Intel Salary for Freshers

Intel Salary for Freshers
Intel Salary for Freshers

Intel corporation is a vintage American leading international company famous for manufacturing semiconductor-based microprocessors. Innovations and efforts of younger talents led the company to reach newer heights. Since its foundation, the company has afforded numerous career opportunities for younger aspirants with a reasonable Intel Salary for Freshers.

The company is now looking for an impactful prospect with the development of windows and Artificial Intelligence-based computer hardware. Therefore, there are countless vacancies where you can apply to get into this reputed firm. Further, with respect to the job demand and your career prospect, we are interested in providing reliable information concerning the job application, how to search and apply, the fresher's benefits available at Intel, and the salary packages in this blog. Let's discuss the interest and eligibility of freshers defined for various Intel open positions.

Quick Overview of Intel Corporation

Microsoft and Intel Corporation are the sister companies founded by Bill Gates, whereas the Intel Corporation is located in the United States. The company has a worldwide reputation as a great producer of x86 bit semiconductor-based microprocessors used in Personal Computers. The company ranks 45th among 2020s Fortune 500 companies and remains the largest company in the United States. So, it is an excellent platform for freshers to dive in. Let's discuss the eligibility to apply for various open positions.

Who can Apply for Intel?

Intel corporation is a space with a young workforce, so before applying for any kind of job with an expectation to receive a feasible Intel Salary for Freshers, you need to ensure yourself whether you are eligible to approach this firm or not. Therefore, we have defined some significant criteria for you, defining your passion and interest in joining this company.

  • Passionate to perceive the knowledge of vintage and modern computers.
  • Interest in the development of semiconductor devices and enthusiasm to explore microprocessors.
  • Candidates with updated knowledge of a series of CPU cores and Intel software.

You also need to possess some educational qualification criteria apart from interests before applying. Intel corporation intakes post-graduate students from any IT background. Bachelor's are not eligible; if you have any graduation degree, no need to worry; gain some prior work experience, and you can head to this firm.

Nevertheless, you must also have the following skills and personalities before appearing for Intel Interviews. Some of them are as follows

  • Good problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Basic computing and programming skills.
  • Strong verbal, written, and communication skills.
  • Strong skills in problem analysis and resolving it.
  • Innovative and sophisticated to the work environment.

Develop your communication skills for enhanced interaction with interviewers and other professionals. It is an effective way to attract human-resource managers during the interview phase. In order to develop your communication skills, we encourage you to join Spoken English Class in Chennai, where the expertise tutors will enrich you with all the skills required for professional communication.

What are the procedures to apply for Intel Corporation?

If you are a candidate from both national and international countries, you can apply for various open positions in your state. If you want to apply for Intel with an excellent Intel Fresher Salary, follow the below-mentioned guidelines. Before moving to the application procedure guidelines, we want to tell you some critical factors, which are

  • If you are looking forward to working abroad, you need to produce a U.S Immigration VISA.
  • The company will take over the expenses required for applying for an immigration visa.
  • The company will support you to get permanent residence in the United States.

It is an excellent opportunity for freshers to grab the opportunity to work with Intel. To fast-process your immigrant visa, we suggest you join IELTS Coaching in Bangalore to crack the exam and complete your application. Let us discuss the application procedure for various vacant positions at Intel Corporation.

  • Submit or Upload your recently updated resume on their official career website.
  • Intel has an interactive web interface that guides you through applying for your desired job roles.
  • Before completing your application, the web interface will ask you several questions about your interest and skills to identify your potential to return detailed results for job openings.
  • Apart from these questions, the web interface will ask generalized questions. After all these application stages, your application will be considered and registered successfully.

Intel Salary Structure for Freshers

Intel offers a comprehensive range of salary packages for freshers and experts. It relies on your work experience and your skills, but we have approximated an average Intel Salary for Freshers in the chart below.

Intel Salary Structure for Freshers

Were you worried about your regular salary package? Want to improve it, then acquire more skills in the most demanding domain called AI. To learn more about AI, we recommend joining the Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai. This course will improve your professional skills and help you acquire a significant position with an excellent salary structure.

Responsive Job roles and their Required Skills

Graduate Technical Intern

Graduate technical interns assist company staff in completing a wide range of tasks such as research, data collection, and other technical works. Usually, freshers apply for this position to gain more experience in their respective domains. If you are looking for this kind of job position at Intel with a good Intel Fresher Salary, then you need to acquire significant skills, which are

  • Skills in I/O architecture systems and software testing.
  • Knowledge of computer testing procedures and testing protocols.
  • Understanding of BIOS devices and drivers.
  • Knowledge of CMOS, VLSI, and component design principles.

If you join as a graduate technical intern, you will be assigned multiple tasks and responsibilities, which are

  • Design and Develop user systems, software, and next-generation processors.
  • Collaborate with design and layout teams.
  • Identify client requests and respond to them.
  • Deliver an innovative computer solution to the company.
  • Involve in selling and supporting cutting-edge technologies such as memory devices and RAMs.

To apply for a graduate technical internship, you need to possess a wide range of technical and non-technical skills. We have provided essential insight into the primary skills you require, but we suggest you gain skills in software development operations. Hence join DevOps Training in Bangalore to improvise your professional technical skills.

Software Engineer

Intel's software engineers are associated with engineering and developing installers and tools to support appropriate hardware. If you are looking for this evergreen job position with an excellent Intel Salary for Freshers, you need to acquire specific skills such as

  • Good Programming skills in C/C++, Java, Scala
  • Knowledge of software development life cycle and other testing methodologies.
  • Good technical and analytical skills.
  • Understanding of Intel hardware and software.

As a software engineer, you need to accomplish the following key roles and responsibilities, which are

  • Detects and Resolves issues associated with the system.
  • Improve the system quality and performance.
  • Modify and Upgrade applications.
  • Review and Ensure the coding algorithms.
  • Investigate and Analyze newer technologies to implement.
  • Provide technical support to software engineer trainees and colleagues.

If you wish to become a unique software engineer, you need to have the expertise in your software development and testing; therefore, we recommend pursuing a Software Testing Course in Chennai would be a merit. This course will teach you advanced methodologies to test and deploy software.

Validation Engineer

Validation engineers are involved in the manufacturing industry, testing equipment, procedures, and products. They are also responsible for developing and implementing quality control processes, monitoring equipment, and analyzing test data. If you are looking for a job role with a good initial Intel Salary for freshers, you can go for it. Before applying for these positions, you need to acquire significant skills such as

  • Fundamental understanding of system calibration, performance testing protocols, and quality control assessment.
  • Knowledge of productions, standards, and parameters.
  • Good problem-solving and logical skills.

If you join as a validation engineer, you need to accomplish the following key roles and responsibilities, which are

  • Measure and Maintain the product standard.
  • Develop and Implement performance testing methodologies.
  • Create testing procedures for analyzing and validating the data.
  • Conduct risk assessment and ensure compliance standards.
  • Gather and present the current status of the production process to the company members and clients.

Modern technologies have enabled validation engineers to automate their validation programs. So, if you want to have hands-on skills in robotic and automation technologies, there is an exciting course to acquire advanced skills. Therefore, we suggest joining RPA Training in Bangalore would add more credits to your professional skills. This course may help you apply your skills for testing and validating the system.

Software Developer

Software developers play a crucial role in creating and modifying current software. They are concerned with software programming, software testing, and software development. Freshers who like to enter these positions with good Intel Salary for Freshers are needed to obtain specific skills such as

  • Good skills in Java, Python, C++ programming, and software development.
  • Skills to determine issues and resolve bugs.
  • Strong understanding of software testing procedures.
  • Knowledge of Software development life cycle and program validation.

If you join as a software developer, you require to complete the following key responsibilities, which are

  • Assure the software upgrades to the new hardware changes.
  • Manage the software testing and system validation process.
  • Handle the software development documentation process.
  • Cooperate with teams to fix technical difficulties.
  • Analyze the collected data for executing new software specifications based on hardware requirements.
  • Assess software and hardware interfaces for reliable and improved performance.
  • Utilize scientific and mathematical standards to build new software systems.

Acquiring knowledge in advance is a significant way to draw recruiters attention to consider your skills; to gain more skills in software testing, we suggest joining Software Testing Course in Bangalore would be beneficial. This course will help you obtain all the basic techniques for developing and testing software.

Design Engineer

Design engineers are in charge of conducting products and analyzing procedures to implement new products and systems for a company. They also draw plans, build test prototypes, and supervise production. If you are seeking this job position with an excellent Intel Package for freshers, you need to acquire significant skills before applying, which are

  • Excellent verbal and communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and logical skills.
  • Creative and design skills to develop newer strategies.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft office and trending design software tools.

If you join as a design engineer, you are required to accomplish a variety of roles and responsibilities, which are

  • Draft blueprints and designs based on your research.
  • Develop prototypes for testing and presenting.
  • Inspect all the engineering prototypes for developing perfect products.
  • Collaborate with engineers and other management staff for cooperative development of the company.
  • Implement new strategies for increasing the efficiency of product manufacturing.

To become a notable design engineer, you need to enhance your creativity and design skills. So, we advise you to join the Graphic Design Courses in Chennai at FITA Academy because the course trainer provides hands-on and practical experience in designing creative visuals, blueprints, etc.

How are freshers benefited at Intel corporation?

Intel provides excellent compensation and benefits to both freshers and permanent employees. Some of them are listed below.

  • Intel provides work-from-home opportunities for desiring employees to facilitate their work-life balance.
  • The company provides an incredible opportunity for employees to take part in vocational trips to various national and international locations.
  • Intel covers health, life, and medical insurance policies to provide financial compensation for unforeseen circumstances and medical expenses.
  • The company allows you to get refreshments during work hours at their cafeteria.
  • Intel affords travel compensation for international trips.
  • The company also provides educational assistance for the employees' children.
  • Intel also offers its workers to avail international relocation opportunities to work in their desired locations.

How are freshers satisfied with their jobs at Intel?

Freshers and current employees at Intel have a greater job satisfaction rate of 86%. In addition, the company tends to contribute 86% to work-life balance and work satisfaction, 84% to salary and career growth, and 88% to job security. Therefore, you can doubtlessly join this company for career prospects. Detailed information on job criteria percentiles are shown below.

jobs at Intel

Nowadays, getting a satisfactory job remains a challenging task for youngsters and freshers. Multiple work environments and industries pay less compensation for their skills. But compared to other sectors, Intel seems to be the best, compensating their workers with a good Intel Salary for freshers. In addition, employees are delighted with their jobs which can be understood from the job satisfaction rate we represented earlier. Therefore, we highly encourage freshers to search for various open positions and grab every opportunity to get hired into this world's reputable company.

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