What gives AWS cloud computing an advantage over other cloud platforms?

What gives AWS cloud computing an advantage over other cloud platforms?
What gives AWS cloud computing an advantage over other cloud platforms?

AWS has made a name for itself as the top cloud platform since it was founded in 2006. As a result of the high-quality services and features it offers, it has been a reliable cloud computing provider in this fast-changing market. This platform is provided by Amazon, and it accounted for 13% of the revenue made by the company. Cloud computing makes it simple to test network functions and software designs. With our AWS Training in Chennai at FITA Academy, you will be able to select the ideal resource combination for your particular needs.

In this article, we will look at the different AWS characteristics that make it unique. Before we dig into the features of AWS, let us understand what exactly AWS is.

What is Amazon Web Services?

AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services, is a platform for cloud computing that makes it easier to build cloud-based apps. In addition to computing power, scalability, dependability, and secure database storage, it offers a wide range of services, such as equipment and application services. AWS also provides a huge selection of commercial uses and internationally accessible cloud-based goods.

AWS Console, also known as Amazon Console Management, is a web app set that enables users to access Amazon Web Services. It is regarded as the key to accessing Amazon Web Services using AWS effectively and efficiently. Also, the user console has built-in interfaces for a number of operations, such as provisioning resources, which allows users to deploy instances and work with Amazon S3 buckets.

AWS is among the many cloud platforms in the world. Other common cloud providers include Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, etc. Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai provide hands-on experience in many such platforms. Now that we have understood what AWS means let us take a look at its advantages.

Advantages of AWS cloud computing


If you use the conventional approach, you must create your own servers to store your data and apps, which takes a significant amount of your time and money. Traditionally, businesses that experience high traffic volumes wind up purchasing tons of power to maintain their operations during peak hours. Computing power sits idle during off-peak periods but still costs the company money. Building a storage system has no upfront costs, and estimating usage is not necessary. Therefore, you can use AWS, where you simply pay for the tools and services that you need rather than investing a lot of money in creating your own pricey servers. The AWS pricing model allows a business to only pay for the services it really uses and has used for a while. AWS services are innovative and more affordable than the conventional computing approach.

Easy to use

User-friendliness is the main advantage of using Amazon Web Services. AWS is simple to use since it is built specifically for speedy and secure access. Users have the freedom to change their data whenever and wherever they wish. A majority of businesses find it significantly easier to start with AWS than with Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or any other cloud provider. You may learn how to utilize all of AWS's services with the knowledge, training, and online courses that are provided. Cloud Computing Course in Coimbatore enables you to work with different cloud platforms to find the suitable platform for you to work within your abilities.


Numerous businesses favor AWS because of its flexibility. It always allows you to use the website applications, coding languages, and operating systems that you are most familiar with. By configuring your preferred operating systems and applications, you can create your virtualized cloud environment using a service like AWS EC2. The advantages of AWS offer all the top services your business needs to run well. Additionally, it can make the transition process easier, and you can concurrently work on brand-new solutions.


One of the major advantages of AWS technologies is security. Any organisation that relies on data gives security as its top priority. To protect the privacy of your data, AWS offers a very secure architecture. Amazon Web Services is significantly more reliable than a corporation hosting its own website or storage. Currently, AWS operates a large number of thoroughly inspected data centres all around the world. AWS security experts use several levels of data surveillance, including

  • Data protection
  • Identification and access control
  • Infrastructure security
  • detection of threats and ongoing observation
  • Privacy protection and accountability.

Amazon’s strategy is to provide an all-encompassing service so that businesses don't have to worry about maintaining their privacy and can instead concentrate on growing their firm.


Startups and small companies can see the clear advantages of using AWS for their cloud services because AWS's cost is adjusted based on the client's usage. AWS cloud computing makes it easy to start a business from scratch because it offers all the tools required for doing so. Amazon has affordable migration services for businesses that are already up and running. This makes it easy to move your current infrastructure to AWS.

AWS offers tools to support growth as a business expands. Customers will never have to worry about whether they need to reassess their computing usage because the business model allows for flexible usage. In reality, businesses might forget all of their computing requirements aside from financial considerations.

High performance

High-performance computing (HPC) means that you can quickly and efficiently process a lot of data. Businesses view it as being increasingly important for productivity and for competing with other businesses. AWS provides high-performance computing services so that businesses do not have to be concerned about speed. Amazon Web Services offers low-cost data storage with excellent sturdiness and availability. The storage services in AWS provide solutions for data backup, archiving, and recovery plans.

Availability of DevOps model

AWS has a variety of flexible services that are meant to help businesses use DevOps with AWS to make products faster and more accurately. These solutions ease provisioning and infrastructure maintenance, deploying program code, managing software release procedures, and evaluating your program and infrastructure efficiency.

The DevOps methodology helps your development and operations teams produce outcomes more quickly, better adjust to rapidly changing markets, and become more effective at producing business outcomes. The AWS Developer Tools enable you to instantly create, test, and deliver your applications to AWS and other platforms while securely storing and versioning the source code. DevOps Training in Bangalore upskill you on how to use DevOps tools and technologies to create, design and deliver AWS cloud solutions.

Now that we have looked into the advantages of AWS, let us have a quick view of the various components that enhance the computing processes in AWS.

Components of AWS

Data Management and Data Transfer

The necessary data must be transferred into the cloud in order to execute HPC applications on the AWS cloud. Several data transmission options are available to send large amounts of data securely. This solves problems like slow transfer, expensive networks, and security difficulties. Additionally, you may automate the transfer of data between on-site storage and the AWS cloud. There are ways to create a direct link from your location to AWS. This lowers the cost of the network, boosts bandwidth to offer higher performance, and ensures a stable network experience. Large volumes of data are transported via the AWS Snowball and AWS Snowmobile data transport technologies, which employ secure devices.

Compute & Networking

Depending on your demands, a variety of compute instance kinds are provided by AWS. In order to ensure consistent and expected performance at a fair price, it also takes care of analysing your application and altering its capacity. Additionally, building up software scaling across many services and resources takes a little time. AWS's improved networking choices make it possible to increase bandwidth and effectively reduce delay. Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) in AWS offers flexible network performance and a private cloud with enhanced security. AWS Direct Connect enables customers to establish a direct connection to a cloud over the Internet. This service is priced hourly based on the needs of the client.

Automation and Orchestration

Automation of the project submissions and scheduling workflows is necessary if you wish to obtain the utmost of the service. AWS services allow for the execution of hundreds of bulk computing processes by dynamically allocating computer resources according to demand. Through the dynamic allocation of the appropriate kind and size of computing data in accordance with the needs of the job, AWS Batch enables you to execute hundreds and thousands of bulk data information. AWS ParallelCluster is an open-source cluster management solution fully endorsed and upgraded, making it simple for IT administrators, scientists, and researchers to install and manage HPC clusters.

Operations and Management

Two of the most crucial qualities that can assist an HPC network manager in effectively overseeing the HPC needs of your firm are monitoring the network and preventing cost overruns. For developers, system administrators, SREs, and IT managers, Amazon CloudWatch was created as a solution for this cause. CloudWatch gives you data and useful insights to comprehend and react to changes in system performance, maximise resource usage, and obtain a consolidated view of operating status. You can create personalised budgets with AWS Budgets, and the system will notify you if your expenses or use exceed your expected limit.


When evaluating an HPC solution, storage options and prices are important considerations. AWS provides versatile object, byte, or file storage to meet your temporary and long-term storage needs, which enables the storage of both permanent and ephemeral data. For usage with Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Block Store offers durable object storage capacities. In the AWS Cloud, the Amazon Elastic File System offers a simple, extensible storage server for applications with Amazon EC2 instances. It permits allocating storage volumes in accordance with the required size. Without undertaking a data transfer effort, you can store and retrieve many types of data on the cloud. Learn how easy tricks to transport your bulk projects from on-premises to the AWS cloud at the AWS Course in Coimbatore.


An essential component of the HPC stack is the capability to view the outcomes of engineering models without requiring the transfer of sizable volumes of information to the cloud or vice-versa. Engineering design response rates are greatly sped up by remote visualisation. With NICE DCV, you can use a regular network to access interactive 2D/3D apps from remote places. A further completely controlled application streaming solution is Amazon AppStream 2.0, which can safely send application activities to a browser across any computer system.

Security and Compliance

Information security and legal compliance are other crucial elements of running HPC on the cloud. To make the process of setting up an HPC cluster and applying best practices in data security and compliance requirements simpler, AWS provides a variety of security services and instant templates. AWS infrastructure has robust security measures in place to assist in protecting customer privacy. All information is kept in the very safe AWS data centres. It provides reliable and strong cloud solutions to manage users, roles, and groups who are authorised to access particular data sources with the help of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).


In this article, we have looked at the leading cloud platform, AWS and the reasons why it is so popular. We have taken an in-depth looked at the various features provided by AWS that give it an advantage over other platforms. Additionally, we have a brief look at the various elements of Amazon Web Services.

If AWS is a cloud platform that draws your interest, enrol on the AWS Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy to acquire the best resources and become a certified AWS cloud expert.

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