant answering, logical thinking, and innovative nature are assessed.
  • Human-Resource Interview Round - This is the final phase of the interview round where the human-resource representative will take direct assessment through face-to-face interaction.

Accenture Salary Structure for Freshers

The accenture salary structure varies for different postings, and also differs from freshers to experienced professionals. Nevertheless, the estimated salary package for freshers is shown in the below chart.

Accenture Salary Structure for Freshers

Essential Skills, Job Roles, and Responsibilities

Informatica Developer

Developers are in charge of extracting, copying, and loading business data into a data storage system that they have created. They will need design and programming abilities because they'll be responsible for testing the system's performance and troubleshooting any issues before it goes live. Freshers seeking this role must possess skill sets such as Java, SQL, MOLAP, ROLAP, ODS, DM, and EDW. As a informatica developer, the are associated the following key roles and responsibilities which are as follows 

  • Monitoring and Preserving Data Storage of a Company through effective ways or procedures.
  • Employ Informatica Software to stabilize the data storage systems
  • Analyzing the data requirements for the company.
  • Identifying the faults, errors available in the database systems.
  • Resolve all the technical issues at the earliest.
  • Documenting all the process from issue identification and issue resolution.
  • Creating Data Warehouse Systems through utilizing informatica tools.
  • Integrating warehouse systems with the existing systems. 

Join Selenium Training in Chennai and obtain in-depth and exact knowledge of software technology trained through industry experts to become a notable Informatica Developer at Accenture.

Data Analyst

A data analyst gathers and organizes information about sales figures, market research, logistics, linguistics, and other behaviors. They contribute technical skills to guarantee that the data is of high quality and accuracy, then analyze, create, and present it in ways that assist people, businesses, and organizations in making better decisions. Freshers seeking for Data Analysts job roles with a good accenture freshers salary are required to possess the following skills such as software product solutions, database structures, data models, data mining, and handling of datasets. As a data analyst they are concerned with the following roles and responsibilities which are as follows

  • Managing databases, updates, addition and deletion of data.
  • Management of user roles and user interfaces.
  • Affording quality assurance of exported data, and working on quality assurance.
  • Decommissioning and commissioning of large and medium seized databases.
  • Keeping and processing confidential data through proper procedures . 
  • Create, Edit, and Develop reports for analysis. 
  • Supporting data warehouse in identifying and resolving the raised issues. 
  • Supporting data integrity and normalization projects.
  • Performing tests and implementing new or upgraded software, as well as assisting with strategic system decisions.
  • Reports can be generated from a single or numerous systems.
  • The reporting database environment and reports are being troubleshooted.
  • Changes and modifications to source production systems are being evaluated.
  • End-users are being trained on new reporting and dashboards.
  • Data storage formats, data mining, and data purification are all areas where we can help.

To become an exceptional data analyst, enroll in a Data Science Course in Bangalore to gain advanced skills and knowledge on databases and structures. 

Oracle Developer 

Freshers seeking this role with a good accenture fresher salary are required to possess the following technical skills such as web-development and applications; SQL database, Dot Net Framework, Javascript, HTML, Oracle. As a Oracle developer that are concerned with the following key roles and responsibilities which are as follows

  • Design and Development of standard, reliable and effective databases.
  • Optimize and maintain legacy systems for better IT solutions.
  • Modification of databases as per the request and performance tests.
  • Resolve database issues and malfunctions.
  • Collect client’s requirements and detect new features.
  • Create, Modify, and Develop technical and new training manuals.
  • Afford a complete database management system to support users.
  • Ensuring all the database programs to meet the firm and performance standard.

Google Cloud Developer

Applicants who want to become a Google cloud engineer with a good accenture package for freshers are required to possess the following skills: CI/CD, SysOps, Microsoft Azure, Amazon-Web-Services, GCP, and other technical skills. As a google cloud engineer, they are concerned with the following key tasks and responsibilities 

  • Working with engineering and development teams to assess and select the best cloud options.
  • Existing systems are being modified and improved.
  • Providing training to teams on how to implement new cloud technologies and initiatives.
  • Creating, developing, and deploying cloud-based modular systems.
  • Developing and sustaining cloud solutions in a best-practices manner.
  • Assuring that data storage and processing processes run smoothly in compliance with enterprise security policies and cloud security best practices.
  • Identifying, analyzing, and resolving infrastructure and application deployment vulnerabilities.
  • Reviewing existing systems on a regular basis and making recommendations for improvements.
  • Interacting with clients, offering cloud support, and making recommendations based on their needs are all part of the job.

In order to get your application noticed, enroll and complete AWS Training in Chennai at FITA Academy. This course will train you all the fundamental strategies of amazon and web-cloud interfaces. 

Data Architect

Data architects identify structural and installation solutions to construct and maintain a company's database. They collaborate with database administrators and analysts to ensure that firm data is easily accessible. Creating database solutions, reviewing requirements, and providing design reports are among the responsibilities. The role of data scientists is exponentially increasing worldwide, therefore for freshers this role is feasible with an affordable accenture salary for freshers. Freshers must possess knowledge in data science, analytics, and cloud databases. As a data architect, they are concerned with the following key roles and responsibilities

  • To store and retrieve firm data, create and deploy effective database solutions and models.
  • By assessing client operations, applications, and programming, you can examine and determine database structural requirements.
  • Examine database implementation procedures for compliance with both internal and external regulations.
  • To ensure company functionality, install and organize information systems.
  • Prepare detailed reports for management and executive teams on database design and architecture.
  • Ensure that data is transferred from legacy systems to new solutions.
  • Regular tests, troubleshooting, and the integration of new features are all ways to keep an eye on the system's performance.
  • Make recommendations for ways to make new and existing database systems better.
  • Staff personnel should be educated through training and one-on-one support.
  • Respond to system faults in a timely manner to provide assistance.

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Employment Benefits of Freshers at Accenture

Freshers with affordable accenture fresher salary are offered with numerous perks and benefits. Some of them are as follows 

  • Accenture Family Care Services - It includes backup care, improved family support, child support, maternity support, fertility benefit, adoption aid, surrogacy assistance, breast milk transportation, and other outreach services for survival benefits.
  • Financial and Education Assistance - Accenture makes a financial and educational contribution to education through funding centers. There is support for education reimbursement, professional development, graduate education, college coaching, and an education savings plan.
  • International Relocation Offer - Accenture offers an international relocation package that includes all of the resources employees need to relocate overseas in any country. Purchasing, selling, and renting a home; obtaining a mortgage in any other countries; home and car insurance; transporting items; and temporary housing assistance are just a few of the services offered.
  • Travel Assistance and Services – Accenture workers have access to special travel assistance services in the event of an urgent or emergency circumstance. It also arranges for business trips for their highly qualified employees.
  • Health and Life Insurance - Accenture offers their employees health and life insurance that is assured, renewable, personally owned, and portable. It provides additional financial rewards in the event of an emergency or catastrophic situation.
  • Accenture Work-Life Balance - Accenture employees have an outstanding work-life balance. To take use of all of the benefits, the employee must update their current situation.

Job Satisfaction Rate

Freshers have provided a job satisfaction rate based on their work experience and environment. We have been estimating this rate based on the salary and benefits, work-life balance, career growth, work satisfaction, and job security. Overall the job satisfaction rate of freshers at Accenture with magnificent accenture fresher salary is about 75%. However, the various freshers' rate for employment at Accenture is shown in the below chart.

Job Satisfaction Rate

With respect to our research, we have covered all the fundamental guidelines and application procedures to get placed into Accenture with a feasible accenture salary for freshers. The company has an excellent global reputation and continues to increase the significance of their employees in the IT job market. Besides, freshers will get tremendous employment and career benefits if they join Accenture. Therefore, we appreciate newly graduated students or freshers looking for various job roles and open positions to get engaged with Accenture. Finally, we hope that we have provided all the important information essential for fresh applicants to join Accenture Fresher Jobs. 

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