Why do we need software testing?

Why do we need software testing?
Why do we need software testing?

Software Testing is a testing process to check whether the developed software product is 1) free of bugs for smooth functionality and 2) meets the actual requirements of the clients without any properties or features missing.

Testing in the IT industry

As per ANSI/IEEE 1059 standard, software testing is technically defined as the evaluation of a software product to find the differences between the existing requirements and the required requirements. Through testing gaps in the requirements, bugs/errors, feasibility, security and performance are examined. If you are looking for the best Software Testing Online Course, then go for FITA Academy best training institution.

Why do we need software testing?

Software is the one which runs the world now. If we take any industry, the software is majorly included to do the main job role. For instance, in science and technology inclusion of software programming can be seen in space machines, aircraft, drones, etc. In this virtual world, any industry you imagine has software products running their businesses behind the scenes.

Now we may understand the importance of testing our newly developed software products. It not only cut the costs in the initial stages but also helps to efficiently run the applications to suit the business needs.

There are some other major benefits of testing a software product which helps businesses to use software applications in a productive way.

  • Security: Even a common person doesn’t want any risk occurring in their mobile device due to the apps they use. In the same way, big firms don't like to be prone to risks and hazards a software product may cause. Therefore testing a product may avoid all the uncertainties and deliver a reliable product.
  • Product-quality: Of Course when we test a product, its quality is maintained. The quality of the product is what ensures a brand’s growth and reputation in the IT market.
  • Cost-effective: Testing a product in the initial stage will cut the cost and also be helpful to deliver a quality product in time.
  • Customer Satisfaction: User experience is very important in this digitized world. Giving the satisfaction of using a hassle-free product is the best result of testing.

Testing Levels

Testing levels are nothing but a program going through a testing phase to assure that it is error-free to move into the next development stage.

  • Unit testing: Unit testing is done by the programmers while coding to check whether an individual unit of the program is error-free.
  • Integration testing: As the name suggests, integration testing is done when individual units of the program are integrated together. In other words, it focuses on the structure and design of the software.
  • System testing: Here, the entire program is compiled as software and tested as a whole. This tests all the features of a program including functionality, performance, security, portability, etc.

Principles of software testing

There are some principles maintained while testing software. Eventually, a tester cannot keep on testing the product till it gives zero error, which is not possible. Therefore some principles are followed while debugging the programmes.

  • Exhaustive testing is not possible: Yes, no tester can repeat the testing process over and over again till the program is error-free. It will be exhaustive for both the tester and the program that it will stop pointing out the errors if repetitive test cases are carried out every time. Thus if the testing process is based on the risk assessment factor, software can produce, then it will be easy for the testing professionals to concentrate only on the important functions of a program.
  • Defect Clustering: The defect clustering principle states that most of the defects are found in small modules of the program and only experienced professionals can deal with such risky modules.

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