Python Programming Language

Python Programming Language
Python Programming Language

Python programming language is one of the most used modern programming languages to write web applications and app developments. Worldwide python is recognized as the popular back-end language along with JavaScript, C++ and Java.

Python is also one of the object-oriented programming languages, which uses data or objects to easily manipulate data to make changes in the front-end of the website. Learn the best Python Online Course from the top educational training institution.

Why python is the chosen back-end language by the developers?

  • Reusable: Python is an OOP language that uses data and objects because of its unique attributes and behaviour which can be reused many times in various parts of the program or in other programs. Ie the code is reusable.
  • Easy handling: This helps to keep the structure of the code less, simple and clear. Thus when the code is simpler, it is easy to maintain, handle or debug the program.
  • Readability: The simple code structure is easy to learn for beginners and also write and implement them in creating powerful web applications, games, scientific applications and more.
  • Used in Multiple platforms: Python is now used in various platforms besides web development. The other major areas are Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence(Python is popular for its use in AI) and the Internet of Things. So learning python is not limited to creating one application but multiple.
  • Open-Source: Another advantage of learning python is it is an open-source language. Any information regarding python is available for free in the world of the internet to assist in daily learning and programming.
  • Budget-friendly: Python is chosen as a budget-friendly language because of its three main core principles, which are 
  1. Simple is better than Complex.
  2. Explicit is better than Implicit.
  3. Complex is better than Complicated.
  • Its simple, easier-to-code and reusability is popular among Start-up and SMB businesses.
  • Popular: Python is a popular modern language even though python was developed in the late 1980s. Many software giants including Facebook, YouTube, IBM, Mozilla, Spotify use python to create their websites. 
  • The leading social website Instagram’s back-end is built using one of the popular python frameworks, Django, which is completely written using python.
  • Marketing is fast: Python’s impressive set of third-party libraries, its large community and popularity make a product attain MVP (Minimum Viable Product) status soon. Thus any product built with python reaches the market soon and has value. Join the Python Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy provides the most extensive education and includes each feature of the Python language.

Where is python used?

  • Python is used in every industry including science for its versatile, flexible and scripting nature.
  • Some of the IT giants which use python are Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, IBM, Mozilla etc.
  • In the science field, python is used by NASA and CERN.
  • Other Science fields include Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Biology and Bioinformatics, Neuro-science and psychology and Astronomy.
  • Other applications include Robotics, Business, meteorology and Graphical User interface(GUI) development.
  • Python Training in Chennai is the best python course offered by FITA Academy to provide an effectual learning for the students.

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