Main Features of Hadoop

Main Features of Hadoop
Main Features of Hadoop

Hadoop is an open-source Java-based framework. It is mainly used for developing data processing applications. It can run on huge sets of data with clusters of commodity computers. It is widely used to reach high computational power with low-cost implementation. In Hadoop, all the modules are built with the fundamental assumption that if any occurrences of system hardware failure, it should be handled automatically by the framework. Enroll yourself in Hadoop Training in Chennai at FITA Academy to grow your technical skills in Hadoop.

Features of Hadoop

Some of the main features of Hadoop are as follows,

Easily Scalable

Hadoop is an open-source platform and it operates on industry-standard hardware. This feature has made Hadoop an extremely easy platform where many new nodes can be added and without any change in the programs or systems, the data processing maintains constant growth.

Flexibility in the data processing

Handling the unstructured data is one of the major challenges faced by many companies. In an organization, only twenty percent of the data is structured where the remaining data are left unstructured. Thus, Hadoop technology largely helps to analyze and process the unstructured or unformatted or any type of data and brings its value to the table in the decision-making process.

Robust Ecosystem

The ecosystem of Hadoop is robust which supports developers to meet their analytical needs. The ecosystem involves various technologies and tools making it much suitable to provide different types of data for processing. Some of the technologies of Hadoop such as Hive, Zookeeper, MapReduce, Apache, HBase, HCatalag, etc. are primarily required for market development.

Provides fault-tolerant

Fault-tolerant is one of the significant features of Hadoop. Since the information is stored in HDFS, it automatically replicates the data in two other locations. Hence, if one or more systems get collapsed, at least the third system will contain the data. This makes it a reliable system and brings the standard level of fault tolerance.


Hadoop consists of commodity hardware and it is inexpensive in the market, thus making it cost-effective for processing and storing Big Data. Hadoop doesn’t require any license as it is an open-source product.

Ensures data reliability

The Hadoop framework itself ensures data availability by Disk Checker, Block Scanner, and Volume Scanner. If your system gets corrupted or any error happens, the machine will have a copy of the exact data from which it can be easily accessed.

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