Why Is Python Popular Among Developers

Why Is Python Popular Among Developers
Why Is Python Popular Among Developers


Python is a high-level, open-source, general-purpose programming language. Python is designed in such a way that it uses significant indentation to emphasize code readability.

The development of Python began in the 1980s by Guido van Rossum. Python 0.9.0 was released as a successor to the ABC programming language in 1991. Python 2.0 was released in 2000 with new features like list comprehensions and a garbage collection system.

Python is constantly ranked as one of the most preferred programming languages for developers. The primary reason for its popularity is its usefulness in developing various applications like software progress applications, web applications, technical and numbers applications, net software design, visual operator edge, games, etc.

Python provides complete support and is a language intended for astonishing, versatile, and highest quality developments and inventions. According to the January 2021 edition of the index, after Java and C, Python remains the third most popular language. The ranking is predicated on a formula assessing searches from the top most search engines.

Main Reasons For Python’s Popularity

The Python language is growing and becoming popular with every passing year. Stackoverflow, in 2017, published that python has become the fastest-growing programming language in the world and would surpass all other programming languages by 2020. Below we have enlisted the reasons Why Python is Popularly used among Developers. Python Training in Chennai at FITA Academy provides all-around improvement for your career demands. and chennai keyword ku link kuduthurunga.

  • Simplicity and Robustness

Python is consistently ranked as one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It strives for a simpler, easily readable syntax and English-like grammar while giving developers a choice in their coding methodology. 

Python generally needs much shorter lines of code than other languages (eg. Java, C), therefore, it becomes a more efficient choice for development solutions.

a = 10

b = ‘Hello World’

print( ‘a is an ’, type( a ) , ‘and b is a’ , type( b ) )

Output : a is an <class 'int'> and b is a <class 'str'>

Python provides features just like other different modern programming languages; a few of them are object-oriented, technical, and domineering, etc. Besides this, it even structures an energetic kind of system and programmed reminiscence supervision.

Skilled python developers greatly benefit from various programming models. This is to lessen the amount of time and effort needed to develop huge, immense, and multifaceted apps. Because python is an interpreted language, users can quickly experiment by changing the codebase which makes it even more popular among developers.

  • Libraries and Frameworks

Python offers many libraries and frameworks, which save time and effort in the initial phase of development. It also has various cloud media services offering cross-platform support through library-like tools, which can be really advantageous. Specific focus libraries are also available like scikit-learn for machine learning applications and nltk for natural language processing.

Some of the python’s popular libraries and frameworks are :

  1. Matplotlib for plotting charts and graphs
  2. SciPy for engineering applications, science, and mathematics
  3. Pandas for data analysis and manipulation
  4. BeautifulSoup for HTML parsing and XML
  5. NumPy for scientific computing
  6. Django for server-side web development

Python can serve as a scripting language for web applications, e.g., via mod WSGI for the Apache web server. Web frameworks like Django, TurboGears, web2py, Pylons, Pyramid, Tornado, Bottle, Flask, and Zope provide support to developers in designing and maintaining complex applications.

It also offers huge cloud media services like Encoding.com which allow compatibility with languages of the C-family i.e., there are library-like tools that offer cross-platform support. Another one is Cython, which makes direct C-level API calls into the Python interpreter and translates a Python script into C. Python Training in Chennai at FITA Academy supports the students with comprehensive coverage of all the popular Python Libraries & Frameworks under the mentorship of Expert Programmers.

  • Huge support from the Python community

There is a professional developer community on Python which offers various guides, video tutorials, and tips. Anyone from a beginner to a person of any skill level or age can benefit from it.

A programming language doesn’t grow much if it lacks documentation or support from developers. Fortunately, Python has no such problems. The Python community is one of the most active communities amongst all programming languages with a vast amount of content. Most of the top Python developers are proficient in web development services and possess great skills and are active participants on these platforms.

Python’s user community is so huge that anyone facing any problems related to coding or concept, can easily find the solution by posting a question or searching for the answer on the Python developer community site.

Various industries dealing in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Internet of Things as well as Web Development fields have grown exceedingly in recent years and Python plays an important role in their development.

After R language, Python language is the second most popular tool to be used for the purpose of Data Science and Analytics. It powers lots of data processing workloads in the organization. Since Python offers a range of applications including ease of analyzing and organizing the usable data, most of the research and development takes place in Python language.

Another reason for Python’s popularity in data science is that it has a syntax like the English language which is easily understandable allowing scientists to experiment with the data and get desirable results while performing different kinds of tasks, including calculations, data analysis, etc.

Several Python libraries are used in various Machine Learning projects every day, for example, TensorFlow is used for neural networks and OpenCV in computer vision projects, etc.

IoT developers take advantage of Python programming as it is largely driven by the rising trend for connected devices and related software solutions. Python ensures a well-versed communication path between sensors, robots, displays, and other devices by opening up space for the creation of code. Apart from this, it also allows sending and receiving data through different communication channels like the Internet and Bluetooth. Micropython is an option as well, it gives the benefit of increased simplicity and remarkably speeds up the development.

The usefulness of Python can also be seen for Web development purposes. It can be used as a great substitute to popular Web development technologies such as .NET, Java, and Node.js in creating web servers. Also, the Flask framework gives the advantage in system designing and Django can be used for structuring and prototyping.

  • Growth, Increased business and Development productivity

Skilled Python professionals have a lot of career options available in the market. They are generally paid well, and there is a lot of scope for career growth.

Python makes the development process more as it’s simpler and easy to understand syntax requires less time and effort. Comparing Python with other programming languages like C and Java we find that the same operations require more effort and work.

Using Python for the development of applications results in a reduction of production time, so companies can enjoy speedy development and reduced time-to-market, increased business speed, and boosted competitiveness. Python Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy is an extensive course that equips the students immensely on the applications of the Python language in different fields and its use cases efficiently with real-time training practices.


Python is a powerfully built programming language offering convenient use of code lines, along with many other magnificent features and it is growing at an incredible speed. The language is being adopted as a career choice by budding developers worldwide due to its versatility and easy coding syntax. The extensive use of Python across many upcoming technologies has increased the likelihood of lucrative job opportunities.

Features like Simple Syntax, extensive Library Support, Versatility, etc. have made it immensely popular. The demand for Python professionals would grow along with the growth and progress of fields that use Python. Python offers a range of capabilities and since the ease of hiring Python developers, it is gradually becoming the preferred choice for developers starting out with machine learning.

Learning Python Online Course can help the students to become well-skilled software developers.

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