PHP Developer Salary for Freshers

PHP Developer Salary for Freshers
PHP Developer Salary for Freshers

If you are a fresher seeking to begin your career as a PHP developer, choosing this career field will be a good start. Why? Because it has gained popularity globally. Moreover, due to its rapid development and prototyping, it is widely utilized in dynamic and static websites. Further, PHP is utilized in startup businesses, Resource management systems, Data storage applications, advertising, eCommerce websites, Project management systems, Media content and management apps, media agencies, Web portals, Booking applications, and small software organizations, CRM systems, and many different industries.

If you intend to become a PHP developer, you can join PHP Training in Chennai and acquire the knowledge of how to develop Web Applications using PHP, Javascript / Jquery Vs PHP, Server Side Scripting, Configuring PHP and setting up the Environment, etc.

Moreover, many MNCs prefer PHP because it is used for web development, and millions of business websites are developed by the PHP programming language. With its continuous integration and increase, the market for PHP is proliferating. So, before beginning any IT-related career, as a fresher, you must have a deep analysis of what is a demanding career? Which is the demand in the market? Why is learning it so essential? What is the future scope of the job?

As 90% of web servers utilise PHP, PHP is a demanding career for developers. Therefore, without reluctance, learning PHP has a broader scope in the future.

Before moving on to an in-depth understanding of PHP developer salary, PHP developer salary for freshers, and PHP developer salary in India for freshers, we can discuss What PHP is? And What is a PHP Developer?

What is PHP?

Hypertext Preprocessor is a general-purpose scripting language that is particularly suited for web development, and it can be entrenched into HTML. PHP is an open-source and

user-friendly programming language that can be utilized in dynamic web pages. PHP is a relatively new programming language in today's world. PHP may be used in almost every aspect of IT development. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is faster than ASP, and most PHP utilities are free to use. As a result, PHP is the most widely used programming language today. Version 7 of PHP delivers market-changing innovations, which you can learn more about in this blog.

Feature of PHP

To have an in-depth understanding, we have illustrated it in a visual representation.

PHP Developer Salary Structure
  • Build-in database
  • Open-source
  • Flexible and effective
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Embedded HTML
  • Easy Integration
  • Compatibility with various programming languages
  • Web server support
  • Dynamic
  • Server-side language
  • Platform independent

Why is PHP a powerful language?

It's a server-side language, which signifies that scripts are executed on the server's site, and the results are provided in HTML format in the web browser.

Among various scripting languages, PHP has no difficulties in integrating with databases like Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. PHP 7.4 is the considerably current version of the language. It is one of the most popular languages while relatively simple to learn.

Popular website built on PHP

There are many websites built using PHP. The most popular websites include Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, WordPress, MailChimp, Flickr, iStockPhoto, Baidu, Canva, and many more.

These are the top websites built using PHP—the listed website mentioned in the basics of Accessibility, usability, user-friendliness, and functionalities.

We may credit its success to several factors, but one of the most important is its capacity to be integrated with HTML files. A PHP file can also be used to create HTML code. Hypertext Markup Language is a client-side language, so it will differ from PHP in several ways.

As previously stated, PHP code execution occurs on the server, whereas HTML code execution takes place on the browser itself.

The client has a permit to the data provided in the format of the PHP script's outcome. They are ignorant of the original PHP files held on the server and carry the code. PHP is also compatible with JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and other scripting languages.

If you are interested , you can join a Web Designing Course in Chennai at FITA Academy which would help you have an in-depth understanding of CSS units, Typography, Page structure, Layouts, Bootstrap, etc.

What does it mean to be a PHP developer?

A PHP developer is an expert who uses the PHP dynamic scripting language to create programs and websites. Isn't it simple enough? Moreover, generic titles like "software developer" or "web developer" are sometimes used to refer to PHP developers.

Salary Structure for a PHP Developer

Salary structure for a PHP developer

PHP Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • As a PHP developer, you'll be in charge of testing and deploying new, innovative website applications while collaborating with other programmers to meet data processing requirements.
  • Identify and resolve Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, and scripting compatibility issues, which frequently occur across platforms and browsers.
  • As a developer, you will be testing the website on all types of browsers like mobile, laptop, and tablet. So, it should be compatible with all kinds of devices.
  • Moreover, developers are responsible for identifying the issue and fixing it if they address issues.
  • Communicate and cooperate with teh works, development team, and management to solve complex problems.
  • Investigate and examine different architectural aspects of the system development process, such as website quality, site speed, and database management system. Examine and compare several options for integrating new application functionality.
  • Create and execute style guidelines for the website's content, and choose the most advanced design tools, scripting languages, and applications. Formulate strategies for maintaining the website updated and existing at all times.
  • Requirements for the website should be defined in detail, including features of the product, cost, scripting languages, networking devices, functionality, design, and deadlines.
  • Reading and participating in relevant professional courses and groups and enrolling in conferences will help you learn more relevant to the newest programming methods and online technologies.

The responsibility of the developer depends on the business needs. A small business might hire a PHP developer to keep control of any programming issues, whereas a giant corporation might have a whole IT/programming department.

If you want to have comprehensive understanding of UI and UX, you can join

UI UX Training in Bangalore and learn Navigation - Different Types, Sorting Tools, and Card sorting and Reverse card sorting.

Skills Required to Become a PHP Developer

If you want to become a PHP developer, you must have the essential skill to get hired by top companies. The most in-demand skills and competencies are listed below:

  • Knowledge of Ajax, jQuery, and MySQL.
  • You must have knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and Hypertext Markup Language.
  • Application programming interface, Unix/Linux, and Model-View-Controller Architecture.
  • Learn CakePHP and unit testing framework.
  • Effective communication abilities
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking skills

Web Development Tools

Web development tools enable web developers to analyze and troubleshoot code and interact with different web technologies handled by browsers. They can be installed as add-ons or a built-in function of the web browser. Many popular online browsers now have their own set of add-ons and extra functionality, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. To stay up with the rising demands of online browsers, web developers must constantly expand their skill set by employing newer and more adaptable Web Development technologies.

The following are some of the most widely used web development tools:

  • TypeScript
  • CodeKit
  • WebStorm
  • Creative Tim
  • AngularJS

Benefits of PHP

Open source: This is one of the most significant advantages. Its source code is available for download and use for free.

Easy to learn: If you are a complete beginner or have only recently entered the programming world, PHP is the best language.

Rapid development of Agile web applications: Using PHP frameworks speeds up the development of online applications. They also make scalability and app maintenance easier, enabling your application to evolve. The PHP Frameworks we utilize are Laravel, Phalcon, CodeIgniter, FuelPHP, CakePHP, Slim Framework, Symphony, Zend Framework 2, Yii, and other available frameworks.

Performance: Scripts developed in Python, Java, Ruby, and other scripting languages run faster than PHP scripts.

Compatibility with multiple platforms: PHP is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and servers, including Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux, and Windows.

What's new about PHP 7?

  • PHP 7 is significantly quicker and more efficient than the previous version of PHP 5.6
  • Error Handling in PHP 7 has been enhanced.
  • For function parameters, PHP 7 now supports Type Declarations.
  • New operators (such as the spaceship operator: =>) are supported in PHP 7.

Steps to becoming a PHP Developer


If you are a beginner, you must have a bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, engineering or a degree related to IT sectors. It is not mandatory to have a degree; instead, it is essential to take up a course in PHP scripting language.


As a second step, you should take up the PHP programming language. Taking a PHP course would help you have practical knowledge plus theoretical knowledge. Moreover, you will become a certified candidate at the end of the course, which many IT companies recognize. Further, you will get opportunities to get hired by top companies like HCL Technologies, Teamlease, Techno Tackle Software solutions, Infonix Weblab, etc.

Join PHP Online Course and have a profound understanding of Coding PHP in HTML Document, PHP Coding Structure, Data types in PHP – Number, Strings, Date, NULL, Arrays and Variations of Arrays, Executing PHP Embedded HTML Documents, Embedding PHP Codes, and Variables in PHP.


After completing a PHP or programming language course, you should practice what you have learned. The more you get into practice, the more you will be able to learn and understand lots more. Begin by writing something in simple code, then progress to more complex programming as you gain experience with the language.


Before learning PHP, you should acquire basic knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets, the Hypertext Markup Language and JavaScript. So, learn these skills for better implementation of PHP.

HTML - HTML is used to build a user- friendly webpage.

CSS - CSS aids in making the content of a webpage more effective and appealing.

JavaScript - JavaScript is a scripting language that is used to create dynamic websites.

If you want to have a better understanding of AngularJS, you can join Angular JS Training in Bangalore and acquire the fundamental knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

PHP Developer Salary in India for Freshers

PHP developers have plenty of job opportunities, and PHP developers are paid well. A PHP Developer's salary in the United States is $70,126 per year, according to Glassdoor, whereas a PHP Developer's salary in India averages Rs 25 000 per year. According to Glassdoor, Junior PHP Developers (those with less experience and just getting started) can earn an average of $72K per year. In comparison, Senior PHP Developers can earn an average of $111K per year. Prominently, the pay scale may vary depending on the size of the organization, its location, demand, and other factors.

PHP Developer Salary in India

PHP programmers salary depends on the experience that we obtain. Moreover, the PHP developer salary for freshers relies on qualifications, skills, and experience. Now, we have demonstrated the visual representation.

PHP developer salary in India

Location-based PHP Programmers Salary

We shall look at location-based PHP developer salary in India for freshers. Look at the graph to have a visual understanding.

Location-based PHP programmers

Now, you would understand the scope of the PHP developer and PHP developer salary in India for freshers. PHP is still one of the most popular server-side scripting languages, with many developers worldwide utilizing it. So, start learning PHP scripting language and earn more than 2 to 2.5 lakhs per year. However, keep your skills up to date and be competitive in an ever-changing technological and corporate world. So, join PHP Training in Bangalore and learn from basic to advanced concepts such as Installing and Configuring MySQL, understanding MySQL, creating and Managing Database, MySQL data types and many other core concepts.

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